Report: Rotherham bid for Scott Allan


After Rangers made a third bid
last night for Hibs’ midfielder Scott Allan in the region of £285,000, Rotherham have reportedly weighed into the equation with
a £400,000 bid of their own.
The Championship outfit are a new
name to the Allan saga, and it is extremely likely Hibs would accept their
offer to wash their hands of the affair, but given Allan’s staunch allegiances
to Ibrox it is unlikely the creative playmaker would want to submit to their terms.

However, the 23-year old faces a
wait till next summer to get the move he really wants, and potentially playing
a year at a Club he no longer wishes to be at, or finding himself frozen out;
and subsequently the former Arab may cut his losses at Easter Road and accept
the switch to New York Stadium given his employers completely refuse to humour
Rangers’ interest.

Especially as he cannot guarantee Rangers’ continued interest beyond this


  1. Thanks to the board and with their penny pinching antics we will probably lose Allan now, where's the fucking money king that you promised?

    • Fuck aw to do with money,they just won't sell to us period.He'll sit it out don't worry about that,he'll be at Ibrox next season.

    • It amazes me how many so called fans come on here and ask where Kings money is……HE CANT INVEST UNTIL WE ARE ON THE ISDX STOCK MARKET then when he does invest it adds value to our shares thats why he is waiting…………SIMPLES now get your head out of the tims arses and those hero bloggers the above is a fact………….

  2. Rangers will sign Scott when he becomes available. Glasgow is not that big a place, or Scotland for that matter. Not saying anything untoward would happen, but the player will have no doubt, that if he rejects any other offers, Rangers WILL come for him. Even if he has lost form, they will come.
    Rangers Supporters would be livid if the club did not follow through. Everyone at Ibrox would be in no doubt of that. They WIll sign Scott, if he chooses to wait.
    C'mon the Gers!

    • I agree mate, they are full of shit. Timposters everywhere getting worried. We are going to overtake their crap team sooner than expected. They look at Warbuton compared to Delia and feel as sick as fck!

  3. There is no money, that's why Ashley is in control of all our assets.

    People should have finally realised what King was about when he failed to bring the assets back on board.

    The ST money will soon be gone and the main contributor to the payday loans was Donald Park….but no more.

    His son is on the board for 2 reasons only:

    1. To keep an eye on King.
    2. To make sure that his inheritance is repaid when the loans are due in December, although at the moment if ' s difficult to see where the money will come from.

    The share issue is months away, if at all it goes ahead, we will be running on King's hot air.

  4. fuck u stubbs. ur a tim with an axe to grind well we are going to piss all over hibs this year and u will not even get to the play offs u mug …. now we have an axe to grind with u … Rangers fc will wipe the floor with u… Mr King Get ur wallet out and spend one million and bring Scott to us he is well worth it and lets rub hibs nose in it. KING GET UR WALLET OUT U KEEP SAYING RANGER FANS NEED TO BACK THE CLUB WE ARE . ARE U DOING UR BIT I hope ur not full of empty promises u wont last mate, u know how it works better than anyone. buy Scott Allan today and stop pissing around with cheap offers

    • So we should fork out a million for Scott Allan just so people like you can be see King spending some money? Allan would be a good addition to the team, but we'll win the league without him then get him for nothing at the end of the season. What's wrong with that?

  5. Hibs haven't said Rangers haven't offered enough money, they have said they will not sell to a league rival. Therefore we would not lose Allan because of penny pinching as you suggest…

    One solution in all of this would be for an SPFL team to offer 50k for a season long loan and Rangers get him on a pre-contract for next year.

    That way Hibs won't be making a rival stronger, nor will they be keeping an unhappy player. They know they will lose him so at least they get some money for him. Rotherham might be offering 400k but the player has to agree to move, which he probably won't…

    We don't need Allan until next season anyway…

  6. Hibs’ midfielder Scott Allan who wants to sign for Rangers under the coaching and fitness methods of W & W and become a legend with the club he supports. That being the case, coupled with the fact that Rangers have shown him how much they want to sign him by making repeated offers. This makes it obvious to Scott and his agent that W & W are indeed anxious to have the player as soon as they can get him to Ibrox. In fact it would be very unlikely that Scott's agent is NOT in talks with someone at Rangers throughout this prolonged fiasco. If it turns out that Rotherham have reportedly made a first bid of £400,000 for him, then all his agent has to tell Hibs, that Scott will be signing on a free transfer in January 1st with the famous Rangers Football Club for a signing on fee that he keeps for himself, less his agents commission of course. Story ended!!!

  7. £400k up front should have been our starting figure without the comical add ons for winning the Championship and Champions League qualification.
    If Hibs publish the details of our offer we will be a laughing stock.

    In King we trust…….open your eyes before it's too late.

    The money man, Donald Park, has left so who will King turn to for the next Wonga loan?

    Club is losing £10m per annum, loans from shareholders are a minimum of £9.5m…….I say at least because we don't know…… much for honesty and transparency Dave.

    John James blog is spot on.

    King has completely escaped any article of note in the media criticising his management of the club.

