Scott Allan: the backwater politics of a backwater game


Thursday the 13th of
August saw a new low for the petty-minded vindictiveness of what passes for the
Scottish game of football these days.
The Scott Allan saga, already an
excruciating episode of tug-of-war between Rangers and Hibs, took another seedy
turn when Parkhead pathetics Celtic decided to use the situation to their
advantage to deflect from their own humiliations.
On Wednesday night, already hurt
from damning criticism of their opening-day atrocity at the hands of Dundee
then further loss at Pittodrie, Kilmarnock produced an angry response and
spirited display to nick two points away from the visitors and nab themselves a
very credible 2-2 draw at Rugby

It was a chance for Gary Locke’s
men to dispel the nightmare of losing four at home and two on the road and
prove they were not complete losers – and they did that by denying Celtic their
third win in a row.
Unfortunately, for Celtic, their
assistant manager John Collins had made some pre-match comments which fit
beautifully into the undignified, self-righteous and frankly arrogant attitude
which makes his club so universally unpopular outwith Scotland when he
suggested Scottish football was not smart enough to beat Celtic:
“Sometimes, we switch off and think it
doesn’t really matter, because they’re not going to punish us. If you become
open and detached from each other against good players and good teams, you’ll
be punished. It’s something that doesn’t happen to us in Scotland. No
disrespect to the other Scottish teams, but they’re not clever enough players
or quick enough thinkers to punish us.”
Incensed at the notion they were
thick, Hamill, Magennis and co put Celtic to the sword and completely
embarrassed their assistant coach, whose words thoroughly haunted him. On top
of that comedy, the ill-behaved away supporters, that ‘ra’ brigade as always,
once again disgraced Scottish football by setting off smoke bombs, something
unsurprisingly swept away by the Scottish media.
Only, Thursday morning, this was
not the news. Oh no, Celtic’s PR department went into overdrive and decided the
best way to deflect from an atrocious day for their “club’s golden image ©” was
to make everyone talk about Rangers’ target Scott Allan, as they systematically leaked to Sky
Sports that they were now ‘interested’ in the Hibernian playmaker.
What should have been a day of
Scottish football’s authorities dealing with those rascal supporters and media
lampooning of their embarrassing result in Ayrshire was completely blacked out,
instead hijacked by their hijacking of Allan’s bid to switch to Murray Park.
You would almost think it was
deliberate. And of course, it was.
Celtic do not need Allan – hell,
even their fans barely rate him and see him as some sort of unnecessary squad
But no – social media was filled
with Celtic, Hibernian, and even St Mirren fans high-fiving each other that
they managed to ‘get one over on the h*ns’ and that those ‘sevconians will be
going into meltdown’. My social media notifications were absolutely ridden with such ‘supporters’ archiving my Allan comments of the past and reminding me of them.
If anything summed up the
absolutely bitter, petty, pathetic, feeble and beyond embarrassing nature of
Scottish football, this is it.
The game north of the border now
prides itself on hating Rangers. Ronny Deila knows fine well he does not need
Allan, but was only too happy to add rocket fuel to an already roaring fire by
refusing to rule out interest in Allan.
And Hibernian know fine well
Rangers are miles away the favourites for the Championship after our stonking
start, and the sale of Allan to the Ibrox men would barely hurt Hibs any more
than they are already positioned to suffer, such is the start Mark Warburton’s
men have made to 2015/2016 – and yet they have accepted the same value sum bid
Rangers made (and they rejected), from Celtic, for the player plus a couple of pretty useless squad
members just to make sure they do not sell to Govan.

Their manager, Alan Stubbs, might well have had to oil his brass neck when he said this on the topic:

         “We have been very true to our word from day one. The club have been impeccable with the way they have dealt with this situation. We’ve had to deal with the timings of bids, just before we were about to play them [Rangers]. We’ve had to deal with everything which has gone on and I think as a club we can hold our heads high.”

Headline: Rangers do not need Allan.
We want him, sure, and he is a
fine player who would enhance our squad; but on no level do Rangers need anyone such is the excellent squad
Mark Warburton has built. An ethic of the team over any individual.
Scottish football wants Rangers
to be upset, wants those ‘vile orcs’ to cry in their sleep at not getting the
best player in the world. Sorry folks, while a few of our fans are indeed a
little annoyed at this, if it does indeed come to pass, they do not speak for the majority.
We are proud of our team, whoever
is in it, and we trust our manager if he wants Nathan Oduwa over Stevie May, or
John Eustace over Scott Allan.
However much you want to hate us,
however petty you want to be to ‘get one over on us’, I regret to inform you
the rumours of our demise and annoyance have been greatly exaggerated.
We do still want Allan, but we can cope just fine without him too, thanks.
We are still here, and, Allan or
not, we will always be here.


