McGregor to Hibs – hypocrisy again from Easter Road


          “In the face of continued media interest, Hibernian Football Club can confirm that Scott Allan has today handed in a written transfer request.

This comes on the back of two unwelcome and uninvited approaches from Rangers FC regarding Scott, the first for £175,000 and the second for £225,000.

Hibernian FC has refused both bids because the Club has no wish to transfer a valuable player to strengthen a major rival in the battle to win the Championship and gain promotion to the Premiership.

Hibernian’s position has not changed. The player will not be sold to Rangers.”

-Hibernian statement, 28th July 2015.

          “We’re delighted to be able to welcome Darren into the group – his arrival provides real competition for places.

He has always played well against us and he is strong, experienced player and a good professional.

We’re always looking to strengthen the squad and the arrival of Darren will do exactly that.”

-Hibernian statement, 25th August 2015

In short, Hibs are quite happy to take strong players from Championship rivals (out of contract or not), such as Queen of the South’s Danny Carmichael, St Mirren’s John McGinn and Rangers’ Darren McGregor, but ‘the club has no wish to strengthen a major rival in the battle to win the Championship and gain promotion to the Premiership”.

The reality is that every time a player switches from one club to another, be it by a transfer fee or a release, Hibernian just look more and more silly, more and more hypocritical.

If Rangers were small-minded we could have installed a clause in the ‘mutual consent’ (a polite way of saying the player has been paid out of his contract, which itself often has a contract/clauses attached) that the one club McGregor was not allowed to leave Ibrox for to join was Hibernian, because that would be ‘strengthening a major rival’.

Truthfully, Rangers have done the right thing – McGregor knew he was out of favour and wanted to go – Rangers paid off an undisclosed sum to see his final year out, leaving McGregor free to join whoever he wanted.

If Hibernian did not hate Rangers so much, they would not look as stupid time and time again every occasion their idiotic statement gets shown up for the bile-filled trash it was.


  1. It's Rangers that look stupid again letting McGregor not only leave for nothing but allowing him to leave for our biggest rivals, that's Stubbs had us over now, he must be pissing himself, think the board got this one badly wrong .

  2. Lets get over the Hibs thing. They make decisions in the best interests of their club. There is no hidden agenda. 6 points adrift after 3 games? This is a team that failed to beat the mediocre gers side of last season? Scott Allan was being pursued by 3 teams: Rangers, Wigan and Rotherham, what does that say about how highly he is rated. Not even a lower level Premiership side interested. McGregor is an honest 30 year old professional so good luck to him.

  3. Don't get why it's hypocritical, we let him go, he didn't have a contract as it was terminated. We saved money by paying off part of his contract, if we could have sold him we would have.
    Hibs could, and did sell SA, so they can choose who he has the option of going to.

    • Exactly mate,whoever you are.
      We RELEASED him!Big difference.
      Warbs doesn't give a monkeys where he goes because he doesn't rate the guy.

  4. In hindsight should have used him as a makeweight in pursuit of SA, might not have made a difference but will never know

  5. Will you lot give it a rest. Some of you need a reality check. YOU released Mcgregor. He was a free agent and signed for his boyhood hero's having spurned the chance to join St J. No hypocrisy whatsover!!!

    Scott Allan had a year on his contract. You could have signed him but given the pathetic price you offered Hibs they rightly refused. They also didn't want to lose our best player to ONE of the teams challenging for the title. It would have been the same if QOS or Falkirk had made the same bid you lot did. In fact if either of those teams had placed the bid you did the rest of Scottish football would have wet themselves laughing. We now have McGeouch signed up and a highly rated player on loan who's parent club are paying his wages. Also a sum of money which has helped us sign Mcgregor. If you hadn't been so sneaky using the press to unsettle Alan you could have done a player and cash deal. Nah not you lot. Your still so arrogant and expect the diddy teams to bend over and part their buttocks!

    As for Allan? He could have waited and signed a pre contract with Rangers. He chose not to and headed off not to Aberdeen or Hearts. No he chose Celtic. That's akin to Mcgregor standing at Tynie in a Hearts top telling us all what a wonderful club Hearts are.

    There's no comparison between Allan and Mcgregor. Darren is a true football fan. Scott Allan is and always be a mercenary professional who will kiss the badge of any club willing to sign him.

    No hypocrisy whatsoever Gers fans.

