“Verbal agreement” reached over Wigan pair


Sky Sports News’ Jim White has
tonight tweeted claiming Rangers and Wigan
have come to agreement over the potential transfers of both Martyn Waghorn and
James Tavernier.
Rangers recently made enquiries
about both players, then later were reportedly rejected by the Latics over a
bid for full back Tavernier, but this latest news suggests that obstacle has
been overcome.
He said:

“Verbal agreement tonight between Wigan Athletic and Rangers for both Martyn Waghorn and
James Tavernier to join up at Ibrox.”
Both signings would help fill
trouble positions at Ibrox, with Tavernier a right back by trade and Waghorn a
striker, and would cover two of the four signings Warburton has strongly hinted
are immiment.
Whether the players themselves agree to this transfer
though, assuming White’s source is correct, is another matter, but it appears
the transfer fee at least has been negotiated with only the personal terms the


  1. These Two players will be a great addition to the squad. I only hope people give the manager a chance as we are putting the foundations in to have a GREAT team

    • Listen to yourself! We are putting together a "great" team. None of us had heard of any of these players a month ago, Danny Wilson apart. Some folk get excited about any player no matter theor background. If they are sogning for us they aren't "great". Lets see how it goes eh?

    • Completely agree not excited by any signings apart from Wilson, think fans are getting over excited over nothing , like positively but prefer realism , doubt we will go up this season but will be brilliant if we can then even then can the players push on or do we have 7 or 8 players on payroll not up to spl quality????? King promised to over invest to guarantee winning league and swore blind hers would sign at least 7 quality players, where's the cash and where is he not heard a word from him since he got on board???? Also Ashley and Sandy easdale between them own 15% of gers same as Dave king and Paul Murray??? Where is the transparency they promised fans? No one has a clue what's going on at the club.

    • Well if you listen to what the manager has said the players that he brings in WILL add value to the team and the club. If the lads that he brings in can do a job for Rangers then that's great. Ffs the team we had last year was terrible so this year has to be better. Let's give the manager and his team a chance and get behind them.

  2. Not sure of the striker? His stats were un-impressive, in the last couple of seasons! The defender seems like a real good but. Hope the Stevie May roumor is correct and he joins. Good young hunger lads in for this season.

  3. Great stuff from the new management team.

    Champions league in 3 years no problem with the quality being added to last year's squad.

    I would be surprised if we didn't make the last 8 with the new signings and if the Warbler doesn't deliver then he should be sacked.

  4. GREAT TEAM aye right…..a bunch of second rate England erstwhile might be OK for the Championship, but Champions League in 3 years…….someone's taking the p*ss.

    Those thinking King is now investing are blinkered, the money is coming from ST sales, the only source of income that we have. Thanks Dave we are fecked thanks to you.

    • Yeah and we were doing so well too before he took over.You are either a tim or an idiot can`t decide which .

    • You are partly right. You are "fecked". Now go and have a wash and feck off back to the piggery.

  5. @ the moany man. Sorry, but maybe you have not heard of any of the players but that is most likely your footballing knowledge is very limited. Most fans will have knew who Foderingham. Waghorn and Tavanier are. I only admit to not knowing who Kiernan was but givem Warburton saw him as tje primary target is good enough for me. Thanks.

  6. The degenerate, soap dodging bheasts are always posting on here. Isn't there anything going on at the scumdome?

    • I have been posting on this site for years and have never had anything rejected. Everyone knows who and what I am. No one including yourself knows who you are, so you can judge how your posts are judged by the Noise's readership. I do however note your mastery of your language.

  7. Look…the signings aren't great. Granted. BUT they are decent. Us REAL rangers men accept where we are….and where we want to be be. The club was 'almost' gone, but we survived (the haters will keep hating). We need to build a proper foundation for the club and warburton is the ideal man. He's bringing in young, eager, hungry players who he knows will fit into his style of play. IF we're lucky, 3 or 4 of our signings will be a hit and will move on in time for couple of M. Profit. Simple as. It will be 5 years minimum before we see the rangers we all remember but we are still RANGERS. 9 in a row. Helicoptor Sunday. Manchester…… Remember. Believe. The club is doing what we need to do. Its simple. Warbs is the perfect man for the job. We WILL be back (and they know it). Bring it on. Roll on the season. Queens 11 forever

  8. Am sure some of the moaning bastards out had heard of black and would probably love Hutton back cos you heard of him. And am sure you all heard of jelavic and people was dreaming of signing a gattuso or van bronhorst cos we all new of them . Wait a minute maybe we ain't heard of them but lets just trust mw and see how it goes. A mean got no choice anyway. A guess you just can't satisfy some people

  9. Like warbs said name any of the 1st team he had at Brentford and that was on a tighter budget that team nearly ended up in English prem this guys knows a player and once they start to motor there will be a few people eating there words

    • Well said sir!! Someone who talks a we bit more sense than the tedious Stuart Livingstone and some of the other nagative bastards who continually post on this site!

    • Tighter budget??? Last season he bought five players for a combined 4.75 million. He sold a player for 3 million. He made a profit in transfers for his owner 1.75 million. That's some tight budget.

    • stupid me or stupid transfer market website..I went and re read the transfer budget. Sorry, but he lost 1.75 million. Usually they put losses in red. However for some strange reason its in black. Unless the undisclosed transactions gave the club a profit. Sorry for the confusion.

  10. This new manager better be good as these guys he's signing by and large are all unknowns, best case scenario we get promoted – worse case scenario he blows it and we are left with a load of unknown duds we cant sell.

  11. Speculation from a rangers fan nowt more, if a substantial fee required this will always only be speculation trying to squeeze a couple of thousand more SB sales.

    Same with May he would command a hefty sal and prolly £800k transfer fee, King has nothing to spend and the SB sales can only stretch so far especially with bills mounting.

    If they are not free they will not be going anywhere except according to the rangers media types to fleece the fans even more.

  12. Dear pessimistic Gers fans,

    Trust your manager Mark Warburton! If he believes he can get the best out of a player then get behind him. Do you seriously expect him to buy proven players from England and Europe?
    1. They would cost a fortune!
    2. They probably wouldn't want to come to the scottish championship.

    'Marquee' signing are in the past. We are a development club that can help players flourish and eventually move on to the EPL. Expect loans, free transfers and unwanted English players.

    Personally I get pleasure watching the likes of Murdoch, Hardie, Walsh, McKay, Aird, Lang and Thompson develop instead of spending £3mill-£5mill on a player that has long hair, a tan and can't play in less than 20 degrees.

    Wake up!

  13. Every player we have went for we have got (waghorn and tavernier pending). Maybe dk has says there is x amount to spend and warbs has says thanks but a dont beileve that is needed to get out this league, but come January if need then we can use it, as davie weir stated January could be interesting. If we get waghorn that will be the signing of the season in scotland

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