Rangers playing well? Let’s slag them off!


Four matches. Four wins. 78
shots. 37 on target. Lowest possession 53% (v Hibs). Highest possession 71% (V
Alloa). Only three goals conceded. Arguably the best football Rangers have
played for decades. And average of over four goals a match. A resurgent Rangers
looking fantastic and decimating all opponents – that trend continuing
yesterday afternoon with a rout of former bogey team Alloa.
This morning’s headlines:
“Nathan Oduwa slammed for showboating”.

My last entry castigated Scottish
football for its petty minded vindictiveness over that Allan fellow, and
naturally every non-Rangers fans mocked the entry. My piece claimed that
Scottish football was just obsessed with hating Rangers, and naturally everyone
not of a bluenose persuasion ridiculed the idea.
Then this today.
Instead of trying to focus on the
current brilliance of what the Mark Warburton regime is achieving at Ibrox, on all the
goals, sweeping football, astounding number of shots, domination of possession,
sneaky one-twos, smart link-up play, individual wingplay brilliance,
high-pressing, defensive solidity, goalkeeping composure, teamwork, unity of
ideas, passing accuracy, resilience, work ethic, vastly improved attitude, or
anything else…
The Scottish media seeks Colin
Hamilton out from the losing side and gets an angry quote from him about some
astounding skill against him from Spurs’ loanee Nathan Oduwa:
“He’s come up here and he’s trying to show
off, trying to make a name for himself. What can you do? I didn’t even get the
chance to speak to him after the game as he just walked off.”
Footballer in ‘using skill’
shocker! Actually no, if it was anyone else it would not have made a ripple –
instead it would probably have been applauded.
But once again Rangers find
themselves attacked in the press because Scottish football and the Scottish
media cannot accept things are actually going very well at Ibrox. Well, they
can, they just refuse to acknowledge it.
Hamilton even managed to indirectly threaten
“However, I’m sure if he tries that against
other centre backs and left backs in the league they won’t let him away with it
the same way.”
Trying to encourage other
defenders to actively injured Oduwa if he dares to express himself.
I am not even going to try to
defend Oduwa – it is not necessary – and would dignify this nonsense.
It is simply, again, the press
using Rangers to get hits and sales. And Scottish football lapping it up
because it is about those BIG BAD RANJURS.
Sorry chaps, the stats and
performances speak for themselves. Try to castigate and undermine Rangers all
you want, but we are on our way back and no amount of ridicule or heads in the
sand about that will change it.


  1. Typical small town-club mentality,the fact is,all these clubs,top to bottom are fuming that their wee clubs days of exploiting our troubles seem to be well and truly over…tough shit get used to it!!WATP.

  2. Speaks volumes about Scotland's hate, instead of welcoming talent like this which could genuinely improve the game in Scotland, no wonder it's in a state of decline

  3. They don't like us…and we don't care !!
    Tough sh1t!
    The philosophy of "Send them home happy" is working a treat………wisnae designed to send the rest of Scottish Football home happy!!
    Loving this new way of playing and THATS why we'll have far more full houses this season than Celtic…
    That's entertainment!,

  4. Week in, week out there are articles from the Scottish media about Celtic and The Rangers that are both positive, neutral and negative in their tone. Elements from both sets of fans need to get over this and drop the "everybody's against us mentality". In the David Murray era (when he had a tight control over the media) it was just Celtic fans who were labelled as being paranoid, but now the stakes have evened up both sets of fans can be as ridiculously paranoid as each other! Check the BBC website for Five-star Rangers article – you can't just enjoy the good and then highlight the bad as everyone being against the club. Plus the fact that most of the media are accepting and peddling the "same club" fallacy clearly shows they aren't against the club (or "the company that controls the club" for that matter!).

    • lol your final comment shows your true colours, we are on our way back to where we belong , you know it and don't like it – WATP

    • You're right and UEFA, FIFA, The Court of Session, ECA, SFA, SPFL and the Advertising Standards Authority are all wrong. Must be a nice feeling. Now jog on back to bitter timland

    • You're right and UEFA, FIFA, The Court of Session, ECA, SFA, SPFL and the Advertising Standards Authority are all wrong. Must be a nice feeling. Now jog on back to bitter timland

  5. Holy sh*t, we actually share the same opinion for a change!

    Excellent article, nearly makes up for your take on our new goalie! #savebigfod

  6. Hammer all these clubs that wanted us out the league for ever ,let them know we are on our way back , Well played Rangers, give us the same next week against Hibs scumbags .WATP LOL.

