Do Rangers really need a striker?


It is a question this site posed
only a few weeks ago.
With Mark Warburton’s Rangers
side building nicely, with a glut of new signings making their way to Ibrox,
the one missing cog was a recognised goalscorer. Yes, Wigan Athletic’s Martyn
Waghorn was snatched up in a double deal alongside the Latics’ right-back James
Tavernier, but the man who once cost Leicester
£3M had never been a renowned goal-getter.
And while he has grabbed a couple since his arrival at Ibrox, Waghorn has shown
a lot of profligacy too, and is eminently not the prolific striker Rangers fans
are looking for.

But, and here is the crux of the
argument; in three competitive matches, Rangers have managed twelve goals.
6+3+3 = 12. Without having a proper goalscorer the Ibrox men have still been
something beyond menacing in front of goal.
Here is a list of every
Andy Halliday, Lee Wallace,
Martyn Waghorn, James Tavernier, Dean Shiels, David Templeton and Kenny Miller.
In other words, goals from all
over the team; from defence, through midfield, all the way up to attack.
And the amusing thing is
Warburton wants more clinical attacking. Despite averaging four goals a game the
manager is far from happy with what he sees as a lack of conviction in the box.
Ironically it is not hard to see
why – 25 shots on Friday, 10 on target, and three goals. It is wasteful. But
the proof of the pudding is the fact that a dozen goals have gone in with the
season barely even begun and it forces the possibility Rangers do not even need
a dedicated finisher.
The contrary argument is that a
consistent striker would lap up those 25 shots and score many more of them than
the three goals attained; but does that even matter?
Yes, it would be nice to score 10
goals every match, but let us be realistic; that is not going to happen!
Nathan Oduwa has been heavily
linked with a loan move north, and there were (false) rumblings that a
significant bid had been made for Wednesday’s Stevie May, plus more that their
rivals United had received a six-figure bid for Jamie Murphy, but the question
now lies as to whether Rangers need a reliable striker in the way perhaps
perceived prior to a ball being kicked in anger.
Next season? Absolutely. For now?
Maybe not as urgently as first thought.


  1. Waghorn has the knack of being in the right place,but guilty of trying to place his shots when putting his laces thru the ball would suffice.Most of his efforts are from inside the pen spot and keepers would have virtually no chance if he chose power over placing.Some striker coaching needed.

    • He definitely needs some coaching, but I think he does put the laces through it, almost every time. He needs to relax and pick his spot more carefully, combining both power and accuracy.
      He is a very promising player though and leads the line with pace, authority and a really decent first touch.
      If he does find his shooting boots, he wont be with us for long.

  2. I would play Kenny Miller at centre forward with this young fit, enthusiastic group of players all around him, he will be a better player for us this year, instead of the garbage he was playing with last year. He has scored 3 goals in two short substitute appearances already. I would try out Martyn Waghorn playing as an attacking midfield player, as HE IS AN EXCELLENT PLAYER, just not a prolific goalscorer. His first touch is excellent and he can see a pass and make it happen. He also is a very sturdy player who has a bit of dig about him, and he would replace Nicky Law in my team. I think Martyn would still score goals playing in that advanced position with Kenny holding up the ball waiting for the midfielders to make their runs. We definitely NEED A STRIKER for this year as the team have to get used to playing in a certain way for the next 3 years. MW likes to bring on his substitute/s around the 60 minute mark and if Miller is still playing well at this point keep him on and if he is tiring then change it. Quality centre forwards cost a lot of money, so pick the right younger one to come on a year long LOAN from a top team from England and let him ply his trade under the watchful eyes of W & W.

  3. We definitely need at least two proven strikers as we strive two win both the League and Scottish cups.

    • I agree! Stevie may & jelavic ,
      We need 2 think about the cups & coming up against septic, and be ready 4 next year.

  4. we have 4 strickers we only need 1 give us 5.we need May also nathan oduwa is more like a winger get him aswell,guys Rangers could get bye with what we have but we are also building a team for next season so i exspect 4 or 5 more players ( May oduwa winkl Eustase and Allan) what a team we would have with them in

  5. Great start but, in answer to the question posed, think we need an out and out goal scorer. Martyn looks the part as others say but he is not going to be prolific.

    • The two guy's in charge know exactly what we need and i'm sure they'll do whats required . Onward and upwards !

  6. We need to stop being wasteful in front of goal, however, we have been dripping goals in the middle of defence, and thats a concern more than anything. If you watch the goals against, we have not been shutting down close enough and guilty of a bit of ball watching. This is nit picking, and i accept we are still gelling together as a team, but if we are to advance, our central defence has to tighten up and midfield need to follow their players a bit more,, hence why i think John Eustace would have a good role as a denfensive midfielder to protect the centre half… but hey,,,look at us now guys,, all talking postive football again, long may it continue,,when our players do have a good day in front of goal,, we will go into double figures,,,

  7. Law is looking for new contract ,I don't think he should get one .If we could may and then get Allan pre contract I think we would be ready for top league.,loan players could help us too

  8. Yes we need a striker. We have 12 goals but don't let that disguise anything. We dominated against St Mirren and yet it was almost 2-2 and all set for a nervy finish. No one is asking for 10 goals a game but against decent opposition in the cups or hibs, or if we're having an off day and just aren't playing well that profligacy could cost us 2 or 3 points, or a place in the next round.

    We need to be able to take our chances it's as simple as that and if the strikers we have can't do it then we need someone who can.

  9. To put it another way if we're playing Celtic and we only get 2 or 3 chances in the match we need to have better than a 1 in 5 strike rate.

  10. We do need a striker and Warburton will know that but I must say the work rate of Waghorn is superb and he offers loads to the team to think paranoid fc paid 1.5m for Ciftci just shows what a steal Waghorn is much better value in my opinion!!
    Was just thinking last night imagine Marco Negri in that team just now it would be like a turkey shoot!!

  11. The ironic thing is if we had given Boyd another year contract I reckon our problems would be solved. I know he was shit last year but the way we played didn't suit him (or anyone else) and no-one can deny that Boyd is capable of scoring 25 goals a year in a half decent team.

  12. Yes Yes Yes we need a striker if we had somebody decent up front Friday night we would have gubbed the Buddies 6-1 easy peasy. I for 1 would like to see the boy Vukic back, but that would be dependant on DK parting with money & we know he hates to do that. But TBH thye way we were playing on Friday even boydy could have got a brace

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