Eustace to be offered player coach role


John Eustace, currently on trial at Murray Park for the seventh week following the initial expected period of one month is expected to be offered a player coach role, sources say.

The former Derby anchor has reportedly impressed with his performances at Murray Park, but been blighted by injury niggles which continue to dog his recovery.

Manager Mark Warburton rates the former Stoke skipper very highly indeed, and Eustace is expected to be offered a similar capacity at Ibrox to that of ex-captain Lee McCulloch at Kilmarnock; a primarily coaching role but able to provide occasional squad depth if required.

With his fitness a major problem, he is not a player Rangers would be able to rely on at their beck and call, but his vast experience would be welcome within the squad, especially the rather young midfield.

He oversaw the warm-up at the Indrodrill for the trip to Alloa, and has been coaching at Murray Park arguably more than he has played, and this is expected to be the role he would take up if he elects to.

It would ultimately be down to the player to choose whether or not to take up the position, or depart entirely.


  1. Do wee need more coaches, I dunno? but maybe its for the best, its not like hes gonna set the world on fire by the way he plays so maybe a coaching role is for the best, I a wee bit worried that it sounds like a wee bit like the Old pals act McCoist practised, but lets see .

    • Well considering we have no coach of course we do. However it is nothing like McCoist, Eustace is well known by Warbs, he has bags of experience and isn't fit to play every game, I think his knowledge and wisdom aswell as Davies will do us well

  2. Excellent idea. Would be perfect. Has all the right qualities to be a quality young coach and will hopefully be able to play when called upon. As an aside; isn't it nice to see Warburton not standing in the way of McGregor signing for the Club he supported as a youngster. Just a shame that other managers don't think the same way…but then I guess it is the breeding!

  3. There was no holding midfielder against hibs, ideal playing role for him there.

    Coaching wise I'm glad to hear it. Always like a player coach at a club, it bridges the divide between management and playing staff.

  4. I'm perfectly fine with this for now, Warburton has been saying in interviews or weeks now that Eustace has been at games helping with coaching and motivating the players and that he has been having a valuable and positive impact. I feel much more comfortable trusting Warbs judgement now having seen what he is trying to do.

    I still feel that we need a striker though.

  5. I sincerely hope your right as for COACHES we have loads what are Durrant,Durie etc if not Coaches or would you prefer there titles of U21 etc Managers

  6. Durie was axed wks ago and probably not long before Durrant goes! Good players but crap coaches! Actually surprised durrant has survived this long under Warbs!

    • I think Durrant should have went before Durie. The team Durrant is coaching was Durie team before he was drafted to first team coach under Kenny, think MW only watched Rangers from March when he was told he would have been leaving last post to think that Durrant was never near the first team. As for McGregor I'm gutted he is away, gentleman and great player he was what Rangers are all about presentable and focused on both the full club and the fans. Good luck Darren with your new club, still hope we beat you every time we play Hibs ��

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