Warburton’s woes


With well over a month since the
transfer window opened and let out eleven players, new manager Mark Warburton’s
struggles to sign up new blood have intensified.
After a promising morning on the 22nd
of June where the ex-Brentford boss managed two signatures in Rob Kiernan and
Danny Wilson, the only further addition to the squad has been a goalkeeper in
Wes Foderingham.

Two promising academy recruits
were signed up, true, with Tom Lang being a particularly interesting one, but the
blunt truth is Warburton is struggling to persuade players to make the trip to
Ibrox on a permanent basis.
Chairman Dave King promised
around seven SPL quality signings, while Warburton implied strongly that number
at least, with potentially more. But only three have arrived, with another
three on trial, including one whose transfer saga with Rangers (Eustace is
trialing us?) is starting to get
slightly embarrassing.
There are less than three weeks
now till the daunting trip to Easter Road, and the Warburton Revolution is
really struggling to take shape. No criticism of the manager here, it is not
his fault that Rangers have neither the finances or the attraction (that ‘hard
sell’ of the Scottish Championship is a real problem) to persuade decent
players to the Club/league, but ultimately attributing blame or otherwise does
not help Rangers get good signings.
Warburton himself has been at the
helm for just over three weeks, taking on a threadbare squad with an incredibly
low level of quality, and he is tasked with making it the best team in the
league and getting players of note to commit.
It is proving an arduous task,
even more so than expected, and when 35-year old free agents use your
facilities to train without any promise they intend to sign up, you know you
have serious issues on your hands to snare quality personnel.


  1. We don't want to sign more merceranaries however for W/W to drive a youth policy the board need to give him a decent budget to buy quality to complement these youngsters us fans have stepped up again. On another note it's great to see some common sense around amalgamating the fragmented supporter associations long overdue.

  2. You do realise there are still 8 weeks left in this transfer window? Why not wait until you know who has signed before spreading your negativity?

    • Exactly, have a little patience ma bears. I don't have any contacts but I wouldn't mention van Persie if I didn't know there was a chance.

    • It is not negative if Warburton brings in 3 or 4 players with a week left in the window they will have to get used to his methods then we will be month into season, now I am sure Warburton has transfer targets we as a club have not put in any bids for players, big dave said there will be money to spend so were is it, what bit don't you get the earlier the players are in the better but my guess is big dave is just waiting to see how many season tickets are sold before any bids are put in, now if that is the case I don't mind because I don't want us spending ridiculous sums of money again but let's say Warburton wants scott allan then if we have to pay 750k to get him then do it don't piss arse about

    • Alex, I don't like to disagree, but if you think Hibs would favour giving us Allan for 750k – which they have little need of – I would see it differently.Winning the division would be worth a lot more and they as we now are very well run financially.

    • Gascoigne pees I am only using Allan as an example, now I don't want to be having a go at our new management team but we have been led to believe Mr Warburton has great contacts in the game so surely he must know a ball playing midfielder in the price range he can spend at, but there have been no bids put in & big dave weir has said today there is no imminent arrivals & he has said lack off scouting network is part of the problem, apart from this the lack of pre season friendlies is totally bizarre

    • what a pair of fannys what wee world do u guys live we are run well financially we owe micky bhoy ashley 5 million we get 25 pence for every strip he sells the fuckin three bears want there money back paul potless just wants a blazer and he who would be king has fucked off to south africa again in case we ask where the 30 million war chest is wake up ya fuds

    • Alex OK, and that's another thread speaking to how much squint can be trusted. My take on that is zero but I live in hope that rabbits will start leaping out of hats.

  3. I agree that it is a very hard sell. It is also a little disappointing that Warburton hasn't managed to bring more in via contacts and his own reputation. I would still expect to see another 1 or 2 in before we kickoff

    However, Plan B will presumably be to use his contacts in England to bring in loan signings. These will not help us longterm as they return to their owning club. But they can hopefully secure us promotion and serve as an illustration to other clubs that we can be a good place to develop their players.

    After this season, there will be less deadwood to release and, if we secure promotion, Ibrox will be a much easier "sell" to players next summer. So its a gradual process. Main ting is, we must do everything we can to seucre promotion this season

    • You're on the right lines there IMO skanks, I reckon Alan Stubbs will be giving him a hand, and he knows a bit.

    • Listen airhead, if we win promotion, I will pay for all of them to go for a three week cruise.

  4. Not only that but the lack of pre season friendlies is disgraceful, the information on official website is disgraceful, no one knows when public sale of season tickets is happening, we have players now on trial for going on over a week how long do they need to assess a player ooh that's correct you need to see them in game situations, for a board that is asking for trust they are not showing much back, I am not asking for a daily bulletin of everything that is happening on the financial side of our club, all I am asking is some information on the players who are well into their pre season & how they are coping with new methods & such, I will tell you what information I don't want from official website information on minutes of how the talks went with the various supporters groups who boycotted our club last season, ooh wait a minute that's how this new board that are dragging their arses got in wasn't it, now I couldn't care less whatever anyone says in reply to my post as I have my season ticket cause I never boycotted my club last year, so I believe I have the write to a wee moan but just think about this 1 pre season friendly arranged for 2 weeks time and we have a guy on trial that has been out injured for 6 months worried I am

    • Understand they've had many many offers from Scottish teams. Problems mainly that B&B mostly needed and hard to get bookings for 24 bodies sharing four to a room.

