Scott Allan saga: the latest


The Scott Allan transfer saga has
gone from the most exciting potential signing Rangers could make this summer
window to the dullest, most tedious drawn-out soap opera pretty much since
Steven Naismith joined on the 31st of August 2007 with just 19
seconds to spare till the window shut.
The latest developments in the
story are thus:
Rangers on Tuesday made a third
bid for the player, who as we know handed in a transfer request recently. That
bid was never officially rejected but it was not accepted either.

Ian Murray, in a parallel slant
on the story, last night discussed his surprise that Rangers were willing to
hand over Calum Gallagher only two days before his St Mirren side travelled to
Ibrox, potentially pitting the striker against his former side on his debut. He
“I was surprised at the timing of it. If it
had been myself I’d have probably waited for a few days, certainly till the weekend. But
fair play to Rangers because they’ve gone about their business professionally
and amicably.”
As for Scott Allan, Rotherham, as reported here, made a £400,000 bid
yesterday as well, which was rejected, and are poised to increase that today in
a second attempt to persuade Hibs to part with him. And speculation has persisted that the Easter Road side have entered into talks with the New York Stadium side even if a fee has not actually been agreed.
Meanwhile English League One outfit Wigan, who have already sent away two players to Ibrox, are themselves seemingly joining the hunt for
the player and may enter a bid in their own right.
And Rangers manager Mark
Warburton is coy about a fourth Rangers bid, but it is a widely held belief
Rangers will come back for a third
time, but reports suggest the bid would be lower than Rotherham’s first bid.
Which would be a bit odd, if true.
The drama rumbles on.


  1. Hibs can bring an end to this farce now and at the same time make us look like complete clowns.

    Publish details of the most recent bid and compare with that from Rotherham.

    Rotherham £400k, cash up front.

    Rangers £275k
    Add on included in the £275k if Gers win the Championship
    Add on included in the £275k if Champions League participation happens within 3 years.

    Ffs…is it any wonder that Hibs won't play ball. We are taking the p*ss.

    Celtic on the verge of bringing in £30m from Champions League income and the sale of Van Dyk and King and his patsy making us look like amateurs and skint ones at that.

    Oh hold on, ST money nearly gone… share issue thanks to King, we are totally fecked. Forget all the crap that Gough came away with yesterday, who paid his air fare from SA?

    • What utter pish your talking rangers will be on the ISDX market within a short period of time and the ST money hasn't been touched. You must not be a shareholder as you clearly dont get the shareholder mail from rangers. Now shut up and go back to you fantasy world. And dont bring celtic onto a Rangers based forum as we dont care what celtic are or are not doing…Its all about the rangers.

    • You are a f##king moron go and find yourself another team to support you tit. You don't have a clue how rangers bid is set up, just making up shit. Why go and overspend on a player we can get for nothing in a years time. We could easily find someone in Englands lower leagues that's just as good. I would still like to see us sign Allen but only at the right price.

    • You could prove you are not a complete tosser, right now, by providing a link that shows details of both bids.
      So what's it to be? A link? Or a tosser? Much the same really.

  2. To the guy moaning about Celtic making £30m and us looking skint. Here's your dummy back mate. Try and stop spitting it out.

  3. This has turned into a long boring soap opera, rangers should put up or shut, make a decent offer of 500k, the board have made such a feeble attempt to get him that it's become an embarrassment for the club

  4. We are an embarrassment to football, never have and never will trust King, just can't believe how the media and fans have let him off the hook he hasn't even put 1pence of his money into the club and that's 100% true, it's about time fans opened their eyes.

    • You are a Celtic supporter. So you are correct when you admit you are an embarrassment to football. In fact, you are an embarrassment to the human race.
      I your defence, though, at least you can see that and admit it. Your fellow cretins are completely blind to the truth.