  7. Fact is the Alloa guy is right. Oduwa did take the piss. He made the defender look like a right stupid cunt.


    • to true mate as warbo said if messi does that against alloa everyone will think hes great only thing is ya fud I don't think barca are due to play alloa in your wee world maybe in king we trust

  8. the gutter press have been attacking Rangers for that long that they just go into autopilot without using their chicken sized brains to figure out what the truth is…most of the rags they write for would not be kept in my toilet for wiping my ar-e…As regards how Rangers are playing,I think all we need to do is tighten up a little in defence and we could take on anybody…its so exciting to watch the team play,I have'nt felt this way in a long time…WATP always will be THE PEOPLE.

  9. Let's jst say the whole other half of the country r sh**ing themselves cos the famous Glasgow rangers r back quicker than those people of the other kind fot we wud b n they can't stand that every fin is Good for us at the moment n lkin up for us n a tell u wat a can smell fear!! Mark warburton has the rest of Scotland on the edge of ther seats wonderin wat other gem he's gny find n if he can have us like this in a few wks jst fink of 1-2 years down the line. The fear of not get in 10 in a row or equaling the amount of titles we have is eatin away at the manky. That's y they signed Allen they cudnt let us have him for the fear even tho they don't need him. N now they all want pick on a player that Lks to b another gem n has skill in abundance n a cny wait too c him in action again a wee flick here n a wee flick there. Enjoy other mob cos I'm going too, scot Allen who????? WATP!!!!

  10. I think we have to "highllight the bad media" as it seems to happen pretty much every week!
    next week it will be "rangers players dare to pass/tackle" or "who do rangers think they are scoring more goals than the opposition"
    It is about time we stood up for ourselves, If somebody trys to hit you then hit them back harder I always say!!

  11. N we re no para the last 4 year from the media, other clubs owner ,other fans etc have enjoyed kickin us wen we wer down n nearly out gloating at our expense now we re bck n playing decent footie with quality strong athletic player with a never say die attitude every club is fretting that fot they cud mock us off n Neva thot they wud c us reach the top of Scottish footie again after nt being able too get out the championship 6wks on wat a difference life's good clubs get in seen in a positive light again n they jst can't handle it. Allan signs for them then they send 2 player too hibs ,make sure we don't get Allan then strength in our supposed nearest rival.Y? Cos they can c us coming after them at a quicker rate than they first fot. I will say it again. FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. A wonder who was trying to make a name for themselves, well my guess is not oduwa because next week we will be talking about more of his tricks & flicks & everyone will say who was that dick oduwa flicked the ball over, fair play to Danny Lennon who was basically telling his player to shut his cakehole, now the best thing is Warburton said we are bringing in an exciting player this week well fuck me this lad must be good if oduwa is anything to go by

  13. Dunno if it was showing disrespect.
    But it was def a pen

    Oduwa should however need that defenders threat
    Nothing tricky about a broken leg

  14. Good Luck to Allan but I fear he will live on the bench
    Could he improve Celtic ?
    Maybe but at whose expense and will he get the chance ?
    Could he have improved Rangers
    Maybe but at whose expense and would have got the chance ?

    The only certainty is that Hibs are weaker

    So thanks Celtic

  15. theres alot of clubs out there hate our club rangers,,,but one thing for sure they love when rangers come to town and they get lots of our money,,,,,,,,,WATP,,

  16. Rangers are playing excellent football,they haven't played fit a like that since the advocate era,we r only going 2 get better,I don't want to get away ahead of myself but I think next year we will e a strong unit,with some quality signings and challenge celtic,let the revolution begin

  17. Typical Scottish football mentality, inhibit skill and creativity, take anyone out who showcases any sort flair…we still live in the dark ages and half these clubs should be culled anyway.

