Rangers linked to Spurs attacking midfielder


Tottenham Hotspur’s promising young attacking midfielder Alex Pritchard has been linked with a move to Ibrox. The England U21 international playmaker, who is equally at home on the wing, was under the stewardship of Rangers’ manager Mark Warburton back in his Brentford days, and when the Bees’ ex-boss took over at Rangers, Pritchard was full of praise for him:

          “A big club like that, Rangers fans have got something exciting in the next few years to come. His (Warburton’s) door’s always open, you can come and speak to him if you’ve got a problem or if you want to speak about something. He lets you have freedom, you get forward; he isn’t going to moan at you, he’ll just say ‘keep going and do what you do best’, so that’s why I felt at home there. I played with freedom, I didn’t worry about anything, I expressed myself as much as I could so that is the main thing with me with him.” –Alex Pritchard, 15/06/15

The first sentence already verifies his regard for Rangers, and the rest confirms what Rangers fans have subsequently discovered in the excellence of Warburton, and Talksport’s ‘The Moose’ (Ian Abrahams, who broke the Joey Barton to Burnley transfer) has tweeted the following:

          “Latest on @pritch_93 – there is interest from a Prem League club (sadly not WEST HAM sob sob) the Championship & North of the Border”

Celtic are extremely unlikely to be the club in question, and with Warburton’s contacts down south and success with acquiring some fine Spurs’ loanees already, it can only realistically be Rangers.

Arsenal and Spurs have proven fertile ground for Warburton’s Rangers Revolution, so this is a very realistic target, but the competition from both the English Championship and the English Premier League make the deal that much harder to secure.

We shall see over the coming days if this one comes to pass.


    • Pritch is a great player, and one that us Spurs fans are calling for in our own first team. He has been injured for the start of this season but due back now. Spurs need a player like him right now and us fans will be disappointed if he goes out on loan, but at the same time wish him the best if it happens.

      Put it this way, Spurs splashed out almost 30million for Lamela, and Pritch is about twice or 3 times the player in quality! (has a bit of an arrogant attitude though!)

    • Arrogant ? People bandy that word around about him but i dont think hes in the slightest bit arrogant. He always comes across as very humble. Hes cheeky, hes confident in his ability, hes focused and a little bit shy in interview. He has a great attitude in everything he does !

  1. Priority should be getting Warburton and Weir on board for at least 5 year contracts,double their wages if need be,it will easily be recouped at the gates,it's only a matter of time before a Tottenham,Everton etc come calling.As for Alex Pritchard,go for it,if Warburton thinks so,who are we to judge a man that can do no wrong.W and W are fast becoming irreplaceable…..

    • 'Backwherewebelong' I totally agree…

      Genuinely can't see any other manager with the same structure, discipline, honesty, trust in youth, style of play etc etc etc. He will form a Rangers team that Scotland will be proud of in Europe. He will also produce some great Scottish youth in the process.

      I believe he will become the England manager one day. Tottenham will tempt him south first though.

      I know he's only 6 games into his job in the 2nd tier of scpttish football but I haven't been this excited in years. I'm going to every game I can, I have subscribed to RTV so I can 'follow on'.

      Rangers YouTube channel is fab too… U20s highlights, interviews etc.

    • Not sure Warburton would enjoy international football he likes to work with players on an almost daily basis.And far to many big egos in an England dressing room

  2. This story seems like a lot of hot air. Pritchard has been promised a start in tottenhams first team this season. He was magnificent at Brentford fc under warbs n weir and played every game other than 2 when he went on international duty. He isnt the type who would be happy not playing week in week out and Rangers already have a lot of options in midfield. I dont buy this story one little bit !

  3. a trust warburton but we canny become spurs b team he keeps bringing young players from down south we've got to many loans time to start using our own kids or there never going a get better watp

  4. TBH im just enjoying it while I can, I know the Kids , Odu,Zel,Etc will eventually head back south, But at the minute its great, Im raring to go against the BIG ST JOHNSTONE!

  5. That would be great ,just reading that Stevie May is up for grabs do you think there is any chance we would have a shot at getting him I think he would great in this line up .WATP

  6. i dont care who we get aslong as we get back where we belong watch green noses where coming back next season

    • back where you belong 3 div don't worry son you will be there sooner than than you though in king we trust

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