Rangers’ fans’ poll: Early season report card for new signings


With five competitive games now
complete, having secured five stylish victories along the way, now seems a
reasonable time to give an early report card of Rangers’ new signings and how
they have fit in.
Readers are free to joyously
agree or angrily disagree where they like; there is a nice poll at the end of
this entry giving our readers the chance to choose their own personal
favourites. You should select up to five of the players. But one by one here
are the Ibroxnoise.co.uk ratings for all the new arrivals at Ibrox this summer.

Wes Foderingham.
Had a sticky start, with some
suspect kicking and ‘that’ goal at Easter Road, but has grown more into the
role over time and produced a fine save v Alloa not to mention some excellent
defensive cover v Ayr United. Not been overly tested in truth, but has
impressed at cross balls. Still a little shaky with the distribution from foot,
but overall can be pleased at how he is settling in. 7/10
Danny Wilson.
Looks extremely composed on the
ball, and tends to use it well. Was caught napping for St Mirren’s goal, but
generally has led well from the back and seems to organise the players around
him rather effectively. Not really had to do a huge amount of actual defending, but
been mostly solid enough when called into action. 7/10
Rob Kiernan.
Big tough stopper who has a touch
of the aerial Mohsnis about him (the Tunisian was colossal in the air) but
without the crazy meandering of the now-Angers defender. Kiernan has been
impressive when it comes to brute-force defending, with solid tackles, but been
a little slack with passes, giving the ball away at least three times in the
past two games. Just needs to up the concentration a tad and he would be the complete
package. 8/10
Dominic Ball.
Debuted v Ayr
and, a couple of loose passes aside, was reasonable. It is worth pointing out
he and his partner Danny Wilson limited Ayr to
just five shots, only one of which was actually on target, so while we did not
see the full repertoire of Ball yet, he proved himself to be a useful squad
member. 7/10
James Tavernier.
When this guy is good, he is
absolutely exceptional. How Warburton managed to get him is unknown, but he did
a great piece of business in persuading this marauding right-back to switch the
English Championship for its Scottish counterpart. Tavernier can score goals,
support attack, tackle brilliantly and has pace to burn. Was less impressive
last night v Ayr when he was guilty of wasteful passing and some slack control
every so often, but generally when he is in the right frame he is every inch
worthy of the shirt. 9/10
Andy Halliday.
Boyhood Rangers fan Andy turned
down guaranteed offers in England
to trial at his heroes, and he was never going to waste the chance. Halliday
has been busy as a bee, covering so much grass in each 90 minutes he has
featured in, while rarely wasting the ball and scoring one absolute worldly in
the process. Hard-working grafter with no lack of ability and fits into Warburton’s
system effortlessly. 8/10
Jason Holt.
Quieter than Halliday but no less
effective, Holt has fit into Shiels’ adapted role last season of link man in
midfield. He gets forward to support the attack and provides the connection
between midfield and up front, while managing to get on the scoresheet too.
Always seems to be in space, always available to take pressure off team mates –
Holt is a vital cog in the Warburton machine. 8/10
Martyn Waghorn.
Intensely hard-working striker,
supporting everyone around him and getting into great positions; his off-ball
movement is excellent, but the one thing his game lacks is the killer finish.
He has scored twice for Rangers, but overall in five matches most of those
shots have either been saved, off target, or hit the woodwork. But his other
work is worthy of admiration, and while he is not scoring a lot, he is fitting
seamlessly into the system and is one of the major reasons Rangers are scaling
such heights. 8/10
Nathan Oduwa.
Showed disrespect to Scottish football
when he showed skill. How DARE he! All joking aside, Oduwa has talent, and
skill, and even on a drenched Somerset Park last night showed more than once
the quality he has (should have had a penalty and got chopped for his work on
multiple occasions) – and the home side’s Craig Moore was only too happy to
oblige Colin Hamilton’s wishes and endeavour to crock him. The lad has skill
and pace, but may just be a little selfish now and then and want to be the
centre of attention, losing focus in the process. Got plenty of development in
him and there would be no one better than Warburton to get the best from him.
Mark Warburton.
You did not really think I would
forget the most important signing of the summer, did you? Warburton has just
been sensational, ripping up the failures of the past and starting again, on a
borderline overnight basis. He has signed superbly well with limited budget,
and rejuvenated the likes of Lee Wallace and Barrie McKay. Even Law is looking
a player under Warbs. Praise cannot go high enough to this manager who has
gotten more out of his players in five matches than the previous three managers
managed in 36 months. 11/10.

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  1. Happy with all the players he has brought in so far ,plus Wallace Mckay,got to disagree with Law still not good enough .

  2. Foderingham 6
    Wilson 8
    Kiernan 7
    Ball not played enough
    Tavenier 9
    Halliday 8
    Holt 7
    Oduwa not played enough
    Waghorn 7

    Anybody agree???

