Eustace still struggling with fitness


The John Eustace saga continues with the near-two month stint at Murray Park still showing no sign of ending.

With sources claiming Eustace’s struggles for fitness mean he will be offered a player/coach role at Ibrox, the entire soap opera remains a bizarre on-going sub-plot which thankfully is some distance away from overshadowing anything, but remains a curious little oddity.

On the topic, publicly at least, Warburton remains positive about the situation but admits, again, that fitness is a serious concern.

He said:

“He’s had a small injection to help with the bone bruising so John will be with us very shortly in terms of training. It’s a case of us getting the pacing of rehabilitation right.”

He further added that it is very much a case of simply signing him once he is fit but did not elaborate on exactly what kind of role he would undertake, be it player, coach, player/coach or what.

The question is, with two months on the clock, is that signature coming any time soon?

Thankfully as a free agent Eustace is not bound by the transfer window so Rangers do have time, and he is not urgently needed such is the side’s success on the pitch right now.


  1. I still think we have to be certain he can play or sign someone else it's fine for our league and below but in the cups against the prem teams I think we will come a cropper also there is a need for a striker for the same reason.

    • get real mate think your jumping the gun a bit by talking about champions league, lets just enjoy whats happening the now.

  2. im getting fed up with this carry on is he signin or not and what is he gonna be player player/coach he better be worth it

    • Settle,I would understand your views if we had lost the last 8 games in a row.Warburton obviously knows the guy so along with the rest of the squad let Warburton decide professionally when to use him,he's been a fantastic judge so far and i've no reason to question his judgement on Eustace.

    • Totally agree backwherewebelong. Warburton obviously rates the guy and is prepared to give him every chance to prove himself. So, whether it's as a player or a coach, he sees him as an asset to the team and there's absolutely no rush either way. If Warburton thinks Rangers will benefit from Eustace's experience, then that's good enough for me no matter how long it takes to get it sorted out.

  3. He better be worth it? Or what!? We've won 8 on the trot, scored 30 odd goals in the process and Warbs reckons Eustace is having a positive effect on the squad.

  4. are you guys seriously questioning Warburtons judgement? you're fed up with a manager who's got us playing amazing football, working like dogs, and blowing away every team we play…. took tough decisions to move players on, not wasted any money on high paid under achievers….

    what exactly are you fed up about?

  5. John Eustace will be a great signing for the club. Even if it only as a coach. He is relatively unknown north of the border but believe me, in John Eustace, you have a player / person of similar qualities as Davy Weir. He is a model pro, has looked after his body extremely well over the years and brings an immense wealth of experience. A fantastic guiding influence on younger players. I believe Warburton hopes to use him much more in a coaching capacity and if he can recover from his knee injury he would be ideal cover for our defensive midfielders. Win win situation.

    • aye hes had agreat career ive never fuckin heard of him i do know hes won fuck all been relegated 4 times what a fuckin find we need to start spending some of the 20 million war chest that king gave us and get some class in not never beens and fuckin amigos watp

    • Money doesn't always bring success, the John eustace situation,Warburton wants him 4 the experience, that's a first av heard about a 20 million pound war chest, January comes,the 3 loan signings will be getting replaced because we can't afford them,u r like my brother away ahead of yourself,get a grip,we have to crawl before we walk and that's a fact,looked what happens 4 years ago

    • Anyone who wants us to go down the road of spending millions on players to win the championship or even the spfl needs to grow up, that's why we are where we are today, money is not the answer at this stage, winning the championship on our budget is , and MW is proving you don't need to spend millions to do it, keep the faith, we are on our way back at lady, be patient, remember all the false dawns, at last this looks like the real thing, onwards and upwards, tHats the spirit we need now it looks real .

    • We don't need a holding midfielder in this system,far less this Eustace.Its an empty jersey position in my opinon and will slow us down in midfield.Its only because Wilson and Keirnan have fkd up a few times that its even an issue.If we draw say, the sheep in one of the cups then Halliday can sit in front of the defence.

  6. I would like to see Eustace sign & play as I believe we are still missing a bit of dig in midfield, like to see andy halliday moved beside zelalem with Eustace behind think that would give us solid unit in middle of the park, this does not diminish our style of play as we could see from the goal halliday scored yesterday great burst forward & he can pick a pass also

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