Newsround: an eventful few days at Ibrox


What a lively 48+ hours we have
had at Ibrox. As if Rangers fans have not experienced enough news in recent
years, the past few days have certainly ramped up the Rangers experience once
Here is a nice, bite-size summary of
everything that has been going on over the past few days to get our readers up
to date as much as possible with all things Rangers.
Comeback v St Mirren by U20s:
After being 3-1 down at St Mirren
Park, Ian Durrant’s side produced a sterling comeback to win on the night 4-3,
showing that despite the odd blip now and then, the Club’s youth program continues
to bear fruit.

Two new signings:
As (more or less) confirmed on
this site, Rangers have signed two Spurs’ youngsters, only Harry Winks was not
amongst them. Instead, alongside Nathan Oduwa came Dominic Ball. Oduwa was
firmly expected to join, but instead of Winks Rangers got CB-cum DM Ball, who
is capable at either the back or the middle in a defensive capacity. Oduwa, as
we brought you already, is a forward, but rather than being viewed as an
out-and-out striker (has no goals at senior level albeit does for Spurs’
reserves) he is more of a supplier. Where this leaves the perennially underperforming
David Templeton is anyone’s guess.
Pochettino blocks Rangers:
Reportedly the reason Harry Winks
did not come to Ibrox as expected was Spurs’ manager Mauricio Pochettino quite
simply blocked the move. The Argentinian manager wants Winks to gain experience
at a higher level than the Scottish Championship, such is the regard he holds
him in, but was happy enough to let Oduwa and Ball come north instead.
Club statement:
Rangers today officially debunked
any notion of directors being paid – with a statement refuting allegations made
by those who appear to be obsessed with all things blue, despite being
supposedly green in allegiance. The statement read:
“Since the change in regime at RIFC in
March, no remuneration has been paid to the directors of RIFC. This is the
Board policy which has been agreed by every director.
This may appear strange to those who supported previous regimes where
the interests of our Club were not afforded the same priority. The simple fact
is that the members of RIFC’s current Board place the interests of the Club and
its shareholders before their own self interest.
Now let’s concentrate on the football.”
Celtic’s Scott Allan bid:
According to the Daily Record’s
Keith Jackson, Celtic have begun negotiations with Hibernian over the sale of the
Easter Road midfielder to Parkhead, after a summer-long saga of Hibs’ steadfast
refusal to sell to Rangers, a story you probably saw on this site earlier.
Allan has a chance to write
himself into Rangers’ folklore by ‘doing a Novo’ and saying ‘no thanks’. We
will also find out how much his heart rules his wallet, should these
negotiations bear fruit.


  1. Hibs accepting a bid from the Ceptic and Allan knocking it back to stay with Hibs and sign a pre-contract with the Gers in Jan would be the icing on the cake for this season. WATP

  2. We need to re-associate ourselves with reality. Scott Allen is a good player in the Scottish game. Celtic are attempting to fill their side with this type of player (Dundee United, Hibs). Not exactly an insurmountable level to aspire to. If he was anything other than this level, at the very least, middle of the road Premiership clubs would be interested. One good season in the second grade of Scottish football? I think he could develop under Warburton but if he decides otherwise it will not impact on our momentum.

  3. Couldn't agree more but surely they must know that and wouldn't be so stupid as to go public unless sure they got him. Sincerely hope he tells them where to go though

  4. As long as rangers want him, Scott Allen will never sign for Celtic, his heart is at ibrox let him go, and fulfill his dreams Stubbs, you know it's the right thing to do for the player, you once were there don't forget , cmon Scott, follow your heart

  5. Is it more than coincidence that the beggars come In for our Scott on the back of a shocking draw against the mighty killie, I think not !! , hibs have ridden the free publicity of the back of rangers and now the beggars are doing the same , let's see how much free publicity the two can glean of the world's most successful team WATP �� born fighting ��⚪��

  6. Rangers will be Playing In Europe Very soon, without S A so I`m not too disappointed if he goes to Celtic. Remember , our new Boss talks teams not individuals

  7. Hes a good player but if offered enough money will sign for celtic. It wont impact on our progress & maybe we can use the allan money towards another striker. WATP.

  8. He's not God, let him go to celtic,if he's a true gers fan then he will say no simple,put it this way,he's an OK player,if he was a world beater then top European clubs would be in for him,eg nacho Nov said no to Martin oneil, if gers were not in 4 him then neither would celtic,its all bragging crapl

  9. His were never going to sell to rangers even if we went in with the 1m price tag. Stubbs would not allow this to happen. I would like to see SA at Rangers as he is a great young talent which I think will get better were ever he goes. Rangers board need to put this to bed and pay up or move on. SA will do what's right for him and in my opinion it is stay in championship for another year and move next season. Yet I will repeat myself and say I would defo want him at Rangers. Celtic will bench him and he will be sent out on loan as they have 11 midfielders. How many do you want

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