Haris Vuckic: “Rangers are an option”


As revealed on this site last
week, Haris Vuckic has been placed on Newcastle’s
transfer list, after being told by boss Steve McClaren he was no longer
required. Vuckic, who had a stellar spell at Ibrox last season, has never
hidden his affection for his time in Govan, and has now indirectly appealed to
Mark Warburton to snap him up by making it clear he is still interested in
making the trip north.
The forward took to social media
to engage with Rangers fans and retweet comments on his feed appealing for his
presence back in a Rangers shirt.

In other words, he endorses the
fan-led notion that Rangers supporters would love him back at the Club, and why
not? Rangers are in a magnificent place right now, flying high, and after how
successful he was during the first spell, he might feel better placed to do
even better this time.
He also confirmed, via a comment
from Miran Zore, a Slovenian journalist, that Rangers ‘are an option’.
Time will tell if Warburton has
any interest in the Slovenian international.


  1. I would like to see him back in I think him & Waggers could double team . Miller is getting past his sell by date now & god love him he will try but we need to mebbes look a wee bit further on & i think Vukic can do a job, Them 2 upfront & Miller as Impact Sub you never know, he would easily fit back into the team & would probably be delighted to be playin with decent players never mind the mugs from last year!

  2. I am not convinced we need him. Might have looked good last year, but that was when the team was awful. Miller may be getting on, but he has been on the score sheet a few times.

    Not sure I want to give Mike Ashley the chance to take more money from the club.

    • dont give ashley a penny,hes had a good £££££££ from our club, its time the newcastle fans stoped putting cash into his piggy bank also.

    • Don't know if Newcastle fans are putting money into MA's piggy bank
      They seem to be complaining that he is too busy racking up a huge load of dosh – £38,600,000 sitting in the club's bank accounts – and not spending it
      Is he getting the club ready for sale with a huge stockpile of cash in place?


    • hes to busy counting his own money and they will win fuck all while hes there,,get the fat cunt out now,,

  3. Yeah I'd like to see him back. Decent players now all over the park. He would relish the attacking football whats being played out right now. But I trust MW&DW to know what's best on the playing front. Watp/ritd

  4. As the previous comment states, I'd like him back at Ibrox but W&W are putting their own stamp on things and making their own decisions which add quality and value, something sadly lacking in recent times. Vuckic back at Rangers would be great but lets trust W&W to maintain their already high standards for the good of the team and get things right

  5. Could we take him on loan with the option of buying (if his contract is even that long?) I'd be happy to see him back.

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