  18. The whole of scottish football have a hatred against our club and even after what weve been through as a club over the past few years , they still try and print the negatives out of another outstanding performance from our young players ! Just keep the football going and shut the lot of scotland up with performances like that every week lads ! The manky mob know we are coming and are obsessed with us still to this day so 54 n Counting will be 55 shortly fellow Bluenoses WATP

  19. been reading on this site for a while now and i must applaud you for it ,we have gone through shit the last few years ,ive been supporting the club for 38 years now seen bad times and seen the great times .the direction the club is going now should have happend at the start ,myself and some fellow bluenoses thout we will take four five years in the lowers build up the bank account bring through the youth come back bigger stronger and better ,alas though we were totally hoodwinked by green and co and fcked over again ,but now we have a team and a manager that know what they are doing and no the reasons why there doing it its not for the money its for the badge, the fans young and old all over the world ,the old rangers greats that are still with us or looking down on us ,this team we have now this group off hungry young boys who what to win and xcite us in the way they do now hve rangers blood flowing through them which will flow through them for the rest of their lives ,we have always had wingers that have had us off our seats over the decades they got kicked up and down the pitch but they kept doing their tricks flicks and skills ,why ? because they were playing for the glasgow rangers the same rangers that signed up with the sfa in 1873 ,love us hate us we dont care but know this rangers are fighting back and we will never forget those who didnt want us and slated us , ps if the comments that the nobody from alloa made was made by a rangers player what do you think would happen to him? answers on a postcard to hampden park to who ever is in charge of the sfa spfl or wht ever the fck it is now

  20. BBC are the biggest corrupt organisation ever created,, they are ran by fans of the manky mob,, one piece of magic from our very own Oduwa, one glimpse of gallusness scottish football had seen since Davy Cooper,, and the BBC jumped on his back and criticised it?!, How laughable!!,, They have spat the dummy out cause Rangers have barred them from Ibrox,, This is the reason why scottish football is so crap, cause fuds like the BBC, just wants to see us fail,,, they have nothing else to talk about now our board is sorted,, so they attack our players,, UP YOURS BBC,,, We are back and we are only going to get better,,, I encourage all of our players to thump every team in this division,,they slagged us off last season saying how easy it was playing against us,, Well,, easy days are over,,and as for the Alloa fud Hamilton who was expertly extracted of urine by our new lad,, Oduwa had you in his pocket son, get fecking real and grow up, ya minnion dick!!!

  21. I just hope the boy does it again next week against the Hibs & we batter em into submission, They were sh*te last time we played em even when Super Scott came on, And the 1st hibs defender who goes near big Nath he will get a booking [hopefully] This is brilliant at the moment we are playing well,scoring goals a kid whp can do tricks & flicks, the papers are full of it, Its awesome!!!

  22. don't give a monkeys anymore about fans of other clubs saying we are a new team and sefco this and sefco that
    because if we were a new team they wouldn't even give us a second glance its because we are rangers and the same rangers we have been since 1872 and we are still here that is what is getting on their ti*s they all wanted us dead gone and forgotten about but we are still here and we will be back in the top league next season and we will be up against pacific shelf for the title and all of pacific shelf fans are now shi**ing themselves because we have full houses and they don't and we have brilliant players and they don't and deep down they know we have the cash and we will beat them to everything next season
    rangers then rangers now rangers forever

    • Totally agree. They are scared of us. Keep hearing sevco this and sevco that. Cheeky beggars in work even use phrase "different shit…same flies". Sticks and stones springs to mind.

  23. Shoe on the other foot time….IF we played Celtic this season and they were giving us a bit of a doing, 4-0 type thing, and with a few mins to go Scott Allan does a rainbow flick over Danny Wilson or Scott Brown decides to starts doing keepy ups in the centre circle ….what would our reaction be? What would the media reaction be ? I doubt either would be admiring the skills…we would be going mental, media would be talking about inciting riots etc etc. So let's stop acting all offended.

  24. There is one small problem there. Neither of them could. Broon only kicks calves and Allan would be on the bench

  25. That's entertainment folks and we love it and the reason they don't like it is there scared, feel good factor is back at ibrox

  26. If Messi or Ronaldo do it the press say what a piece of skill we do it we get slaughtered 😂 keep playing the attacking football and showboat all you like. F*uck the press f*ck the rest of Scotland do your skill and listen to ibrox screaming your name week in week out my friend. Football is all about showing how good you are and how confident you are and you have them so do more of them have fun and beat every team in this league and let's win the cups this year. Good things are coming our way WATP!!!!!


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