    What if Ashley gets serious about repayment of his loan……..we would be totally fecked.

    With King in charge we are toxic in the City, Who in their right mind is going to invest in a share issue for a Company with no line of credit from a bank, losing upwards of £8m per year, and in debt to shareholders of £9.5m minimum!

    • If all this is true then Warburton must be a real mug to come and work for us and I am pretty sure that is not the case. We don't need/want City investment (look where that got us previously) – existing fans and shareholders will fully subscribe to the issue provided the Sleazedale/Fat Mike partnership do not prevent the share issue happening.

  8. King hasn't delivered anything he has promised , he is obviously skint, letham and park have already got his cards marked already, worry we are going to go into administration again within the year.

  9. Why would we offer a million for a Scottish Championship player when we got Travernier, Waghorn & Kiernan for 200k each? Players from a much better league than us. Hibs want to hold us to ransom. I say no chance. Allan can go down south for 400k, we don't spend over the odds and they lose their only good player. We've played this the right way financially. He's a good player but he's no Laudrup. If we cave in to the sponging tactics from Easter Road we'll be doing it forever. Some fans need to get a grip. We don't need him to get promoted.

  10. Scott Clark , no one is saying give hibs a million for Allan but at least offer 400 or 500k, our attempt to get Allan has been feeble and embarrassing

    • Hibs are holding out for a big payday. Different news sources give different amounts we offered yesterday. One news report says we offered 450k plus 200k after promotion.

  11. We should make an offer of 500k & Stubb's can't accept it or any bid from Rangers,as that would be an end to his career! This would really piss off all the Hibs players & fans plus could start a bidding frenzy over Scott . The only real thing that would happen in the end is that he would sign a pre-season contract with Rangers on the 1st of January!

  12. Where is kings money, is he having trouble getting it from South Africa, is he skint or does he just not want to invest much??? Where is the transparency, give the fans an answer.

  13. King was in the press everyday until he got his hands on Rangers now he's in you hear nothing apart from seeing an interview saying our fans need to spend more than Celtic, we've done our bit so step up as promised

  14. Hibs won,t sell to Gers,end of,unless we bid a daft amount. I hope Scott has the patience to wait to sign pre contraCT in January. Rotherham,gotta set your dreams higher than that.Do a good curry there though.

  15. Apparently the stock exchange refused on Monday to relist Rangers as king didn't have the funds to satisfy them that we wouldn't go back into administration.

  16. We haven't applied for stock exchange ? Offer 410k for Allan or pick him up in january on pre contract. We are building a good team with 7 or 8 new guys and spent 650k . Warburton worked in the city so knows how to deal with money.

  17. Dave King and the new board have spent nearly a million on three players. The wages for Foderingham, Tavernier, Keiran, Waghorn and Halliday will be significsnt as they would be on decent earnings in England. We are still not bringing in enough money to fund the club on a week to week basis so its costing King and new board millions just to secure our future. It makes no sense to consider paying a million for a player in the final year of his contract. Let's get a life and support our team and the new board who already given us some hope after the disasters of the past few years.

  18. Gers will get Allan in January cos by then we will b that many points ahead of hibs n the only way of getting up will b playoffs n they'll need too fink if we don't get up thro playoffs we cud do with Savin money looking mayb to another pos season out the prem league they will sell for bout £100,000 n save on wages for the next 6 months n bonuses etc prob gain bout £150,000 better than a kick in the bawz. Coz make no mistake if they play 6 playoffs games in 2 n a hat wks like us it's a very hard n demanding exhausting task cos it's like 6 cup finals n they'll kno that another year in champship they'll need aw the money they can get n season ticket sales won't b same wivout the famous Glasgow gers n hearts their .

  19. Well that's hibs and Rotherham in official transfer talks over Allan, we should have made an offer hibs couldn't resist, we are gonna lose him now due to the board putting in derisory offers, penny pinching bastards,I'm disgusted.

  20. Omg you idiots do realise that allan has to agree to the deal not just hibs. Rotherham could offer £500,000,000 for allan but the move doesnt go through if he doesnt want it. As for king and his money…..did none of you witness the demolition if hibs. Why would you want to spend millions on the championship. I wouldnt spend millions in the prem tbh. King id imagine is spending his time rebuilding rangers instead of sitting infront of a camera. If you are all that bothered why dont you all put in a grand of ur own money. That would be afew million ehhh??? Oh thats right ur too stingey and expect others to go into their pockets. F**k off back to ur dole que and let the board get on with your job. You are all the same people that backed king in the 1st place so if it goes tits up (unlikely in my opinion) then u all have yourselves to blame. W and W are doing a great job and so are the board. Btw forget scott allan i can 100% guarentee he aint coming untill next summer

  21. Why all this panic among our so called supporters?Scott allan WILL be a rangers player whether it's now or january on a pre-contract,allan will have been told no matter what rangers will still want to sign him even if they have to wait a little by not paying that edinburgh mob over the odds by even which they wouldn't sell him to us anyway,thats how football works for those who are blinkered & don't know,lets rip this edinburgh shit apart and win the league in style which we will do anyway,with or without scott allan,although I rate allan as a terrific midfielder,I like a poster on here today also think that warburton IS a better manager than deila and will undoubtedly go on to prove as much!

