Why Rangers must sign Scott Allan


I would like to take all readers
on a small journey. A trip down Memory
Put all our heads together, and
you good folk can do so in the comments, and think of the last time Rangers
made a signing that genuinely excited the fans. By this I do not mean ‘good
signing’; I mean ‘YES, WE GOT HIM!’ type signing.
Here is one big clue – in the
past three years none of our signings have come close to this. Yes, some have
been pleasing to a moderate extent – Kris Boyd, Kenny Miller, and David
Templeton were all satisfying to some level or another, but marquee signatures
they were not.

We would have to go back to
summer 2010 and Walter Smith’s summer-long pursuit of Nikica Jelavic from
Austrian outfit Rapid Wien, a player rather hyped by everyone and who, in truth
to him, that Malmo debacle aside, did deliver and then some.
Since then you would probably
mostly have to agree that the three players I quoted are the most exciting
names Rangers have signed basically since Jelavic.
Naturally the quality was
superior pre-2012, so our context of expectation adjusted, but the last time we
were truly excited was Jelavic.
Since then transfer windows have
been filled with unknown or mercenaries – even this window, good though it has
been as a rebuild job, has not boasted many names fans have squealed with
delight over. Danny Wilson is a possible exception, and was a very popular
signing, but aside him?
This, quite simply, is why
capturing Scott Allan is so incredibly important.
The boy has ability – we know
this. Lots of ability. But it is the fact the Club and fans want him so much
which defines the importance of getting him. He is one of us, a fan like the
rest of us – his idol is Paul Gascoigne, and his dream, like Halliday, was
always to play for the Famous.
And with him being leaps and
bounds the best player in the division last season, his signing would be the
closest to a marquee and outright star signing Rangers have had for basically
five years.
If we have to compare him to
anyone in terms of style, our own Barry Ferguson is as good a comparison as any
– a player who can put his foot on the ball, dictate a pass, and dominate a
match. Rangers have missed that type of player since Ferguson left. In Italian football it is
called a regista, and Scott Allan fits that bill perfectly.
We can rely on him to perform –
we know he is capable, and with age on his side, he can only get better. And
how motivated will he be to play for his boyhood idols? As much as Halliday,
who was a man possessed on Tuesday.
Allan has handed in a transfer
request. He has played his ace. Rangers now require to stump up enough cash to
make the deal happen. £250,000 just will not cut it.
But whatever will cut it will create the summer signing Rangers fans have craved
for years.


  1. Dear Scott,

    Sincere apologies for throwing all the paper, we didn't realise you were one of us. Please still sign for us!

  2. Gers should stump up 500 k to secure Allen ..the 2 bids so far are a disgrace … he's well worth half a million ….He can be sold on in future anyway for double that ….gers should give hibs law and Clarke as well for free …they won't be missed …..

    • Stubbs just playing poker with all this chat of EPL.

      Allen knows he did not cut it when he tried England before so his next move will def be within Scotland and while he will never sign for Celtic, Aberdeen and Dundee United probably represent his best chance of progression right now.

      This would be all well and good but if it is going to be next summer he is moving then Rangers will probably be in the top flight and as such will leapfrog the two aforementioned teams as best suitors.

      As such Stubbs knows where he will be playing next year but is just a matter of trying to get as much cash as possible for him to move a year earlier.

  3. That wasn't any old paper we threw It was contract term's That's how much your wanted Come on it's SCOTT to be Rangers WATP

  4. what have we spent so far?about £800,000?we need to sign him to get promotion and more money.he
    knows the league and hibs will be weakened.fans love a bear signing too.

  5. Why even bother about Allen ? We don't need him ! We do need at least two ( quality) strikers, which would possibly cost a few million each ; that will score regularly & get us up to the top of the Premiership along with high in Europe! David Knig has promised money to secure this & what so far is good but we're missing those 'golden players ' to reach these heights , thus scoring goals!
    Wouldn't it be nice if we were Premier League Champions again along with champions of Europe as we have been previously.?
    Everyone at Ibrox would, even Mike Ashley ( hopefully) with a lower take from Rangers !

  6. Feel sorry for Scott Allan ,he's a young gent and at 23 a true pro, he hasn't thrown in a transfer request as most would, but selfish as I am I seen him playing last year too many times and was mesmerized by his skill for such a young kid, hope we get Allan, reminds me of a young Paul Gascoigne , come to gers Scott PLEASE.

    • The same way Paddy McCourt reminds me of George Best though the only difference being that if McCourt played in the same generation as Best he probably would have been his equal.