    • A few significant problems with your attempt to belittle Rangers on a Rangers site…

      You consider a number of teams to be challenging for the Championship title but it was clear even back with the Allan saga that Rangers were head and shoulders above the rest. You did watch the 6-2 game?

      You also accuse Rangers of being 'so sneaky using the press'. Remind us – who leaked the news to the media about the bids? Hibs. Who sought all the sympathy of Scottish football against the Big Bad Rangers? Hibs. Whose manager actually phoned Rangers' manager to complain about Rangers making a bid for a player? Hibs. (What was the thinking behind the phone call, btw?!)

      Finally, you miss the whole point of this article in your race to slag off Rangers. You have signed a good man in Darren McGregor. I hope you learn from him as a club and not vice versa.

    • Celtic paid what Rangers offered.. so they did offer the money you wanted.. the hipocrisy comes when stubbs is givin it the big un about McGregor getting the chancce to play for his boyhood heroes etc.. yet denying that to another player. You say allan could have waited, but the lad is entitled to some job security if he can get it with a young family, after all hibs invited these bids by not extending that contract months earlier when he was voted player of the year.

  6. Why are we concerned about a 30yr old amateur defender leaving?? He's worth nothing, offers nothing and clears a penny or two for investment in January.

    Never rated the lad! Easily pushed off the ball too many times. Won't be able to play from the back.

    Keep it up Warbs!! CLARK NEXT PLEASE… countless one on ones missed. Hardie, Stoney, Walsh would fit in nicely

  7. Stay off our site you sad scumbag and concentrate on the manky mob without the bus fare, don't need idiots like you lowering the tone on Ibrox noise.

  8. I agree , no hypocrisy .Once people are free agents they can go where they choose , so if Hibs want them then they are perfectly entitled to sign them .Don`t see an issue or a comparison with S.A .

  9. McGregor was responsible for over 60% goals against us last season, he is mediocre at best, hence why he had to go. Hibs have signed the man, great, more goals for us. We at Rangers are far more mature than other clubs which gives us our class as a club. Whereby Hibs fear about giving Rangers a player, we have shown no fear and let our rivals have our players. Grown up, fair and sporting integrity intact as usual. Rangers nor Hibs have done anything wrong in the McGregor story, and they lad handled himself well on the media, giving Warbuton and Weir their place. I personally feel the signing will weaken the Hibs defence, and I for one welcome that. As Warbuton has always said, its what we do as a team and not to worry about others,, and the beautiful thing about that is,,,we havent even started yet,,its just the beginning!!!

  10. Scott allan will be loving his champions league football now eh? Gotta laugh bt as ive said before its over and done with why do we keep reverting back to this? I rate halliday and holt far more than him and now we have zalalem so lets concentrate on our own team :)) WATP

  11. Darren mc Gregor is a good honest pro who did his best every time he pulled on the blue jersey. Warbs was 100% honest with the boy telling him he would not feature in the first team. This in my opinion shows a touch of class from warbs again , the board have also done the decent thing in paying the boys contract thus allowing him to pocket a signing fee from his next club and the fact that this club is hibs is irrellevant . Our board has had nothing but negative press since coming in and I for one think they they and warbs should be commended for doing the decent thing and releasing the boy by mutual consent this is surely a sign that we now have a board and management team that act with integrity something that has been sadly missing in recent times. WATP

  12. As a fan of a club that is not Hibs or yourselves can I make the following comments.
    # Hibs didnt want to reduce their chances any further so were correct not to sell to the competition -makes sense?
    # Allan doesn't understand the meaning of true fan and made himself available to an employer who offered him better (you may say short term) prospects and cash. – from his perspective it makes sense?
    # Mcgregor/Rangers are doing what Hearts did with Holt … "not good enough; get another club" …- doing the thing that is best for both parties. – makes sense?
    # MSM whipping up Allan transfer; Rangers 'stealing' fitness coach and now McGregor is like two bald men arguing over a comb…non event.

    Just waiting for DMc to question if the League leaders can take the pressure ☺

  13. Listen pal Hibs this Hibs that we "DONT CARE" dont you get it, This is OUR site not yours now I wouldnt log on to yours & whinge on like a wean so why do you do that, Go away & blether somewhere else, mcgregor is nowt to do with us now, we thank him for his service & wish him well, But we will be getting on with Winning the league which is our priority, So cheery bye!!

  14. Getting a bombscare off the wage bill and a "rival" daft enough to put him on theirs,that`s a win win

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