Rangers make third bid for Scott Allan


Rangers have this evening made a
third bid for Hibernian’s Scott Allan, Sky Sources claim.
The first two bids for the Easter
Road midfielder from the Ibrox club were of course rejected with the most
comical and embarrassing excuses attached, but were valued at around £250,000.

It has been highly speculated
this latest bid is around £450,000 up front with a further £200,000 if the
creative playmaker helps Rangers achieve promotion this season.
With St Mirren signing Calum
Gallagher and Hibs themselves nabbing a former St Mirren player and QoS’s Danny
Carmichael, the ‘rivals’ nonsense is completely invalid, and only the terms of
the bid could possibly be used now as excuse not to sell the player to Rangers.
Allan handed in a transfer
request last week and will be praying his club finally accepts this offer,
giving him the dream move to Ibrox he has been craving for for as long as we can

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  1. looking forward to see Scott in a Gers jersey, a striker is all we need to complete the squad
    WooooHoo com on the Gers

    • gallaher just sold so for sure a striker lined up- loan deal agreed to give a young (T?tenham? Shaquile Coulthirst?? or a.n.other) or a permanent deal – interesting few weeks ahead and next two transfer windows significant for us…..

  2. Surely the Hibs fans can see the benefit to their team of accepting this offer. It is beyond the capability of any player to continue giving 100% given the circumstances. Would you if you were given verbal assurances which are being reneged on. He will play, to avoid fines, but only go through the motions. Hibs can strengthen with the fee to sign players who are totally committed. Scott Allen will be a divisive influence throughout the season. Rangers will sign him in January on pre-contract. This is just business and common sense! Are there any Hibs fans who can rise above this?

  3. They won't take it unless they are willing to make Stubbs look like a heavy toby.
    January will do us,then he'll be ready for the push for the title next season and Champs League.

  4. He WON'T join for free in January….
    His contract expires at the end of the season.
    Hibs will hold him until then.
    He ain't going to Govan.

  5. What part of NOT FOR SALE is it you don't understand ?
    There is no way that we can back down from that now.
    There will be riots if he's allowed to go.
    So he won't be.

  6. Get the lad signed up! Hibs , get off your 'sporting integrity', won't sell to rangers high horse and take the money or he goes for free in January. WATP!

  7. This lad will be huge at Rangers,, If this was the filthy mob, Stubbs would have drove him to parkhead within the first offer,,, as did ex mob, jackie macnamara did for dundee united,, its just your typical spongers thinking Rangers are a cash cow and take us for ransom.. well, no more chancers,, we will get the wee fella for bugger all, just in time to pump your manky mob,, beam wee scottie up 🙂

  8. Read the post ya cupla anons!I'm saying he'll sign a pre con in January to be ready for next season!

  9. anon 20:10…20:14 this is a place for rangers lovers…why dont you go back to where you people come from…you certainly are not weearrapeepel….scott allan will be a ranger sooner or later no matter how hard you try and stop him….WATP.

  10. I'm getting sick of this Allan saga now, they should offer 500k last offer take it or leave it personally I'd rather they used the money for May or Adam Rooney now and get Allan in January.

  11. this is a personal message to you young scott…our beloved club want you to sign for us…I think we have shown you that by making another generous offer for you…we all hope that you will be allowed to come to Ibrox…but…if not just remember… we want you here with us…watp.

  12. Once again the deluded lunatics down tax Dodgers alley think they have the divine right to buy anybody well wake up and smell the coffee u have no cash Ur sugar daddy king has nowt u put a lot of small businesses out the game and u can't even pay back loans to other outsiders who are obviously running it club u lot are the small team in Glasgow so take a back seat gracefully

  13. a hear its only £280.000 bid wich is shocking why even bother as if thats going to get him and only 2 days till saints game last week we where told we would have new players in for that game where is the two loan players like May and feddrics guy,im happy with players we got so far but we need Vukic May Allan Feddircs get them in we would beat celtic easy

  14. Why don't we try and get Silva for 500k or Hazard for 600k? As much chance as getting Allan for 280k, c'mon king get your wallet out and offer 450k and get this transfer over the line, WATP.

  15. The protracted negotiations have King and Murray 's prints all over them.

    A straightforward £400k offer would have got Hibs attention.

    But no, the offer is a down payment with instalments. The now quoted £285k headline fee, if correct, includes add ons. One being for winning the Championship…..Hibs will love that one, and the other is for Champions League qualification which is a minimum of 3 years away.

    I hope Hibs publish the details of the bid in full to expose King's complete lack of investment.

    Some very silly posters have criticised Donald Park for jumping ship just after winning back the bus contract for the club, as if that's all he was interested in.

    Don't they realise that without Donald Park providing most of the pay day loans we would be in administration again!

    He has been the lender of last resort over the last few months, not King.

    With his departure King is now sh*tting himself as the ST monies run down. This is why Hibs are laughing at the make up of the bids being made.

    King is now rushing to get a listing on ISDX, otherwise his game is up.

    The 2 major criteria for a listing are:

    1. Proof of funds to cover 12 months trading…….in our case anything between £20 to £25m.
    2. Annual, audited, signed off accounts with no going concern note included.

    King can't get money from SA, even if he wanted to which I doubt, he wants others to invest as Donald Park has done.

    Where is the proof of funds going to come from…….Ashley?

    Park's son has replaced him on the board.There will be no more of his inheritance being spent. He's there to protect his father's investment and make sure that the loans are repaid in December as they fall due.

    ST monies will be gone before Xmas and that's without paying back any of the outstanding £10m loans to Ashley and the 3 Bears.

    There are no further assets to secure loans agains, even the ownership of the stadium is under question.

    Club has no line of credit with a bank, is losing £10m a year, has loans outstanding with shareholders of £10m, has no merchandising income, yet King is looking to relist.

    I'm sure there will be a queue forming to buy shares already. ……NOT.

  16. King's still getting an easy ride.

    DJ and Gordon Dalzell at pains to point out that the Championship will be won without further investment.

    Of that I have no doubt but that's missing the point completely.

    What about investment in the scouting system that everyone agrees needs fixed
    What about investment in the infrastructure at Ibrox and Murray Park
    What about reclaiming our assets from Ashley

    None of this is getting a mention. Ashley could sell Murray Park, Edmiston House and the Albion Car Park tomorrow if he so wished but King harps on about renegotiating the SD deal when Ashley won't even give him the time of day.

    Huge improvement on the park, same financial shambles in the background.

  17. I see Rotherham have put a bid in for Allan with Leeds and now Preston interested, if rangers had made respectable bid of 500k in the first place we would have had him by now, all this fannying about has alerted more clubs to him, I say to king if you have no money in the bank tell the fans this or sell your wine collection, must be worth at least 500k.

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