No more loan signings to Ibrox


Mark Warburton has reportedly decided against making any further loan signings this transfer window, according to Sky Sports’ Jim White.

Rangers’ manager was considering a further loan over the weekend to Ibrox but the latest information is that he has elected to stick with the squad he has without anyone of quality and value emerging to add to the players.

White said:

“RangersFC manager Mark Warburton has decided against another loanee signing – says he has a “committed, hard-working squad”.”

White, whose information about about Tavernier and Waghorn was spot on, broke this story today so fans hoping for further additions may be disappointed.

With this morning’s report running through that squad one by one, the lean and tight group of players Warburton has been looking for, numbering only 22, appears to be complete and Rangers are ready for the rigours of a Championship season although White’s information does not appear to categorically rule out a permanent signing.


  1. I don`t know about that buddy but unless Rangers make a formal complaint to the compliant officer relating to the stamp by Mark Millar on Gedion Zelalem they will be lucky to get any other loans from down south,Millar was booked for the trip not the the stamp on the youngster and Rangers should be demanding action.

  2. You are right that the booking must have been for the trip as the stamp was violent conduct and is an automatic red card. The Compliance Officer has a duty to look at any controversial incidents and should decide once he has the referee's report to hand. It is not up to the club to demand action and as a club we need to rise above this sort of response.

    • aw come on there not our players anyway if there hurt we will just borrow another couple this is the way forward dont pay any transfares to anyone just get a loan of them great thinking in king we trust

  3. Its out of order that we have to rely on a compliance officer to look out for probably the 2 best players in the side, but thats just the way it is & when we start progressing [hopefully] in the cups tehn the Dundees Aberdeen etc will be there to kick lumps outta them,but thats the way it is, i thought both of them were excellent them yesterday& both handled themselves dipite the provocation, I cant wait for next game

  4. I still like them to try and get Stevie May if it was possible ,I think he would be a great fit in this team .WATP

  5. Could the one further loanee he was looking at have been Stevie May, perhaps pulling interest after a few English Championship sides have made noise about wanting him?

    And it isnt just Zelalem they're put to injure, Oduwa is making teams look like they arent fit to watch a pub team game, they cant get the ball of the lad so they try take his ankles.

    Keirnans temper also needs to be watched.

    • Keirnans temper is fine he was only doing what butcher,gough souness would have done !! Look after there own ,so i say good on him

    • Oh forgive me, I wasnt aware we were still playing in the 80-90's. My mistake, carry on!

      Keirnans temper is something that WILL be exploited in bigger games and he must work on it. He stood up for a player that didnt need standing up for and in a situation that did not call for it.

  6. I dare anyone in the scottish media who read this to admit that right now rangers games are the most entertaining at the minute compared to the rest of the dross on offer from scottish football!

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