  5. Rangers know, of course, that Hibs have painted themselves into a corner. They cannot sell to Rangers now without bringing ridicule upon themselves.
    That knowledge will not prevent Rangers from keeping the pot boiling with another bid or two before the transfer window closes.
    Mr Stubbs made a rod for his own back with his idiotic decision to keep an unhappy player. Especially, one with less than a year left on his contract. Rangers will use that rod to punish him, big time. Hibs would now welcome it if they could sell Allan, to any other club but Rangers. A big fee and putting one over on Rangers would get them out of the hole they have dug for themselves.
    Alas, it looks that Scott Allan is in no mood to help Hibs out by agreeing to go anywhere not of his choosing. It is now obvious that they have backed out of a verbal promise to the player. He knows Rangers want him. He knows that they will be back with a pre-contract in January. That will have been made clear to him. It seems that Hibs hopes will not be realised.
    Quite right too. Clubs all over the world lose players to rival clubs. They might not like it, but they make the best of it. They sell then use the money to bring in players that want to play for the club. They do that because they know that the downside, to hanging on to a disgruntled player, by far outweighs the downside of seeing them sign for rival clubs.
    The negative affect that Scott Allan's presence will have on Hibs will do more damage to their promotion hopes than anything Allan would do if he was wearing a Rangers shirt.
    The current situation will suit Rangers perfectly. It is a win win situation for them. If they sell Allan to Rangers, then fine. They get a good player, below his real value. Albeit they would hand Hibs a fee that they could use to bring in other players.
    If they don't sell, and Allan chooses to wait, Rangers will benefit from seeing Hibs torn with tensions within their ranks. They will return in January to inflame those tensions by making Allan, effectively, a Rangers player whom Hibs will be hoping will sink Rangers promotion bid.
    If tensions run high just now, they are nothing to what will be seen as the season progresses. Rangers will be eager to pour oil on the fire and watch Hibs squirm throughout the season. Then come and take the player for nothing.
    I don't know where Hibs could go from here. Perhaps they could ask Rangers for 350,000 or 400,000 for Allan. They could then claim they were holding out for a higher fee, while hoping that the player would stay. Not very plausible but a fig leaf, to cover their embarrassment nonetheless.
    One suspects, though, that foolish pride will see them take the gamble that they'll stumble through and win promotion. It could happen. They might still win the league or get there through the playoffs. The chances of that happening, though, can't be good. This gamble could trap Hibs in the lower leagues for a long long time.
    "Pride goeth before a fall", Mr Stubbs.

    • It's coming. Timing is important here. New share issue requires 75% of shareholders to approve. King probably doesn't have that at present. So to get there he will have to buy from current shareholders. That doesn't put money into club only into current shareholders pockets I.e Ashley's stooges. Be patient.

  6. Rangers are only proving to Scott Allan and his agent that they really do want him at Ibrox, sooner than later, and if we cannot get Hibernian to sell him to us, we sign him in January 1st for nothing. Scott will not sign for Wigan or any other team in England as he has already told them that he will sign for Rangers ONLY!!!!

  7. If we pay more than £400k for a player in his last year in the Championship then you might as well bring back Murray and his moon beams, Rangers are doing things correctly and trying to get a player now for a reasonable fee, if not we wait and get him for nothing next year (assuming he does really want to play for Rangers, if not so be it)

    • Hear, hear!

      We have shown SA that we are serious about wanting him. The kid himself is serious about wanting to go to Rangers, hence the transfer request.

      SA will be a Rangers player. When that will be and how much that will cost is entirely up to Hibs and a few over inflated egos.

  8. We keep hearing about Celtic' s millions
    Well it' s about time they spent some of it because their team is shit.
    They Cannae even pay their staff the living wage ffs.

  9. heres the trolls going on about how much rangers are offering and in the same breath boast about the price they paid for henprick and wanyama, keep to torbett towers

  10. With any luck Celtic will draw one of the three stronger teams as a £30m windfall for them this season will fire them even further out of site even if Rangers get promoted.

  11. if its true that celtic are getting 30 million for CL then we are fked the only way we could compeate with that is getting there our selfs wich i dont see happening till we spend big we would need to spend 10 20 million do you guys see that happening King is no where to be seen we have only spent £700.000 he said would spend 10 mill he is full of crap he has only put in 1.5 million think about the money that usa guy was putting in we should av got him billion air god dam it

  12. the way a see it if Rangers offer £400.000 we will get him cause he will cost hibs £100.000 in wages for season and if they say no too £400.000 plus his wages would see him cost hibs £500.000 for one season.Hibs know this he will have to leave, he will not go to England so hibs have to deside let him go to rangers or cost there club £500.000 to keep unhappy player a think he will be rangers player bye next week yessssss

  13. Love this site and most people on it are brandnew but anytime anyone criticizes gers they are called a troll or Tim, everyone is entitled to an opinion not everything can be roses in the garden, I've been called a Tim countless times and I've been a gers sb holder for 22 years reckon people on this site should stop being paranoid

    • You're right, everyone is entitled to their opinion. The thing is at this moment in time when Rangers are clearly on the up and most supporters are happy with the way things are progressing, some people seem determined to give the impression that we're on the road out. Maybe some of them are genuine pessimistic and/or paranoid Rangers supporters, but if you think there are no Tims or trolls on these comment sections, you're either not very observant or very naïve.