  1. None of you get it do you. Celtic bought the best player in your league not just to mock you but because he will be a valuable addition to their squad. And at the same time lawell laughs at you. Your days as the supremacist team in Scotland are long gone. Try harder bears

  2. Hes a young boy with a family
    Gutted he signed for the wrong half of glasgow but thats football. There are other players out there, no sense greeting about it cos its done. To be fair too scotty….who the fuck would want to stay at hibs. Watp and we will be pasting septic next year. Besides if he does have blue somewhere in his veins i doubt he would put in a decent shift in an old firm match

    • He's 24 years old. He knows that he is feeding the haters of Rangers. He is a liar. He is a an utter rat. He is not, nor has he ever been, a Rangers supporter. He is a scurrilous little cretin. Rangers reached out a hand to help him and he bit that hand, like the stinking little rat that he is.
      The rest of the mhankies never surprise me. They always talk shite, but at least they are up front about their allegiances. Allan is a disgusting little turncoat. All true blues will shun him. Do not turn your backs, completely, though. The rat is not to trusted in any way.
      He is now numbered among the mhankies. Perhaps the most vile of them all.

  3. I'm a season book fan, but all this aggro isn't doing the club any good. Can someone please with a single brain cell explain what Dave king has done for Rangers? And how much money has he invested ?????

    • You're a liar. If you weren't you wouldn't have to ask that question.
      So, as well as being a liar, you are either a dirty tim, a McMhurdo mhanky or a piece of Easdale eejit excrement.

  4. Me personally thinks that the boy Cummings was the best his player,for scott allan to better his game,he has to be playing week in week out,especially in the big European nites but anyway rangers will get better

  5. I am a celtic fan but found this article when googling scott allen. Thought I would share my thoughts as it is an interesting subject. The author seems rather angry. It reads like he is making himself angrier whilst trying to convince the reader he isnt angry. But the article does touch upon a couple of interesting things.

    Firstly, I dont think the signing has anything to do with Celtic drawing away to Killie. Is a draw away to Killie really considered "humiliating" nowadays? Celtic dropped plenty of points last season in the league – I cant remember a single draw being considered anything close to "humiliating". It speaks volumes on the quality of league is a draw away from home against a middling SPFL team is considering "humiliating" and in need of PR to hide 2 points dropped!

    I do think there is a degree of deflection going on by Peter Lawwell however. There does seem to be a tried and tested formula of winding up Rangers fans to get fans on side when they perhaps should be raising questions over a lack of spending. There is a good chance Celtic are soon to sell VVD for £10m or so, while potentially making £25m from the champions league. Spending £300k on Scott Allen to sit him on the bench neither strengthens Celtic nor goes anyway to balance spending with sales. But it feels like the Rangers angle does go some way to please sillier fans who take so much joy in benchmarking Celtic against Rangers. It is a smart piece of marketing that in my opinion really doesnt add or detract from the celtic team much at all. It is a cheap punt at best, so I dont really have an issue with the signing. But I dont see anything at all to get excited about.

    My second point is that if there are fans of other teams who take pleasure in watching Rangers not be able to automatically who they like in Scotland, it isnt really "petty, pathetic, feeble". It is pretty understandable given the way in which the previous Rangers spent in the 1990s and 2000s, and given the arrogance of fans who are used to their teams winning rather than losing (Ranges are not "runaway favourites" against anyone!) . In the exact same way that many other fans probably had a giggle when Celtic draw against Killie after the clusmy comments by Collins, and the often arrogance of celtic fans. Im also quite sure if a team like Aberdeen or Dundee Utd had the spending power to outspend Celtic, other fans would find that quite ammusing as well. Such is life, and Im sure you would see the same in any other league when the traditionally dominant teams lose ground on other teams.

    I do agree that Rangers dont really need Scott Allen. I think they will win the league this season, and even if Hibs do push them close I would always assume Hibs are likely to bottle it when it comes to the crunch. But given this, the article was a rather lengthy and emotional response to losing a player that Rangers probably dont need! The whole saga actually played out like it should have – Hibs shouldnt have sold to a rival. Rangers tried to force their hand. And Celtic saw an opportunity to take a very cheap punt on someone who may come good, but deflects fans attention in the short term.

  6. The club is operating on ST monies which will run out in few months.

    Ash still owed £5m, no cash to pay him back.

    Bears loans, mostly Park, due to be repaid in December.

    How will the club be financed from January onwards?

    For those who worship at the feet of King the Scott Allan farce should be a wake up call.

    He's not invested a penny and he's totally reliant on a share issue that will only go ahead if proof of 18 months working capital is given to ISDX…………..unless Ashley lends his support there will be no share issue!

  7. Just to clarify I was born a Rangers fan, my family still are, I am 50 odd years and too many games to count later still a fan, but I repeat, King is going to let us down, he has a mission, but not the one a lot of people think and whilethe reply to my last post tried to convince me that our finances are good and I am well, not a Rangers supporte, please tell me where Mr Kings £M's are, not in Rangers bank account, why do you think owing £5M to Ashley is ok and finally if it is so good why could we not have put a proper cash up front bid in for Allan if we really did want him, I could go on but w8nt other than to say we have another Whyte scenario waiting us down the line. J

  8. Well said by anon 2351 ,never trusted king from the start and truly don't trust him now, he doesn't even like or watch football and that's a fact, wouldn't be surprised if we go bust or end up in 3rd division again, that man hasn't even invested 1pence of his money and never will

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