Strike inaction


One look at Rangers’ leading
goalscorers last season made for desperate reading.
That the most prolific striker at
the Club was Nicky Law with 10 from midfield summed up how absolutely abject
the situation was.
The leading ‘dedicated’ striker
was the thoroughly average Nicky Clark with 8, and Newcastle
loanee Haris Vuckic, here for only four months, was equal to Clark.

In four months a deeper second
striker managed to get to the top of Rangers’ scoring charts. With absolute
This summer window has seen the
likes of Boyd and Daly go out the back door having failed so badly last season
to put the ball in the back of the net, and while goalkeepers, defenders, and
midfielders have flown in the front door, the dramatic lack of quality
additions up front is starting to wear thin.
Wigan’s Martyn Waghorn is the
only actual forward Rangers have secured, and his career has been one of honest
hard work and link play – scoring has never been his forte, with 7 in 29 for
Wigan testifying to that, as did his lack of composure in front of goal on
Over the past 24 hours Rangers
have seen a bid rejected for Scott Allan, while further speculation links
Warburton with his ex-charge Jonathan Douglas. But, of course, these are both
While it would be churlish to
turn one’s nose up at decent midfielders arriving, given the dross fans have
had to tolerate in recent years, the weak striking options at the manager’s
disposal are beginning to look more and more stark, every passing day.
Right now the options are
Waghorn, Clark and Miller with Hardie and Gallagher as backup.
To call this threadbare is
generous. There is not one striker in that group that Rangers fans can look to
rely on for goals. Waghorn, Clark and Miller are all grafters – they will give
their all but they lack the quality to score prolifically. Gallagher and Hardie
are still relatively untested over a whole season and surely not the overall
With the Stevie May story fading
dramatically in recent days, not least of all down to the player’s own
testimony that he is not leaving Sheffield, Rangers have effectively two days
to snatch a decent striker before they depart for Edinburgh. Or, if we wish to
cut more slack, a couple of weeks before the league campaign begins in earnest.
The progress in the squad is good
– the defence looks solid, more than solid, while the midfield has plenty of
depth with Halliday, Law, Thompson, Holt, and Shiels as backup – while Allan,
Douglas and Eustace could all become Rangers players before long. And the
attitude on Tuesday was impressive, by and large, with hunger and desire making
an appearance.
But without someone to actually
stick the ball away, to take those chances Rangers are starting to create, it
loses a great deal of its impact.
One can only hope someone is on the horizon – a 20-goal a
season man to provide the final piece of the Rangers jigsaw.


  1. Adam Rooney, Stevie may ? Where is the ambitions of the board forking joke, hate to say it now but wish we had kept Boyd now, ok defence, 15 okish midfielders and no proven striker

  2. Tottenham youth striker Ryan Loft would be ideal. Although would like to see our own youth come through

  3. The young lad that we acquired looks like the sort of striker that will make goals for a predator but we don't have that at Rangers right now unless either Gallagher or Hardie can fill the role. Miller seems to play too far back these days and sadly I just don't rate Clark at all. Finding a striker that can score goals won't be easy. Decent quality strikers in England don't come cheap!

  4. We don't need all pieces of the puzzle in place before the season starts. Only requirement is promotion and serious progress in all cup competitions. Who is to say with decent midfield support, the current strikers will not improve their respective scoring tallys.

  5. Midfielders can score goals too. It is not forbidden by the rules. Any team that is depending on one man to stick the ball in the net will be in a heap of trouble. Sure, it's always good to have a proven goalscorer on the books, but even two or three in the squad does not guarantee goals. Rangers supporters should know that better tan most, I think.
    As long as we have a playing style that sees us creating chances, then the goals will come. Players like Kenny Miller will score, as will Clarke, the new guy Waghorn and a couple of the younger blokes, like Hardie, can play in the strikers role. Given the chances, one or more of them will start to score goals. There is no guarantee, either, that any new face that is brought in will start hitting the net regularly.
    Burnley are a very good side, despite relegation from the EPL last season. Even some of the big clubs failed to score against them. Including Man Utd, Man City and Spurs. There is no need to start getting in a flap just because a young squad of new players failed to score, playing together for the first time, in a pre season friendly, against a team that has been playing at a level way above anything the Rangers players have. Let's keep things in proportion.
    Rangers will not play a better team than Burnley this year. Either in the Championship or in any of the Cups, if they draw a Premier League team. That includes Celtic.
    No doubt the manky mob, who have been flooding this site in recent times, together with the Ashley/Easdale eejits, will keep trying to sow discontent and division with their attacks on Dave King and 'sack the board' nonsense.
    There's still a few weeks, I think, before the transfer window closes. Let's just wait a bit and see what transpires over the next couple of weeks. There might be a new Derek Parlane, John MacDonald or Jim Forrest ready to burst out of the youth ranks for all we know.

