Has Nicky Law earned a new contract?


It is safe to say Nicky Law’s
signature was one of the most exciting Rangers’ managed under Ally McCoist.
Here was a bright young SPL
midfielder with a pretty good Motherwell team and he chose Rangers in the-then
League 1.
When I asked him how he described
himself as a player he said:

“A hard working attacking midfielder.”
So hopes were high, and,
initially, when we saw the side romp home 4-0 v Albion
rovers in the Ramsden’s Cup that year, him nabbing a brace, it looked like
McCoist had made a brilliantly astute signing.
Indeed, Law retained that form
for a few weeks and became a bit of an instant hit. Unfortunately it faded over
the coming months and 24 months later he was viewed as a colossal
disappointment, someone who, despite his goals, had not delivered anything like
what he was capable of.
He showed signs of that ability
when he produced a worthy Man of the Match display against Hearts in the
unfamiliar right-back role, but was AWOL in the playoffs.
He was highly speculated as being
sold this summer with a clutch of clubs linked; but then Rangers got a new
Mark Warburton, it is safe to
say, has been a complete revelation at Ibrox – six weeks into his tenure and he
has overhauled so much in Govan, and it has afforded every player a tabula
That includes Law.
The midfielder admits he wants a
new deal, but the question is does he deserve one?
He concedes, to his credit, that
he has not played as well at Ibrox as he did at Fir Park:
“I haven’t played as well as I did in my
time at Motherwell.”
But it cannot be denied he has
improved under Warburton. While possibly not producing his full range yet, his
passing is sharper, his link-ups quicker and more methodical, his support play
more energetic, his work ethic greater, and crucially, higher pressing and
“It means less touches but more in the
opposition third – that’s the message he has sent me. I’ll be looking to play
While he was slow to get going v
Hibs (as the whole team was) there has been a distinct and tangible improvement
in his overall contribution since then. Law is playing higher, and able to
feed, especially, James Tavernier on the right flank who is gobbling those slide
passes onto his path with abandon.
Curiously enough he has not
actually scored under the new boss, which may be a sign of how he has
tactically altered under him, but if Law keeps this level up he may find
himself remaining at Ibrox beyond next summer.
“My contract is up at the end of the season
and yes, absolutely, I would like to extend it.”
He is going the right way about
earning it.


  1. If he keeps improving he definitely deserves a new contract but I'm not convinced yet he has a hell of a lot to prove but hope he can show his Motherwell form, goodluck to the lad.

  2. He'll help get us up this season and he would be a good squad player for seasons to come but I'd prefer seeing young profitable players coming through. If he adds more goals to his game then sign him up

  3. I was Very disappointed with him last season but really does seem to be trying much harder and staying focused on the game this season a few goals I am sure will boost his commitment further, needs to be exceptional this season to win a contract because we need to hit the SPL with all our might.

    • the lot of them let the club down big time last season very disappointed in them all, im very sure in this team we will see more, in king our trust WATP,,

  4. Kenny Miller came on against Peterhead played deep left dictated play passing and vision of the game was a joy to watch and topped it off with a goal that he gave praise to the young lads in the team ultimate professional and I am sure is an inspiration to the younger team members.

  5. No he did not do enough past 3 seasons,he should be gone with the others we let go,if we get Allan and a few more loan players,we don't needLaw who has no hearts or guts .

  6. Doesn't score enough. Doesn't create enough and he's a wee shitebag when it comes to a tackle. Passing is rotten too. Just runs aboot like a flappy tit. Tell him to feck aff.

  7. We can see a 100% improvement in his passing,movement and chasing, his overall game is in the last 4 weeks has been like a new signing !!just shows you what working with a real football manager can do to a player
    I honestly wouldnt blame the boy for his loss of form under the previous regime !! We all down tools in all our jobs when we are working for clowns!!

  8. I wonder why Warburton continues to play him, I mean look at the advice he is getting from all these seasoned pros on here, I suggest if Warburton doesn't start listening to them we should get rid of him, after all what does Warburton and Weir know, I would rather listen to all the above Hall of Famers.

  9. Just a point of note for all bears,,,i have it on good authority that king is hold the cash splash back untill we hit the premiership!!,it would have happened if we went up ,,,but thankfully we didnt we landed a great management team with modern forward thinking,,,so when warbs has finished his youthfull hungry intake of players watch the cash coming out for the prem!!on the experienced pros to compliment what will be a very young hungry set up

  10. I fully expect him to be dropped when Eustace signs. Hopefully he'll be sold on. He's been shown up as the central midfield weak link the last couple of games

  11. Describe himself a hard working midfielder what a joke load of shite ,I am sure warburton /wier will find him out

  12. Posted missing for game after game of most of the last two seasons. Has improved slightly but still has not made a real impact in team that is playing a style of football that is ideal for his supposed strengths. If we could sell him then we could put the money towards an improved offer for Allan. If we can't, keep him as back up until his contract runs out. Definitely no new contract.

  13. Based on past levels then, no he doesnt. But to be honest i dont think the team he played in suited his style of play. I think in the current team he will make a great squad player and can definately be an asset. In short no he doesnt DESERVE one, but he SHOULD get one due to his likely hood to preform well in this set up…like a new player.

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