Charles Green to be questioned by Police Scotland


Former Rangers CEO Charles Green will reportedly be questioned by Police Scotland tomorrow in relation to his time at Ibrox, says the BBC’s Chris McLaughlin.

The Yorkshire-based businessman, a controversial figure from his time at Ibrox, has been under investigation regarding his consortium’s takeover at Rangers in 2012, and now faces police questioning and potentially charges. McLaughlin said:

“Former Rangers CEO Charles Green to be interviewed by Police Scotland tomorrow. Likely he’ll face charges relating to his time at club.”

The latter sentence is entire conjecture from the Senior Correspondent at Pacific Quay, who recently had his rights at Ibrox re-instated following a meeting with Rangers’ board who had previously banned him for his conduct relating to the Club, but nevertheless Green facing a grilling from Strathclyde’s finest is action many Rangers fans have anticipated for some considerable time.

The issue of Craig Whyte and Charles Green has thankfully faded into the background with success on and off the pitch in recent months in Govan, but with closure as yet not achieved on the subject, this latest action may well endow supporters with it. Or at least a semblance of some.


  1. I hope this bastard gets the book thrown at him ,not just him all the others including White Stockbridge the ones from Duff and Phelps who all knew what was going on .Jail time for everyone of them .WATP.LOL.

  2. There's a few things that worry me in all of this. Perhaps some bear with legal qualifications could answer. If Whyte's takeover was fraudulent, did he ever legally own Rangers? If not, did he have the power to put it into administration? If not, did the administrators have the power to sell the club to Green and put the rest of oldco into liquidation?
    If not, is it possible that a court could order that the oldco liquidation ceases or is reversed, the club returned to oldco aand oldco returned to David Murray?
    I won't be the only Rangers supporter who has pondered these things. I've asked on a few forums but nobody seems to know. To try and simplify it I've also asked this question. Somebody defrauds a car owner to get his car, and gets it.Then he sells the car to pay off some debts he's got. Then the initial fraudulent purchase comes to light and he gets charged and convicted. Who owns the car? The original owner, who got defrauded? Or the new owner, who bought it off the fraudster?

    Or worse. What if the fraudster and the guy that bought the car from him were in cahoots on the defrauding of the original owner?
    I know that we are all fed up to the back teeth with this fiasco. But the questions are real. Do those of us who have bought shares have anything to worry about? Is it possible that a court could order that the company and the club be restored to their position before any fraud was committed?

    I'm as eager as any of us to concentrate on the football, which is going great guns now. But every time these stories get printed the questions rise up again.

    Any legal eagles out there? Or has anyone spoken to anybody that knows any of the answers?

  3. No replies from the mhankies please, I can spot you a mile away. We've heard enough from the wee micky pub lawyers that think they know Insolvency Law better than Lord Nimmo Smith, Charles Flint QC, and Nicholas Stewart QC.

  4. I do hope green gets a shooein from the polis, if only for that Sh8te bedside interview he did with Jim White if ever there was a need for euthanasia it was that 1, bass
    Anyway on the positive side what a game on Saturday, Odu mugs another, Kyle Hutton shows how Sh8te he is by wallopin Zel, & we end up with 5 goals to the good, No a bad day!!

  5. nobody has mentioned two other arses that was there when White green were there Bett Ellis no mention of them .

  6. I really hope Charles green his side kick Ahmed, duff and Phelps, Gary whitey and of course Craig white all get jailed and get what's coming to them,also David Murray can't be let away scottish free,these bast Ards have to go down for giving us 4 years of mental torture

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