    • Couldn't have put it better myself, keep the faith, Warburton obviously knows the game…..have trust in him and David Weir. Let's not worry about what the 'others' say, talk is cheap, let the results do our talking.

  6. Love your enthusiasm fellow bear, reckon we might scramble to championship this season hate the board, reckon fellow bears might get carried away with the wins etc watp hope we aren't left with leftover if we go up 1690 always

  7. Getting goals is going to be difficult if Warbs plays the system with one striker through the middle and two wide men. One reason Boyd was unsuccessful last season was he got no service in the box and I don't see this changing this year by playing a loan striker.Successful Rangers teams have been most successful when they have used two strikers up front. For all the fancy passing against Burnley there was only one shot on target and that is poor. I hope he has the flexibility to change tactics if they are not working. I hope he gets it right.

  8. Would just like to point out AGAIN that rangers fans demanding 20 million in player investment are also the ones who cried there wee eyes out the most when we struggled last season. We struggled last season because 3 years ago we were liquidated and started again from the bottom. Do none of you fools have a single brain cell. We cant spend that money again if we wish to exist as a club. Get that in your thick sculls. Hearts destroyed the championship with what must of been 5 million tops investment across the whole club not just the playing squad. I would happily win the championship by 1 point this year and finish 3rd next year in the prem. Forget scott allan he wil cost a fortune. Forget a big striker we dont have the money. Stop calling for kings money. U all have big mouths but if u had 50 mil in the bank i doubt u would pump in 20. Settle urselves down we have just come back from the edge of oblivion and you all wanna do it all over again obviously

  9. My grandad always said parlane was his fav player and in later days greig , said he was a true captain but never the best but he bled for gers, that's what we need now, the British spirit but it's gone now, we are gonna smash championship and get found out after that, this is meant to be a site for gers fans but if you disagree you are a Tim, outcast or ira fan??

  10. Love rangers love the fans too, we have been through so many world wars, love ibroxnoise forum too but hate how we jump on anyone who is negative towards rangers we all have different opinions and it's sad if you disagree but it's life, so all you sad forks that think this site has Celts on it, get some help ,maybe I'm naive but they are too happy to bother with us at the moment WATP

    • Typically you are a maggot and people we would steer clear from, have you actually been to a game??????? If so and when and what was the score when you watched the highlights on tv?????????

    • Think this is a forum for fans , in fighting is gonna continue because we are feeling the lack of trust, and so we should but we will always stick together, what forks me off is idiot fans calling you a Tim etc because you disagree I've been to over 700 gers games remember80s ian Redford days only 11000 fans. I was fortunate to see good and bad times I've slagged gers off loads of times on this forum and gave them praise too

  11. give hardie a chance and stop attacking kenny millar…we dont need the 35 year old useless eustace… kenny is more than capable in helping our youngsters…why give money to a man that doesnt know rangers or cares… WATP.

  12. Like someone said earlier. Filter these pricks. Really not funny just sad sad bastards. Would never even dream of looking at their piss never mind commenting

  13. Anon 22.52

    Couldn't agree more have NEVER been on any other clubs forums and never will, not in the slightest interested what the cretins say or think, Rangers FC are still Rangers FC Proud, very proud!

  14. Kenny Miller might have turned more coats than primark but any football fan worth his salt knows this man has always gave 100% for rangers, reckon he has another season at least in him and to be fair he never got played in right position at gers, the board should be trying to get this man on the training staff, I'm sure he is doing his coaching badges at the moment, he is s credit to us

  15. Hear hear WATP good points also from the man before ,kenny Miller can play anywhere for gers he is the brains of the club and anyone at gers will respect him. 100%GRAFTER AND LEADER

  16. I think it is gonna be a case of everybody and I MEAN everybody on that park wearing a blue jersey giving 100%, Our aim should be to get 3 points from every game, We should also get over the victim mentality that was hanging round like a bad smell in the McCoist/Mcdowell era & move on with Warburton & try instilling a bit of pride into Ibrox & am gagging for the game tomorrow & hope fervently we go out & batter the Hibees & show the wee boy Scott Allen what he is missing! Its time to man up roll up our sleeves & Gerrintaethem!!! Mon The Gers!

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