Warburton hints at chance for Rangers winger


Rangers’ winger Barrie McKay may
find himself promoted to the first team match day squad sooner rather than
later, when he was deliberately mentioned by manager Mark Warburton in relation
to Academy graduates who were of note.
Rangers’ boss said:

“For me, the first day here you look at the
squad we had training with us and the number of academy graduates that are in
that squad; that tells you all you need to know. So we had the boys coming
through, the likes of Fraser, Barrie, Robbie Crawford and Andy Murdoch; there
are a number of boys coming through.”
With new winger Andy Halliday’s
arrival to be officially announced, McKay would be excellent depth to have as
the ‘quality deputy’, and may just find himself featuring in the first team far
more frequently, given he has indeed been training regularly with the senior
squad recently and Warburton’s philosophies of a lean squad which is fully used are
Maybe it is finally time for
Barrie McKay to get a real crack at the Rangers first team, and prove whether
or not he truly has what it takes.
Warburton appears to be alluding
to the possibility he will get that chance.


  1. I would expect that there will be more than just him unless the board find some money soon to purchase first team players. The spin does not fool me.

  2. Nor me either we need experience and u don't get that for nothin so we have to spend something

  3. Do we really need experience as I can remember we had loads of it last season and didn't do us any good. Hearts won championship easy with youngsters and loan players. So why can't we do the same. As a Rangers fan I am happy he isn't spending big on experience as we don't need it. Youth is the way forward and all top European teams have proven this so why can't Rangers do the same. Let's get Murray park full of young and upon coming players and only have to buy the one or two signings a year rather than replace a whole team of experience has beans. Get behind warburton and he will deliver

  4. i say lets give these lads chance….we have experience who now know perform or out,,,no more easy pay days,,if half way through the season we need something,then buy then..a few of these kids have proved themselves already and we all moaned then to give the kids a chance…i love rangers and really do think this is the way to go….cmon the gers.

  5. Why the need for experience? Did we not learn nothing from last season. Hearts won league easy with youth and loan players. Warburton has a proven track record to have good young teams and that's what we need. Every top European team has a great youth policy and we should follow there steps. I am happy with warburton building a young none expensive team that will last a long time rather than buying old washed up players like last season. We need to get it right and youth is the way forward.

  6. all we have heard recently is doom and gloom,no money,paying people who are not even at the club on a day to day basis,,,and so on..we have a real chance to get back up there now,,,dont spend millions on big names and end in the same ditch,,,lets pay these kids a fair days pay for a fair days work,these kids are hungry,keen to train for more than 5 mins a day,proud to pull on the gers top..tell you now….good times ahead.

  7. Experience? We need hunger and a desire to win and that will come with youth and minimal experience, I.e 2 experienced players.

  8. Why not give the youngsters a chance … Your only going to get better if your given the chance … Good work

  9. People go on about spending money but why spend money when there is good quality players in our youth team (who hammered Arbroath last night) and good quality players going for free like Wilson and Halliday. We're in the championship, we should only spend if or when we need to.

  10. We should have been three years into this mindset now. McCoist wasted so much of our time and money on short term solutions that got us nowhere.

  11. Barrie McKay if it was upto me wud Neva be out ma team he gives 100% every time wants too go forward with the ball and attack defenders. Can't understand how mccoist let him go out on loan in 1st place cos he's wat we cud have done with then everytime av seen him play he stood out cos he's very positive on the ball. After signin Halliday I fink if we cud sign another midfielder like scott Allan n add a cple of striker like stevie May,Jason Cummings,Adam Rooney,osman soe or boy Davidson far St Johnston who wudnt cost the earth prob sumfing like £200-£400 k a man we wudnt b far away n wudnt break the bank. WATP!

  12. Bell, Wallace, Law, Miller, McGregor, Zaliukas and Templeton are all experienced players. Foderingham, Wilson, Halliday, Keirnan and Clarke are hardly rookies. The addition of a few more quality players, irrespective of age will take us to a level way better than the imposters we released.

  13. Yeah, because, Miller,Wallace,McGregor,Law,Shields, aren't experienced?? Typical glory hunters just wanting to spend money. No need if you have a switched on management team, thankfully, I think we may finally have that.

  14. When i first saw Barrie in the first team.. I thought then, this lad is a player,,, and now we have management who can realise that potential for the lad,,, watch this space my fellow bears,, we had an abundance of experience last season,, and what good did they bring???,,well,, the answer is we are still in the championship,,, we lacked energy and heart,, we will get that this season,,mark my words!!

  15. We have a brilliant management team for once, but can't believe how many fans are happy with signings and believe we have a great team all of a sudden, 8 signings only heard of one and the press and deluded fans are letting dave king away with murder, where is king, his money? P.S. Get yer wallet out king and sign Scott Allan still leave you 29 mill for more ghost signings, we've been mugged off again.

  16. If Scott Allan is such a fantastic, well sought after striker,,,,, they why has no other premier team came in for him,, no other club are interested in him,,why,,, cause he is just an ordinary player looking good against championship players,, we can get 3 or 4 players for a million,, thats the way our budget is going at the moment and quite rightly so,, i certainly dont want to broke by the time we get to the premiership,, give the management and board time,,, but Scott Allan??,, he aint worth a million, thats for sure, we can get him on a free next season when his contract runs out,, and that would save us a million!!

  17. 1. Scott Allan's a midfielder
    2.dundee Utd are said to b interested(prem team)
    3.u obv not got an eye for a young hungry attaking (midfielder)
    4. He wud b worth a million if he wasn't in has last year of his contract so I'd say £500-£600k wud b bout ryt. So I certainly don't think we'll b broke wen we get too the prem slight exaggeration.
    5. If we let his contract run down we ll have a lot more compitition so we shud off wat he's worth now n make a gd profit in few years time.

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