From Ian Black to Rangers are back


December 27th 2014,
Rangers’ final match of last calendar year, and it was Kenny McDowall’s debut
as manager.
Rangers visited Easter Road, and
were taught a football lesson by Scott Allan and co as the home side destroyed
the visitors 4-0. Rangers were ‘blessed’ with the likes of Ian Black and Kyle
Hutton in midfield, alongside an underperforming Nicky Law.
Looking at the difference today,
with new manager Mark Warburton’s latest signing Gedion Zelalem confirmed for
the centre of the park, is almost unbelievable.

To go from non-football barely 8
months ago, dirge which would be scoffed at by pub teams, to the most dynamic,
progressive, mobile and forward-thinking engine room in recent memory at Ibrox
is change on a near-industrial scale.
There is absolutely no
exaggeration to say that Rangers fans are finally believing and seeing that
their once-embarrassing and shambolic side have not just turned the corner, but
have completed a total u-turn in the middle of a clogged motorway.
Look at the midfield 8 months
ago: Ian Black, Kyle Hutton, Nicky Law, Robbie Crawford. Andy Murdoch,
promising young player that he definitely is, was made to look like Claude
Makelele by this bunch. He was not ready, and it is why Mark Warburton has
restored him to the unders for further development, with a view to loaning him
out in due course.
Now: Gedion Zelalem, Jason Holt,
Andy Halliday, a rejuvenated Nicky Law, Dean Shiels, and the potential of
Chelsea’s John Swift to join them.
To call this night and day is the
understatement of the year. More like winter and summer.
One cannot praise Mark Warburton
enough for the astounding job he is doing with a very modest budget, nor the
board for managing to acquire him.
To persuade someone with the
stock of Warburton to give up the riches of the English Championship to take
over the absolute mess at Ibrox took some doing, and whoever the committee who
negotiated with Warbs’ on behalf of Rangers are, well done, and praise to King,
Murray, Gilligan et al for trusting that committees’ judgement – or even being
part of said committee who got the job done.
It is no understatement to say
Rangers are now comfortably one of the top 6 teams in Scotland and
will only get better in time.
We have our Rangers back, and if
this is how well Warburton can do with a threadbare budget in the Championship,
one can only wonder what he will achieve with a significant budget upgrade next
season if promotion is, as should be the case, confirmed.


  1. By next year we will have a proper scouting network in place and our reputation for blooding youth will be huge. Scary to think what Warbs will do with our Premiership status.

  2. why do you keep saying Law is rejuvenated the man is shite ,he should not be playing period ,tell me when he has played well in the games we have played so far.

    • Couldn't agree more mate.Law is a fuckin disgrace!He now starts to put a bit of effort in now things are going better on the park.I think he'll be dropped for this boy rfom Arsenal then punted in January,along with Templeton and Clark.

  3. A bit harsh on Robbie Crawford , he may not be good enough , but he played no part in the Rangers shambles last season until McCall took over .He may even have been out on loan at that time.

  4. I agree with the above, Law is terribly average at best, Law is only here coz is contract didn't run out in the summer !!!

  5. I think it probably will be hard for us to hold on to mark warburton for the long term,but we can only hope that his heart turns blue to match ours….hopefully he will come to love our great club and decide to become a rangers legend…as for mr. stubbs,he is not in the same class academically,he makes the scarecrow from wizard of oz look like albert einstein…dont worry fellow bears about how many loan players there is,some of them might also develop blue hearts and decide to stay.

    • I don't understand the issue with how many loan players we have, every team in Scotland uses the loan player system. We have 3 albeit if the 3rd impresses like the two Spurs boys very good loan players. They are not the nucleus of our team and not certainties to play every week. They are here add a little more depth to our squad while learning and developing not only themselves but to act as a pointer to our own youngsters as to the level required needed to just have a chance of making it at a top club. I do hope their hearts turn blue whether they stay for the long term or not. Another 3 Rangers men in the world can only be a good. All of our other signings are contracted Rangers players.
      The board do deserve credit for appointing MW & SDW they must now show they are capable of the next step and fund them properly . I do hope the board are merely being canny by investing in the infrastructure needed while working away to get the required further investment needed. Hopefully ST monies and a proposed share offers are not the only means of funding they will have. The thing is if Dave shows me the colour of his or his kids inheritance money (I don't care which it is)as he stated he would I will be more likely show him the colour of some more of mine.

    • I agree with you and what you said…I think mr. king will put his money where his mouth is when it is really needed

  6. Acknowledgement of the boards achievements on and off the park, well done Ibrox noise. You are right we do now have our Rangers back. Thank you Mr King.

    • Well,Donald. The football is a welcome distraction right now and is fantastic.I've not looked forward to games like this for a long long time and don't mean the last 3 years,20 years easily.I still have serious misgivings about King and rumours of unrest between him and Park before he left are worrying.Saying that I hope I'm wrong and long may the football continue.

  7. The Warbmeister has been an excellent appointment for Rangers ,he is an exceptional coach,when you look at the absolute turgid pish McCostalot dished up the past few years with lumbering pieces of solid oak as a forwards, a midfield as slow and exciting as a Sunday in Coatbridge , no hope douchebags to a man who never received the prerequisite boot in the stones they needed to awaken them from their total slumberfest.That he has turned what was, lets face it,a comedy turn under sally around so quickly,(blaming the wind for defeats ffs),is a great credit to himself ,to think we made the absolute turgid dross that is Alloa look like Barca under McCoist is unbelievable. I truly believe we can pump the darkside at this moment but will settle for a total bleaching of the dregs of Edinburgh tomorrow.In Warbs we trust watp

  8. Yes we should all be thankful to Dave King for turning our club around and the money from. King will come when required NEXT SEASON

  9. Dave king is in Africa at the moment and hasn't put 1p of his money into Rangers yet but hope he spends next season but for now let's enjoy the football WATP

  10. Warbs is already a Rangers legend and if he does leave he will leave us in a good place not like the rats who jump ship kyle lafferty and Scott Allan spring to mind immediately and as warbs has said he only wants players who will give 100% for gers WATP

  11. Warbs is already a Rangers legend and if he does leave he will leave us in a good place not like the rats who jump ship kyle lafferty and Scott Allan spring to mind immediately and as warbs has said he only wants players who will give 100% for gers WATP

  12. You can tell from the get go that Warbs isn't going away from Rangers anytime soon, he goes to most u17 and u20 matches and he is as intent as getting us back into Europe as he is bringing kids through the academy, the man is magic and he wears a wizards hat WATP

  13. I think Warburton has done well, But today we looked pooer, Now that is his job to sort that out, He did at halftime & good for him & i hope he will continue to do that for the rest of his contract, I cannot see him staying at ranhers TBH we are bt a stepping stone for peeople to make money & further careers {jelavic] Scotiish football is rubbish & its us & Celtic that keep it going, The best we can hope for is ti get promoted win the SPL & maybe just maybe have a good run in Europe, Quite frankly is becoming really boring, Afyter watchin that dross today it left me wondering whether i should pick an English team [ i live in England] to watch, I havesupported Rangers through thidck & thin since my Da took me to Ibrox at the age of 7 but its just become rubbish

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