Scott who? How Rangers have proved he wasn’t even needed


Only days after ex-long term
Rangers target Scott Allan swore his allegiances to the wrong team, one can
only wonder if ‘boyhood Rangers fan’ Allan looked on at the Indodrill Stadium
on Sunday with more than a hint of ‘what might have been’.
The truth is Rangers are not just
flying, they have plain left Planet Earth and are in outer space now. Ok slight exaggeration but you get my point. The
performance in Clackmannanshire yesterday was the best illustration of the
absolutely staggering progress Mark Warburton has made in just two months.

Many Rangers fans urged caution; ‘do
not expect an overnight fix’ they said. And while it would be ghastly folly to
say that Rangers are back at the level they were pre-admin in terms of the
standard of the squad, it is not unreasonable to suppose that ‘overnight fix’
expectation was quite fair after all.
Compared with where Rangers were
only three or four months ago, the difference is bewildering. Incredible.
Frankly astonishing.
Teams who were really pushing the
Ibrox men before, the lowly Alloas and slightly loftier St Mirrens and Hibs of
this world are being completely swept aside as Rangers’ rampage continues.
The biggest message this
blistering start to the season has to offer is what this site said only a week
or so ago; no one player is needed.
This team is about the squad, not
individuals, and while Messi or Ronaldo would enhance any team, Warburton has
built a full unit, a machine, unreliant on any one cog.
Take out any one player in the
first team and there is another in the wings capable of doing an equal job.
Mainly because this group of players will run through brick walls for their new
Can you remember the last time a
Rangers squad looked this motivated? Not to disrespect the Great Uncle Walter
but even he would be impressed at
the level Warburton has got his team to fight for him.
And to play. Oh, how they can
play. Some of the link-ups, wingplay, backheels and individual skill moments
are just sumptuous. You detractors can say ‘it is Alloa, not Atletico’ – problem
with that is you cannot discredit a win against them with this kind of style if
you equally attack a poor display and result against them too.
Teams like Alloa have been bogey
outfits for Rangers, but to go to Recreation
Park, with its absolutely
abysmal artificial surface and simply demolish a team who normally cause
serious problems is significant. Very significant.
And it proves this Rangers team
under Mark Warburton is the real deal. Naturally the season has a long way to
go, but after two matches Rangers have a goal difference lead of 3 at the top
of the table, a position we were never in even once last season.
Let us keep it up. And let
players who do not want to play for Rangers warm benches or reserve pitches at
other clubs.


  1. Scott Allan would've been a great addition to the team, and would have fitted in to the rangers 'machine'. At Septik he'll find that the football style that Delia Smith and assistant the poor mans Elvis enforce won't fit his style. Good luck to the lad, he's made a choice he now lives with, but sooner or later he'll see this as a regret when he's not the 'main man' anymore. Sorry Scott wrong team mate!

  2. As u say Allen who! Cos am loving watching the gers the now n am loving how the team want too fight for each other n they want too go out n play ther best for the gaffer n theirs 1 thing for sure the fans are goin home very happy. WATP!!

  3. After watchin them at the weekend i cant wait to get a Prem club in the cup so we can test ourselves to see how good we actually are, IF we get motherwell i will be over the moon
    I was talkin to an Aberdeen fan & he reckons they have been goin backwards over the last couple of years

  4. Scott the kid on Rangers supporter ha what a joke, let it go and rot on a bench and watch the Ronnie roar lol what a redneck of a manager 2 and can't wait to we get bk up to put some pressure on him and all these other useless premier ship teams that are hopeless……. The cream will always rise to the top… Cmon Rangers we are the people, Scotland's most successful team geron there can't wait to pump Hibs on Sunday ……

  5. lets not get ahead of ourselves here!! We have the second biggest budget in Scottish football, have loan players in our team from EPL, richest League in the world, so from my perspective beating part time teams who work as joiners, postmen, milkmen etc does not cut it!!

    We wanted Allan! I will admit it!! Oh yes we did!! Begging for him to come!!

    Lets wait until we are in the SPL playing against the big full time teams, then we can judge the team

  6. I agree things are miles better and things are definitely on the up. I think you are still getting a bit carried away, let's see how we do in the cups against the top SPFL teams. Let's face it the teams we have faced so far are not up to much. I doubt Scott Allan is wondering "what might have been". He has a chance to be potentially playing in the Champions League group stages this season…something he might never experienced if he had signed for us. He has repeatedly said the decision was a no brainer from a footballing perspective. He seems happy with his decision and we seem happy that we didn't actually need him. So how about we stop going on about him ? The more we go on and on about how we dont need him just makes us a laughing stop. Just draw a line under it and move on. No doubt the dim wits in our support will hold a grudge against Scott Allan forever…but that just gives opposition fans more ammunition to laugh about it. Let's not make a big deal about it anymore. Let's enjoy what we have now. WATP

    • Yep, absolutely agree whilst all these displays and results are positive, very positive let's keep our feet on the ground….so long as we just keep beating (and beating well, with style) who is put in front of us, all we need do is smile in the knowledge that we're getting better and better. Let others make all the comments they want, that will not detract from our team's own capabilities, performances and results. There are plenty players to build a good team and we're definitely doing that, I'm loving it …….and their bile? well that just makes me love it even more.

  7. Haven't enjoyed my footie as much for yrs ,nd Scott Allan has made his bed .I only have one problem ,will we end up with to many loan players who will return to their own clubs next year then its back to square one again (sorry to be negative)

    • Willie, I wouldn't worry too much about that. What makes you think Warburton won't have the knowhow and contacts next season to replace anyone who has to go back? Only, hopefully it'll be with more long term signings rather than just loan players. Whatever happens, we'll be fine. Warburton knows what he's doing.

    • Not wanting to take a dig at warbuton as I think he's done a great job so far, but he's only got 1 1/2 – 2 years experience as a manager. I don't think he'll have a huge list of contacts ready to use. Now he's no longer in England he won't get first hand viewings of young players coming through. So it's absolutely vital that a scouting system is in place immediately.

  8. lets wait and see what happens when we meet the tims or Aberdeen or hearts the rest are crap,if warburton carries on and the team sweeps all before them he will be at spurs before end of season as their manager is mince.

  9. Things are looking good, really good, so let us just enjoy. As far as SA is concerned he has moved and so should our support. Clearly AS was never going to come and we were simply played so let's forget it and get on with beating the oppositio. Hibs at Ibrox …. Full house.

  10. Allan true colours are coming out now saying things were exaggerated about Rangers ,he was never a Rangers man ,who could trust him after that statement ,Glad you ended up with the shite you deserve each other WATP LOL.

  11. I think we dodged a bullet with SA if he was thatgood then he would probably be putton in a transfer request as soon as an EPL cam sniffing WHEn we get promoted. And you cant really believe any of the Sh8Te that footballerscome out with, look at all the recent ship jumpers naismith etc, Sterling at liverpool & our own Deal Ally who didnt do walkin away but did like gardenin, so i wouldnt be too worried about what SA says, We are on the way up & SA will be a DHIM & distant memory.

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