Rangers again linked to Spurs defender


Rangers have again been linked
with Spurs’ former England
under 21 defender Ryan Fredericks, but face competition for his signature from
English Championship side QPR.
The 22-year old has been
persistently connected with Rangers, who only have one notable option currently
for the right back slot, that being the impressive James Tavernier, and manager
Mark Warburton has been vocal with demanding around a 24-man squad, or
specifically speaking a ‘lean’ squad at Ibrox with essentially around two high-quality
options for each slot.

Fredericks has had a nomadic
career, with loans at Middlesbrough and Millwall standing out, but significantly
his spell at Griffin Park (2012-2014) was during Warburton’s time at boss
there, so Rangers’ manager knows the youngster pretty well even if he did not
feature that many times there.
His parent club Spurs are
reportedly wanting around £2M for him which would clearly be out of Rangers’
price range, but bartering for a loan would be quite feasible if Warburton
wishes to take his interest further.



  1. Not being wasted like before! Why do we need a 2Mil RB for the championship when we already look in good shape and fit for a change. MW will make Rangers money as he improves players soothing Ally was not capable of doing. I think most would rather the finances were looked after closely. Season ticket sales are selling fantastically well and Fridays game is going to be 45K plus even a sell out. Even Celtic have only spent 1 million when you balance ins and outs so they are not even spending as its too risky until CL stages. MW is not interested in spending millions he get a kick out off improving players he has so lets see what he can do with regards to our youth side coming through.

  2. Let's get Allan signed up and if Hibs don't budge let's ensure they know we have a meeting fixed with Allan and his agent for the 1st Jan

  3. next summer could have £ buy him & May cause a think May is the other loan player thats coming,we should go for vukic aswel as he is class get him cheap think of the team we are going to have, really good team come next season that could challenge celtic

  4. Investment covers a hell of a lot more than just players. There's infrastructure, facilities, backroom staff, etc., which had all been stripped to the bare bones by previous incumbents. Leave King alone to re-structure the club. From top to bottom, as needed.

  5. Where's the investment.?? You think these players brought in are doing this for nothing.?? 9 goals in two games, some folk are never happy..

  6. I think for Rangers to spend what they have already is more than enough… All money is being spent restoring the backbone of the club that was raped. On the pitch I think you will find most fans are now happy with what we are seeing of late 🙂 The club is in a no win situation… spend too much and people will have a go like last year but don't spend anything and get asshole comments like the one posted WATP

  7. ^^^ another idiotic comment about King's "investment". At no point did he say he would provide millions for player transfers. The whole infrastructure has to be rebuilt, which includes facilities and staffing (scouting, admin, clerical, marketing, pr etc). This cost must be subsidised by the board of investors whilst we are in the lower division. He explained this in plain English when he said they had covered the shortfall throughout the summer months when there was no income. If the season ticket money eventually brings in 7 or 8 million, I presume these funds will wholly be used for player costs, which includes salaries for the season. Warburton has clearly stated he will not spend millions on players as it doesn't represent value at this level of football.
    People seriously need a reality check of our position now compared to the David Murray era. Celtic don't spend money on players unless they sell first and yet they receive the bulk of Scotland's European and tv money.

    • You're my pal for life… Couldn't have put it better myself.. Sick of this nonsense about spending millions on players… you're in the last century guys, the game has changed for us but now we are finally up to speed. 😉

    • yes you are spot on regarding what King said and look on the field whats happening ,a complete turn a round what we have been watching the last 3 years .

    • King said 50-60 mil would be needed to topple celtic and be back in CL the only money kings using is ur season ticket money shameless storyteller use r defo the people hahahahah

  8. I have no doubt the money is there. But any rangers fan must be ecstatic with what's happening just now at the club we have brought in some decent players young players hungry players. Just look at the style warburtons introducing. The bulk of investment will come we we are in the topflight and competing for Europe. So don't be to quick to judge just get behind the board squad and managerial team. Watp

  9. Just hope everyone isn't moaning next season when king still doesn't spend and we all stuck mid table at best in the spl, Mark my words.

  10. Methinks you are a "visitor" to this forum, you don't fool me bhoy, away and worry about your own teams match against the mighty ???…If you do get through to the next round Im sure you will be hoping to be drawn against Young Boys of Berne!!

  11. When is the stadium work going ahead? Like never obviously king couldn't get the builders in for nothing, like he tried to do.

  12. I believe that our spending is all but over for this transfer window other than perhaps one or two squad fillers. The team looks as if they will take control of the Championship this season, but if there are weaknesses identified in the first half of the season, we have the winter transfer window to address that. Next summer close season is perhaps the time to spend some SAR's as we raise our level a notch to compete in the Premiership. MW has all season to work on that. Taking on a few Premier sides in Cup games will give him an idea of where his team lies, and perhaps it will be time to bring in more expensive player in the form of a striker, giving that Kenny Miller will be another year older. a. to give the team a boost up front, and b. to boost next years season ticket sales.

  13. I think we have o take a ig deep breath & say Right were here now lets get the F**k on with it
    Pointless squabbling on line, Best line of action is support the team,Buy into Rangers First & see what MW does, I would love to see a £2M player, But can you see that happening? i dont think so
    We need to just get on with it with what we have, Win the league get promoted & see what next year brings, We will do it I believe keep the faith!

  14. Warburton doing a great job, why spend 2 million in the championship wait till we get to SPL probably won't need to spend much more once we win get to SPL looking at quality there. Will need spend money for Europe SPL no worries once we get up.

  15. Wow are you people sick or what, so far in the 2 games rangers have played for real this season they have scored 9 goals and gave a way 2, compared to what we have seen the past 3 yrs they are brilliant, exciting to watch and WILL CONTINUE TO IMPROVE this season. Why wouldn't the players we have right now not be good enough for SPL duty, come on give W?W a break and put some trust in them, enjoy the decent football they are trying to give us week in week out

  16. The Tims on here slagging king R probably the same ones who claimed we had an unfair advantage under Murray.
    Question: where' s awe their so called champions league .obey goe coz their no spending big either.
    Stand alone policy MY ARSE !

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