    • Trouble is Alex, if it was down to people like yourself (perverse logic) we would still have the Easdales, Ashley et al.

    • Trouble is anonymous we still have easdales & Ashley they never sold their shareholding their just not in charge so it is not down to me

    • Eh? they can't sell their shares as the club is currently delisted. Many fans took action to support their team by confronting the former board. Those of us that could see beyond the end of our noses. Please don't criticise fellow supporters who made sacrifices for their team!

    • Ok then you criticize supporters that backed the team by buying season tickets last season, us ones that can't see beyond the end of their noses, bit ironic that don't you think it's ok for you to criticize & not the the ones that backed our team, don't do logic do you

    • In your 13.15 rant you ramble into an attack on fellow supporters and the current board – ' various supporters groups who boycotted our club last season, ooh wait a minute that's how this new board that are dragging their arses got in wasn't it, now I couldn't care less whatever anyone says in reply to my post as I have my season ticket cause I never boycotted my club last year'. I'm not criticising those you bought season tickets. I am though, criticising you for your smug, sanctimonious, offensive reference to the supporters who ultimately saved the club! Understand now?

    • You still going on about this big dave weir answered awe ma questions did you no read the website that's awe a wiz askin, some people need to take a chill pill noo & again, right away & get your cape own for the next crusade

  5. With Eustace being on trial it is so we can see how fit he is before commiting to signing,its sensible to do that rather than throw wages at someone who might not make the bench until midway through the season

  6. The comment at the end about Eustsce using our training resources is totally unnecessary and negative when the truth is that Rangers are doing the right thing in not jumping in and offering the player a contract until they know he is fit enough.

    • The player, who is around the same age as Hurlock, Wilkins, Souness and Weir when they came to Rangers wont get a contact until he has proved his match fitness, and it's unlikely he will get more than a 12 month contract. It's a no brainer, the guy is no Pirlo but he is obviously a good player at Championship level which is a damn sight higher the the Scottish championship. Makes total sense to me to take him in for a year to guide a young, fit but inexperienced team.

  7. I get the feeling the board stepped in to put the brakes on the Eustace signing, to give Warburton time to assess the young midfielders we have and to make sure we only sign Eustace if we can't find a younger age equivalent. I reckon Warburton would already have signed him otherwise. If true, thank god for the board.

  8. @alex:

    "the information on official website is disgraceful, no one knows when public sale of season tickets is happening"

    They must've heard you:

  9. I feel I have to right about your write to moan!!!
    There are so many negative posters already and we haven't even seen the team play yet.
    Give it a chance for God's sake, we're in a much better place now than before.

  10. Loan signings of quality young players may also be problematic. Top clubs and the players themselves may question the development potential of playing in the second tier of Scottish football. Difficult for the new manager. However, the promises of 'over-investment' have so far failed to materialise. Still time to establish a good squad, remembering that the objective is to build for the future as well as gaining promotion. Some funding for the manager is essential. No doubt that over the past few years the Rangers support has become expert at spotting bullshiters.

  11. Asking far too much of an inexperienced manager (even if he is a good coach) to make a silk purse from a sow's ear..

    We will come up against strong experienced teams in the championship and some spfl teams in cups and I do not think we are or will be equipped to compete without significant investment in quality players. King is not going to supply funds as he said he would, he is leading us up a merry path and in a couple of weeks time we come up against probably the strongest team in the league. I fear this season could be worse than last with no vickic goals to help us over the line. I can't see Miller hit double figures and Law is not the answer. A good striker will cost significantly.

  12. There are far too many negative comments the fact of the matter is the manager has got off to a good start by building a solid looking defence. As an earlier post pointed out the manager will be looking at the youngsters he has got available and deciding where he needs to strengthen in the weeks to come in the other areas of the team. Let us have a little faith.

    • I have faith in the managerial appointments. I applaud the signings to date. The problem is the lack, to date, of financial support. Hope that the manager has access to a reasonable budget to assist with a very difficult rebuilding project. Perceive a great deal of support for Messrs Warburton and Weir. Also detect some frustration and a groundswell of resentment regarding certain statements on investment that were uttered prior to the EGM. The magnificent commitment of the fans throughout the wilderness years – purchase of shares, season tickets, protests etc should be recognised and matched!

  13. Everyone appears to think that Ashley has gone away……he ain't.

    If he calls in his £5m this week or next, we are gubbed.

    King has apparently offered him Murray Park in lieu of the cash, an offer which was refused.

    If there is no cash to pay him and he calls in the securities that he has then we are equally gubbed.

    No training ground, no access to the Club Stand on match days….what us going kn ?

    Where is King, where is his investment, time to walk the walk, not talk the talk.

  14. Anyone who has been following this story knows that Ashley can't just 'call in' his £5m – and as for your calling the Club DECK the Club STAND I would suggest that proves you are not Gers fan!!

    • Ian, you are correct as regards the way the loan agreement is written, but special application may be made to the coursts for payment where the ability of the borrower to pay is in doubt. I read earlier today a suggestion that Ashley was preparing to do this.

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