Could Chelsea midfield playmaker be the third loan signing?


Rangers manager Mark Warburton
today confirmed that the third loan signing promised last week is ‘very close’
and that he is from the English Premier League.
One name has been circulating
around that refuses to go away, and that fulfils these credentials:
Chelsea’s John Swift.

Like Rangers’ keeper Wes
Foderingham, Swift was at Swindon Town for the second half of last season, and Rotherham the first, and aged 20 is viewed as an
extremely promising midfielder with caps at U19 level for his country.
His position is as a creative
playmaker, a position Warburton has been keen to fill for weeks, but has missed
out on two key targets in Harry Winks and Scott Allan for that role.
Swift is himself as capable of scoring
goals as he is of providing them, with a couple at Swindon and one for his
country, and has been a standout for some time at Chelsea’s academy.
Of all the names linked to Ibrox
right now, this one fits the bill of loan and Premier League the most suitably.


  1. My money is on an Arsenal player and I have already plucked Wellington Silva out of the hat. If you are right position-wise then it could very well be Daniel Crowley.

  2. hope we can get one more body ,I like what we are seeing now,but if we get the boy let us get shot of Law.,he is not the midfielder for this team.

  3. I see this guy turning RFC into one of the best teams ever to grace Scotland , the man not only talks the talk he spell's it,show boating what the fuck is the media talking about, we were worth at least 7 yesterday,
    B@Q woodwork stood the test, I love writing this, timmy the dogs are 2nd come on Hearts finish the job but beware we are coming back.

  4. I reckon Laws coat will be on a shaky peg if this lad arrives, TBH he wasnt really at the races on Sunday and I reckon its time he left us for pastures new. With a bit of luck we get the new guy that gives Warburton almost a season to get him settled in & bingo we win the league, Next problem would be how the hell do we keep them for next year??

  5. i have watched Rangers for more than 50 years.

    no player has ever committed a more disgraceful than Law when he walked away and turned his back on a fellow player, Bilel, while 3 motherwell players were having a go at him.

    i make it a point of rarely critizing Rangers players online.
    in Law's case, i make an exception.

    he is a scumbag.
    a player who disgraced his team and his manhood.
    rip the jersey off his back


  6. But they are only loans not much good for the future we must buy in before we fall
    and we will,unless we do a hearts but i am not holding out for that,we have no money to spend
    so what is our next move will mr king and co put in.

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