Stevie May: “I’m staying where I am”


Stevie May has today denied any
interest in leaving Sheffield Wednesday in light of speculated interest from
The former St Johnstone striker
admitted he had heard the rumours about him, but was not focused on them, and
his primary goal is to succeed for his current employers.
The Scottish international said:

“They are exciting times at the club (Wednesday)
with the new manager and the new style of play. Hopefully we can put it all
together and have a really good season. It was ups and downs for me last
season. I missed a lot of chances. If I had taken those chances I could easily
have been well into double figures. It was different. But you can’t expect to
step up and score 20 or 30 goals in a new league. There are lot of new players
and competition for places. But it’s a challenge and it’s one I’m relishing
this season.”
Directly on the rumours linking
him with a return to Scotland
and Rangers he added:
“I’m focused on one thing and that’s getting
into the Sheffield Wednesday first XI on the
first day of the season and progressing from there. That is all I have got on
my mind. All through my career there’s been speculation. You learn how to put
it to the back of your mind, if you even let it get in there at all. As I say,
I’m focused on playing football here. There is a lot to look forward to.”
With Rangers today nearing
completion on the deal to sign Wigan’s Martyn Waghorn,
a striker by trade, May’s testimony suggests the Owls’ forward, for now, is
staying where he is.
Waghorn and fellow Latic James
Tavernier have arrived at Murray
Park and carried out
their medicals, and the deals to secure both look imminent.


  1. Regarding our current striking options: Miller, Waghorn, Clark, Hardie and Gallagher no one stands out in terms of prolific return but I have faith in Warburton's system and believe he will get the best out of the lads. Stevie May is a great wee player but I'll be happy to see the youth prove their worth.

    On another note I'd like to see Gers create a specific role for an attacking coach. I believe Warburton and Weir will provide the tactical and defensive side so it's really a case for an attacking coach to get the best of the current strikers.

  2. 2 completely unrelated questions……is it true that all Sports Direct signage has been removed from inside Ibrox?
    As much as I prefer to read football stories when it comes to Rangers……what's happened to DK…I'm not overly bothered by the lack of the big transfer budget…but it would still be nice to hear from him… avoids speculation. You see?

  3. Having just let Jukie go they've possibly decided to manage costs than introduce that new role. Nice idea though.

  4. Let King get on with his job of clearing out the vermin that ravaged the club and taking the necessary steps to see that they can't get back in. They haven't gone away. There is still a substantial shareholding that could pose a risk to the recovery effort that is underway.
    I don't know the full story, but it seems that there are certainly enough shares, under the control of the wreckers, to block a new shares issue (I think the board need 76% or something).
    They might even have others lined up that could give them a majority shareholding if they wanted to stage a takeover again, I don't know.
    That might be a reason for not pumping large amounts of cash, directly, into the club's coffers right now. Perhaps it would act as an incentive for the wreckers to launch a takeover and raid the kitty.
    There is still a war going on behind the scenes. We have won a battle in getting the wreckers out of the boardroom, for now. But Rangers future will not be, totally, secure until the board and the supporters have a guarantee that there enough shares locked in to see off any raid by the wreckers and enough to get a new share issue approved that would lock the wreckers out forever,
    No doubt the board are looking at all of these matters and more. Not least, would be how best to fund the club at this time, without leaving that funding at risk. It seems that they have decided periodic 'loans' from safe sources is the way to go for now. They might even be thinking of setting up a new company that will own the players contracts, in future, if they can't get enough shares to, safely, do things 'in-house'.
    Like I say, I don't know any of these things. It's just speculation. However, I'm not perturbed by the fact the board aren't saying a lot, at present. When we're in a fight for our club, with those who would kill it, it makes sense not to telegraph your punches.
    Dave King and Co. have done well so far, in my book. The best thing we can do is support them, the new management team and, above all the players on the park.
    We musn't allow past let downs, by the parade of charlatans who went through Ibrox like a wrecking ball, to destroy our faith in each other. That includes the present board, who have, at least turned of the tap that saw funds gushing out of the club and given us, what looks like, a sound football management team.
    C'mon the Gers!.

    • You realise the reason they've not done a share issue is because the club was suspended, and then de-listed, from the stock exchange and they haven't found another?

      There isn't a war behind the scenes. Just people giving DK money on a wave of empty promises.

    • Great post mate. Good luck to all true Rangers people against the soulless parasites –
      From a Sheffield Wednesday, but first and foremost, a football supporter

  5. Stevie May for me would finally be a signing to get excited about – a guy who would be a top flight upper end striker.

    • Timmothy i think you would be better wondering when your horrible rhancid club are going to reclaim all the assets that the co-op have,you know against the massive loans and overdraft that they provide your "cash rich" well run club!!!…lmfao….oh my sides!!
      Ive 32 million reasons to smile everytime i hear that nonsense!, "cash rich"

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