      Look Allan is decent but comparisons to Gazza (who peaked at 23 by the way – obviously injury and drink mitigating circumstances) at this stage are probably pretty far off the mark.

      Had it not been for the aforementioned problems Gazza would probably have been remembered as one of the greatest ever midfielders to grace the game.

      Allan at best will be remembered as being a very decent Scottish midfielder in his generation but even at that he has an awful lot yet to prove.

      But anyway better to take things as they are for now and that is he would improve the current midfield so this is the positive in the potential signing without getting all flowery with the chat.

  7. The reason for the low bids is all about tactics. Allan has put his request in knowing we have tabled a bid,this forces hibs hand as they will now have an unsettled player on their books who they would have used on Saturday. I agree with though it should be around the 500k mark

  8. Agree with you fellow bears offer them law and 500k to get Scott ,he's worth at least 3 times more and the kid has respect for Stubbs and hibs, hope we get him in I'd be really excited then, surprised Celtic or even epl clubs haven't made bid for him but shhhhhhh come to gers sir Allan

    • I would say probably something to do with not making it at West Brom and Celtic being stocked with players of the quality of Brown, Biton, Commons, Armstrong, GMS, Johansen. To bring in Allen he would not see a lot of playing time with these guys and could end up taking a few games away from a better prospect in Liam Henderson.

      I think the only interest to Celtic would be to stop Rangers getting what is a decent Scottish footballing talent but would be crazy to do that just to have a guy rot.

  9. Can I state clearly that Scott Allen is not a high profile singing,sorry if I have missed Real Madrid, Barcelona or for clarity ANY other club trying to take an average player away from an average club. It is not the best time to be a Rangers supporter we are where we are all I hope is that The Board we fought to be in charge give the supporters a thank you by signing Rangers Class players , sadly none of the new players come close to being Rangers Class

    • Think you are being a bit harsh there Brian. Remember we are in the second tier league of a third tier football nation. Rangers are a huge club with a great history behind us and a great future before us but for the moment we should buy to win this league and to provide the core of a team for the premiership. At the moment Warburton is doing that. This isn't the time to throw money around even if we have it. Allan is exactly the type of player we should be getting excited about at this stage in our regeneration.

  10. Last time I was properly excited about a signing was when we got Barry Ferguson back from Blackburn. For the last three years we've not been able to spend any money on players and you get what you pay for so we've been left with very little. Scott allan would be a great signing creative midfield player with an eye for a pass and finally we'd have a player who can take a dangerous set – piece which we've not had since the days of Albertz and van bronkhorst! Agree with what's been said before about still needing a striker and possibly another wide player with pace but apart from that a lot to look forward too. WATP

  11. He had the strongest free kick in Europe albertz but he was over looked we had so many good players then , remember the stantion cracking in the dryborough cup when Cooper unleashed that free-kick fucking scary. Lol we had him laudrup and the most amazing signing of all Paul Gascoigne, can't even now believe we got him but we had money then feel sad now but remember thay happy times too WATP

  12. Scott Allan and a Mark Hately type of target man with number 9 on his back would be great. In spite of their denial it will do Hibs more harm than good to keep Scott Allan against his wishes. The 400 or 500 grand many people think it is worth paying could bring in my target man and sign Scott up for free in five months and ready to do the business in the Premier League next year. A massive clear out will happen at that time also. Once August is over I expect Rangers to have a settled team and win every game until the end of the season, cups included.

  13. Mr King and co,pay the money 1 million will do the deal,and if you want my money then shows me the color of yours and how much of the 30 million you said you going put in the pot,we will follow when we see that you can fund Rangers with the candy.king

  14. King made it quite plain in his Sky tribute.

    The fans will have to step up to the plate….pure and simple.

    Forget all his previous investment promises……..for sure he has.

    He's a modern day Billy Liar, believes what he's actually saying even if it completely contradicts what he said the week before.

    This proven liar is leading us down a very dark road.

    Unless Ashley invests further we are well and truly fecked, doubly so if he gets serious about getting his loan back.

    Who in their right mind would include an add on amount in the Scott Allan deal that was dependent on Champions League qualification……

    We are years away from that……this smells of King's idea or his patsy Poles.

    Hibs should be embarrassed someone posted, are they serious?

    It's Gers that should be embarrassed with such an initial crap loan that also included an add on if Allan helped Gers pip Hibs to the Championship……ffs where is Martin Bain when you need him.

    A bunch of feck ING amateurs being led by the pied piper of Joburg.

  15. The only way out of this [ & its a long road] is to lob money into Rangers First & we can [eventually] get some form of control, All these people are cut from the same cloth just a bunch of charlatans

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