Warburton on Allan: “We’ll see what happens”


Mark Warburton today has left the
Scott Allan saga open, and failed to pour cold water over reported interest
from Rangers over the Hibernian playmaker’s signature.
Rangers have been long-linked
with the former Dundee United midfielder, and would be a capture Rangers fans
are eager to see materialise, and Warburton has not ruled it out.
Speaking following his side’s
productive display at Ibrox last night, the manager said:

“Scott Allan is a Hibernian player and I
think it’s really disrespectful for any manager to talk about another team’s player,
if I’m honest with you.”
Oddly enough this is not that
different to what Jose Mourinho said about Falcao, before becoming more direct
about his own interest in the Colombian, which led to his signing.
But Warburton cryptically added
about Allan:
“So, from my point of view, we focus on what
we have here and see what happens in the coming days.”
Whether this implies a general
focus on the transfer market, or is a direct reference to stepping up interest
in the creative midfielder is not overly clear, but last night’s performance
did suggest invention in the middle of the park would not be unwelcome.


  1. It would be a bonus if we got him but I would be prepared to wait and get him for nothing on a pre contract

    • Spot on. Makes no sense buying a player you can get on a pre contract in jan, a would rather wee spent 900k / whatever hibs will charge. On another player. Allan will be a rangers player sooner or later.

  2. Its not Scott Allan we need its a map to show players and management where the opposition goals are. I hope he gets things right but one shot on target after all the fancy passing is not much to show for ninety minutes.

    • Ye no probs anonymous cfc guy lol let's just go back eh our old style of play then pmsl cause at was no better lol time will tell kid ffs have the team at played was there first game together give it a chance lad

  3. TBH The man is right focus on what we have on keep our eye on the ball [ scuse pun] we need to be up for Satday against teh Hibees I cannot wait, unfortunately i dont live in scotland so will b watchin it on BBC Tcheuchter but as long as we win Happy Days.

  4. Scott allan proved last season that he's a class player with great vision and would be a bonus to any team and at only 23 should only get better.watp

  5. Nicky Law swap him . Your awe right he is useless he should have been given his books along with everyone else. McCall done fuck all with him as well

  6. What's the point in spending money on Allan if we haven't got someone to put the ball in the net? Get your wallet out king and keep your word to the fans, we need at least one striker possibly two WATP

  7. Striker is the position we're crying out for, a goal scorer it ok being a good grafter but if the baw is no going into the back of the net the grafting nean nothing.watp.

  8. Hibs will have made their minds up, already, whether or not they will sell Allan now, or lose him for nothing at the end of the season. What they have said, in public, might be their true position. Or it may not. They might sell him to another club, but I doubt that they will sell to their main promotion rivals. Who knows?
    The lack of bids from other clubs, at this time, could indicate that Allan's agent isn't touting him on the market. Meaning that the player has set his heart on signing for Rangers. Either now, or next year. He is, by all reports, a staunch Rangers supporter.
    All that said, it makes no difference when any bid is made, So if Rangers do intend to make an offer, they should leave it as close as possible to the transfer window closing. That would leave Hibs little time to use the fee, if they have decided to let him go to Ibrox, to strengthen their squad.
    Either way, I'm not too fussed. If he comes now, that would be good. It would strengthen Rangers and weaken Hibs. If not, then we'll see what happens next year.
    I'm more interested in the young players we already have. It will be exciting times ahead, I think, to see these players drive Rangers into a new era.
    C'mon the Gers!

  9. If you think you could afford him then put in a bid. Cifci had the same outstanding term left on his contract and Celtic paid £1.5 million. Scotty is twice the player that Cifci ever will be so do the math

  10. Did Scott Allan not knock back joining us last year, was a fee of £1m not agreed and he stayed at Hibs? If I am mistaken then sorry, but if that is the case then he can F##k off

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