  22. Hear hear. Some sense at last although a lot of it is from Timmy trolls with nothing better to do

  23. The board are doing a great job…..are you kidding?

    All our assets are in Ashley ' s hands because the board don't have the cash to repay the £5m never mind the Wonga loans from the 3 Bears, mainly Park, due to be repaid in December.

    King's hot air pledges will cut no ice in the City, telling them he has £20m to support their working capital conditions and actually proving it is a completely different matter.

    The longer the support give him an easy ride the greater the potential for disaster. Park was the lender of last resort. There will be no more loans from the 3 Bears. Park's son is on board to keep an eye on King and ensure his inheritance is topped up by making sure his Dad's loans are repaid in December.

    The ST money will be gone by then. There will be no share issue as we are unable to meet a couple of the principle ISDX entry requirements.

    There is no honesty or transparency from King……now we have Richard Gough wheeled out to toe the party line.

    The ST MONEY will be gone very soon……what then?

    King promised over investment and spending whatever it takes…… long as it's not his cash.

    No doubt the product on the pitch is vastly improved which wasn't difficult given the mess the previous manager impostors left behind.

    McCoist and McDowell are pulling in £100k per month till January, it's crazy.

    The improvement on the park and the red herrings being thrown in the mix by Level 5 will count for nothing if Ashley comes looking for his money..we r truly fecked if he does.

    What's to stop him selling Murray Park, Albion Car Park and Edmiston House…….nothing, nada.

    Is no one worried about this, doesn't even merit a mention in the press who are totally being controlled by Level 5.

    What about the investment in the scouting system that everyone agreed was a priority?

    What about investment in the infrastructure of Ibrox and Murray Park, also on King's priority list.

    Celtic are one round away from picking up a minimum of £20m Champions League cash plus another £10m for the sale of Van Dyk……….that's what we are competing with, so once again Dave where is your promised investment?

    • Ashley can't sell anything. Rangers own the assets. They can't use them as security to raise other loans while Ashley's loan is unpaid. That is all Ashley can do.
      The loan deal with Ashley didn't give him control over the assets. There is no repayment date. It seems that Ashley was more concerned about Rangers raising cash from any source other than him. So he can block the assets from being used for that purpose, but he, himself, can do nothing with them.

  24. Jim mac are you kidding. Look at the wages saved on the departed players.

    Jig was on £17.5k a week, no wonder he stayed loyal.

    King is spending millions, give it a rest will you, that's just nonsense.

  25. It was the cavalier lavish of money that we threw away to buy players that was our downfall to the 3rd Division in the first place…. King and the board must live within the Rangers clubs means,, Scott Allan will bring value to our club, but as Warbarton said,,there are many talented players out there, not just Allan, so please stop this narrow mindedness that King is scrimping and saving,,, McCoist is still picking up thousands a month wage!!!,, Remember Tore Andre Flo, 10million?!!,,, absolutely reckless with money that put us down…. We seem to have a promising manager and assisant,,they are saying all the right things and players are coming in at a good cost, which will bring our club a profit when sold on,, I would suggest to Rangers to have a word in Scott Allans ear that job is his at the end of his contract,,thereafter publicly announce we will no longer be chasing his signature,, then let hibs stay down next season minus 300k,,, and then they will never get back up ,,, good riddance,,,

  26. Celtics starting 11 are far better than Rangers, they have millions in the bank and can make 30 million more through Europe and van dyke sale alone, how can we compete with them with just season ticket money alone???? Warburton is a class act but he isn't a magician, we need a big investor and a true fan in the pilot seat, I'm afraid Dave king is neither. WATP

    • He has refused to go. He's coming to Ibrox. This year, for a reasonable fee, decided by Rangers. Or, next year for nothing. At least that's how it stands, at this point in time. The player could change his mind, but that looks unlikely.
      Rangers are locked in, morally, now. Even if the players form drops off, ot to be unexpected due to the circumstances, he WILL be coming to Rangers. The supporters would go into meltdown if the club even thought of letting Allan down.
      We all know what the score is. He's one of our own. We know what he is up against. Rangers and Rangers Supporters WILL give him a huge welcome when he walks into Ibrox as a Rangers player.

  27. We should leave Allan till we can get him 4 0
    If he' s prepared 2 stick it out till then.
    In the meantime warbs should take a look at
    Quarabag' s garayev .

  28. We should offer 550k final offer and hope we are so far ahead of hibs by the next transfer window that we can get him for peanuts or at least sign a pre, just hope at worse he sits this out and doesn't move elsewhere

  29. Dundee United wouldn't let Richard Gough go to Rangers. He signed for Spurs, instead. Stayed for a very short period then signed for Rangers. Some were saying at the time, that Spurs and Rangers had done a deal. I don't know if that was true, but Gough has been spending a bit of time at Ibrox lately. Perhaps he might have made a suggestion or two.
    Does Gough work for Rangers again?

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