    • David Pollack, you speak sense in so many ways but I'm neither naive or stupid, I do realize some sad pathetic Celtic fans come on this site to cause trouble but I've been s sb holder for 27 years and I've slated king and still will until he proves me wrong and would love to eat humble pie, watp

    • Anonymous 21:21 – I didn't mean to give the impression that I think everyone on these comment sections who criticises King or the club is a Tim, a troll or stupid. I do think, though, that some Rangers supporters are being a bit pessimistic or paranoid. However, it must be fairly obvious to regular readers and contributors that there are many posts from imposters and that people aren't just being paranoid about it. Anyway, the point I was trying to make was that some people seem desperate to convince the support that we're still deep in the bad times, when clearly we are moving on, maybe slowly at times, but certainly surely. We've got what looks like being a very promising season to look forward to. I hope we can all enjoy it without too much negativity.

  14. Lets all be honest.
    We don't particularly need Scott Allan,as good a player as he is.
    Why should we pay big sums under the circumstances of the contract..etc. To satisfy hibs and their manager who clearly just hate the most successful team in Scotland.
    They won't sell to us anyways.
    So , it's quite simple. Scott just needs to sit it out and the move will happen, if not good luck , it's not essential we have him.

    Looking forward to St.Mirren visiting tomorrow. Welcome.


  15. I cant believe the posts saying Hibs should be embarrassed and do the right thing. The player is contracted to them. We should make a proper bid for the guy if we really want him. I work in England and the papers are calling us scrounging paupers with such derisory bids. We are the ones who should have a riddie…

    • Reeeally. The papers are calling "us" 'scrounging paupers' ? Link please, just one will do.

      Anyway, as a 'Rangers' fan, you see such derisory comments as the above regarding "your" team and instead of taking offense you agree with them and pronounce we should have a "riddie"?


    • I also live in England and therefore you are a shit stirring Tim as it's not been mentioned in the press down here. You are also a 2 faced prick or do you keep the truth about your filthy mob to yourself?

  16. Hear hear to that man reckon all this Murray, green, whyte and years of theft from our club have left us paranoid, might get an odd sad Tim on here but not many, a lot of negative comments are made by genuine worried gers fans, so less abuse amongst us, need to stick together WATP

  17. Weir and Warburton are a refreshingly new management dreamteam at rangers and have got the team playing nice stuff but I don't trust King whatsoever and do worry about the future, not sure he will invest or is even a football supporter but it is what it is, looking forward to game tomorrow and bought my 6year old son sb not sure who is most excited WATP

  18. Just seen long term gers target Fredricks has been sold to Bristol city ,we tried to get him on loan????? C'mon king it's getting embarrassing now, where is the money??

  19. It would not matter how much Rangers offer for Allan Hibs and dick Stubbs just don't want him with Rangers ,I hope it backfires on them come January.

  20. If anything all this proves is that we stand alone and we need to stick together instead of splinter groups etc. I fuckn hate the manky mob and all the cohorts that clubbed together to try and destroy our club. We need to remember who the enemy really is and when we get back up fuck the lot of them. No more blue gravy train!!!

  21. I've lived in Peterborough for 22 years and have never read anything in the press about rangers,which is annoying but at least no negative stuff too, which is good ,hopefully get to ten this year, don't trust king one bit watp

  22. Hope Allan reads ibrox noise or at least his mates do, he is young. , rangers fan and the nearest thing gers have had since Gascoigne, even if he doesn't do well we will forgive him but he will, come to rangers Scotty

  23. Hope Allan will come to gers, if not sit it out to January and if he does come the boy is on a freeroll, doesn't matter eitherway if he does well or not, he will be a hero in all rangers supporters eyes for being true

  24. First, never seen so many thicko's who cannot spell, Second, Dave King has already lost over £20 million on Rangers fc, he is running the show and will put money up when needed…he will not hand over 20 mill like last time…

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