Eustace suffers injury setback


Rangers manager Mark Warburton
has confirmed John Eustace, who has been on trial at Murray
Park for over six weeks, has suffered
a ‘setback’ in training and that Rangers may have done ‘too much’ with the
former Derby
Speaking about the on-going saga,
while Warburton still expressed hope of a deal for the 35-year old, he conceded
that fitness is proving to be a concern for the midfielder and that while an
agreement could still be reached with him, his injury troubles clearly are not
fully behind him.

It is this site’s understanding
that Eustace has had more than one setback, and that while his performances at Murray Park
have been impressive, he has been beset by small niggling injuries which slow
progress down considerably.
While the intense training he had
went well in a short space of time with the physios, his body has not had the resilience
that it was hoped it would, and he has broken down since then more than once,
forcing Warburton to call on his experience and use him in a coaching capacity
more than would have been expected.
Time will tell if Eustace can get
over his injury concerns and get fit enough to earn a contract at Ibrox.


  1. Really??
    Do we need this guy at all, all we hear is hes training or its ongoing talks ya da ya da
    Im fed up with this FFS he is too old for the team that we have he will be 35 soon
    He has had a while to prove himseld & whilst i admire Warbs putting faith in him i think its time to buy him a return ticket & say thanks for everything & good luck

  2. should say thanks but no thanks fella, Warbs and co being proven right that they were correct to not jump in and sign him straight away.

  3. I can't see what Eustace will bring? Granted he might be a terrific influence off the pitch and could be a full time coach beside Warburton in future but we have an obligation to play the loan signings and we have a sufficient squad as is especially if Zelalem signs up.

    I was all for him signing a few weeks ago as I thought we would need an experienced battle hard veteran in the middle (something we haven't seen in years)

    I can't emphasise my delight at seeing our youth coming through and performing and Eustace may have a strong influence in that aspect?

    No hard feelings towards Shiels and Clark but I don't see a future after this season for them. As Warbs mentioned before he wants to build value with players. Hardie or Stoney for Clark. Ramsey or Murdoch for Shiels.

    • He would be a handy player to have to re-set the play, with all the pace and attacking players we now have, I think we might be caught short a couple of times in counters. Someone like Eustace could just sit behind the centre circle, tackle and then pass, nothing else.

    • Good shout but surely Shiels, Halliday, Holt and Law can rotate that Anchor man role. Eustace is probably better than them all in that position so im guessing he would be used for the cup games against Prem opposition? Just don't want to see wages squandered and players not getting game time. I 100% trust Warburton so whatever he decides I'm happy

  4. too old a would preafer Murduch kid come back in to atleast the bench hes better than Law a wish the manager would give the kid a chance should have played him last night, and goo for vuckic god dam it

  5. If as looks likely, his playing days might be at an end or at least seriously curtailed then Warburton should give him a player coach role. He would appear to be exactly the type of person that we want at the club, and there must surely be a budget for someone with all the correct traits in coaching and motivation

    • Why TF give him a coaching role mate?Lot a pish.We haven't got a scouting network,I'd rather we found something in the budget for that.On the playing front,I reckon we cut the guy loose.We don't need him.

    • Totally agree with Eustace getting a player coach role. Warburton has already said he has a great presence and influence on the squad that's exactly what we need. Tam Burns, some coaches bring out the best in players other tell them to lump it forward (coisty), Warburton could've found a coaching gem in Eustace we don't know. Agree on the scouting network, hopefully we tap into some of our legends I.e de boer, Laudrup, amoruso, bronckhorst, numan etc…

  6. Surely Warburton must give Murdoch a chance? He looked good beyond his maturity last season, but I won't slate our boss as hes got it right so far plus he wears a magic hat WATP

  7. too many haters on this site , in the space of 2 months MW has transformed this club , I have absolute faith in him, Eustace is a player he wants in fact needs at the club , and the fact that so many of our youths and younger pros have come out and said they have learned so much from Eustace already proves this. at 35 he isn't to old to be playing a holding midfielders role. I can see why MW is worried about the regular niggles the fella picks up which is a shame, maybe a pay as you play contract if he gets to the stage he is fit enough and possibly the option of a coaching role , he clearly has something that MW wants and the Rangers squad appreciate.

  8. I fully understand why MW still wants him and hopes that he overcomes the injuries. We do have a great squad of young hungry players, but we don't have the experienced battling central mid that could be crucial for us in the likes of the scottish cup and the league cup, especially when we come up against the soap dodgers themselves. I mean, lets not kid ourselves guys, celtic have players that can cause us problems, and if MW sees Eustace as the right man to tidy up the midfield area then im 100% behind him. My fingers are crossed the man recovers and a deal gets done to sign him up. watp.

    • This man might be a crock but any one is better than that shite Law ,rubbish no heart no guts should not be in Rangers team.

  9. I really dont thonk we need him, he is too old and as for anyone jumping on the Bandwagon & saying we wont win with youth, well i think we will,The kids we have are awesome, i would give the boy Murdoch another go [ and tell him its his last chance] hopefully the Arsenal kid will come in & kick A** In every video I have seen he is very good, I think Clarke,Shiels etc should see this as a chance to roll their sleeves up & put in a shift or i fear they will be shown the door! I like Warbs i think he will be great for us! Onwards & upwards my friends! As for the weekend lets Batter em & show Stubbs up!!!

  10. I wish someone to tweet MW and urge him
    to look at another defensive midfielder,
    Gara Garayev of QUARABAG!
    Great player and a snip at £350,000.
    At 23 years old he seems to fit into the way
    Markwants us to play.
    Also! Player of the. year last year and good
    reports during the games against Celtic.

  11. I remember someone mentioning garayev the other week from Quarabag on this site, probably the same man, so nice shout. My septic pal said the same

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