    • Yes, I agree. For me Wilson has been better than Kiernan. Keirnan may continue to improve, but it is not a coincidence that Ball came in for Kiernan rather than Wilson,
      Tavernier has been amazing, Halliday, Holt and Waghorn all great.
      But I have to agree with Ibroxnoise, Warburton is an 11.
      It is hard to remember how we felt after the Motherwell matches, the relief that we wouldn't have to face the SPL with those players representing us. But even at our most optimistic, did we really expect the improvement to be on this scale?

  3. all the lads are doing very well as a team, we must all stand behind them and give the best support we can, in king our trust WATP,,

  4. Nice scoring editor, only one I'd disagree with was Kiernan ,not sure about him yet so I'd deduct a point, the voting on best player is all over the place which is brilliant, just shows we are a team again and as much as I feel we need a striker, we have goals all over in this team, keep the good work up editor watp

  5. Your a hard taskmaster David scott I'd say waghorn 9 and foderingham 5 and Kiernan 6 lol opinions?? Enjoy the game Sunday my man. WATP

  6. Been really impressed by Jason Holt , really knows how to play the support role position and gets beyond the striker at times .Quietly influential and as a result is often overlooked.

  7. Hope we meet septic, hearts or even Aberdeen in the cups, see where we are, if we get beat that's ok, all we ask as Rangers supporters is that our players try 100% to win, if you try your best and lose that's ok way it is, in Warburton I trust, he isn't leaving soon, WATP and he's magic

  8. Warburton has worked miracles in the last 2months, even more than the last 3managers put together,just hope he stays and king etc have gave him a 3 year contract, just hope he stays and sees it through, we are gonna get beat but Warburton hopefully is here for years to come and he wears a magic hat WATP

  9. The man certainly wears a magic hat, hopefully the board release some funds and trust in him next season and give him money to get one or two big name signings in ,then we can challenge ceptic no doubts, he is Warburton our man and he's great man ,he's a fucking wizard and he wears the magic hat WATP

  10. Nice comments my man, yeah we will get beat a good few times before getting back to the top but in Warburton we will trust, not even sure our boss knew what he was getting involved in till now but he has been a gent at all times and has brought happy times back to our club, hope he never leaves now. PS win or lose Mark, we have seen your magic hat, Warburton blue hero

  11. Sunday, sunday feels good to me . Have a few pints go to game and have a few more and hope Stubbs will broker a deal on his p45 I'd take 20% but will be worth nothing come 2pm Sunday WATP

  12. Don't want to piss on anyone's parade but hope king spends money next season 'when crunch comes to crunch because in Warburton we have the best manager in the land, no I'm not a Tim , got sb and got drenched Wednesday night watp

  13. Would like to see Murdoch get a start or even a fair chance, how can aird even get on the bench, trust Warburton but he can't have just dismissed him through watching play offs, sorry warbs a lot of us want him in or at least given a chance .listen to me and many fans, give Murdoch a chance and warbs is a legend

  14. I reckon they will all get better with the experience of playing with each other, Fodders is a worry & i dont think he will fare well when we go up [cant wait] Tav is brilliant he does put a shift in and i am v impressed with him, I'd like to see Waghorn be a bit more clinical, Oduwa looks like a box of tricks waiting to explode, As for the rest early days but at teh moment I am lovin it, Roll on Sunday

  15. Getting away from the above topic for a moment I would just like to share with my fellow blue noses that a good source of mine tells me that neil mccann is to be appointed the new rangers chief scout shortly,what do we think ibrox noise & all other 'gers fans out there?I think it would be a superb appointment,I've always rated & liked neil mccann!

  16. Warbs was the masterstroke,the man oozzees a steely quiet resolve,all the players have aquitted themselves well.I can't help but laugh at Hibs,elevating themselves to'rivals'status….we aint gonna have no rivals this season!!out of site by christmas,hope Hibs enjoy the play offs.C'mon Rangers give us a double figures Sunday.

  17. Changing the subject entirely anybody help me out there?, my son in law wants my blues brothers tee-shirt with Chelsea, trouble is cant find it been on google and e-bay no joy,back to football a wonderful start more to the point is the football being played, my mate said it was only Alloa, I know could not beat them last year though.

  18. I reckon we coulda played just those 9 last year & won the league, instead we had a bunch o dross.
    It does make u wonder what was goin through the heads of some of those numpties last year!

  19. We have to be less critical as a support and keep incouraging this young team when they are having a bad game or they are getting beat rather then ffs or thats crap clap them forward keep the heed up son keep trying and with them seeing the fans geeing them on it mite just be the thing that turns a bad performance into a good one

  20. Save big fod, Yes he has had a shaky moment, but he's big, quick and good in the air, Watch this boy grow in confidence and he'll be one of the best keepers on this island!!!!

  21. I hope [but itr will never happen] that someone somewhere takes notice of these poles, Oduwa & Holt have only been here 5 mins & yet people are saying how good they are, Yet we are still lumbered with people like La,Clarke, Templeton, sure 2 of them have slightly raised ther games of late but thats only because the realise they now they are under pressure, I wouldnt play any of them & qiuite frankly i would show them the door as we have better on the bench, Law has become an embarresmant on the pitch today against Hibs he was his usual invisble self too slow to get to the ball to poor in distrubuition no good at all time to go law man

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