Scott Allan saga: the latest developments


After yesterday’s buoyant result
for Rangers, matters have turned back to the ongoing Scott Allan soap opera, a
saga which has started to completely dominate Rangers’ summer business.
The latest developments in the
drama are thus:
Some media outlets are claiming
Allan is bitterly disappointed that a verbal agreement, supposedly made on his
arrival at Easter Road, is being reneged on. Said agreement was that seemingly
if a larger club was to make an approach for him, Hibs would honour it and
allow him to leave. Naturally, Rangers have made that approach, but rather than
honour it or demand a higher transfer fee, Hibs have issued a hands-off request
to Mark Warburton.

Naturally this has utterly
infuriated Allan.
Furthermore, the midfielder has
made a pointed claim on his Instagram account by changing his photo to him
hugging Rangers’ midfielder Andy Halliday folloiwing the result in Edinburgh, as you can see
in the title photo. If anything summed up his position, it is that.
The player is said to be ‘emotionally
shattered’ at Hibs’ stubborn request to even humour any bids from Rangers, and
wants the move to Ibrox only, as opposed to anywhere else.
And last but not least is milling
speculation that he is ready to make the final stand with his employer, and
hand in a formal transfer request.
However, one caveat in Hibs’
favour is the fact Rangers have only offered £250,000. It is plain to see the
player is worth more, and in fairness Warburton does need to up his bid in
order to have a serious gripe about the lack of progress in the deal.


  1. After yesterday's emphatic away win I am sure Rangers can wait for Scott to be signed for nothing on a pre contract in January or a fee to sign then for a cut price £100000, all of course dependent on Hibs league position then.

    Would it do Hibs any good keeping a disgruntled player in their squad.

    I would expect a final bid in the £300000 realm to be mooted this week to test Hibs resolove.

    • Agree totally, I see no need to push on this, we are Rangers and we are big enough to wait. We won't struggle competitively in the league and this season it's ALL we need to win. To have Scott this full season would be great to allow him to gel with the team but we DON'T need him desperately. Murdoch is a decent player and can assume the role easily, I am happy top wait till January get a pre-contract signed and spend the cash on maybe Vuckic wages. Am I the only one thinking it stranger Vukic hasn't signed after being freed by Newcastle?

    • Has Haris, really been freed Stuart? I knew it was a possibility but haven't heard it was official.
      If he has, I wonder if Ashley would still look for an unreasonable, so-called, development fee.

  2. I agree Warburton has to up his bid and get this deal done as soon as possible ,it would be good for everybody ,more so Allan who wants it done with .

    • why do people keep saying Warburton needs to up his bid he has hee haw to do with the bid he has identified a player he would like to sign and it is the chief exec that will be putting in bids

  3. Obviously the lads heart is wanting to join us what is a point on keeping somebody who wants away, Liverpool fans had it happen 2yrs on the trot, I remember a certain player called Naismith only had eyes for us, dont need to remind anybody about shylock, nah let the lad come he would fit in very well,our own percy thrower Ally could have signed him for nothing, apparently Scott didnt know anything about vegtables, he was a lost cause

    • What is the connection with Shylock (a moneylender)and Naismith?Utter pish mate.And the gardener jokes are embarrassing now pal.Punished to death.

  4. If reports are correct the Allan will be totally disgusted that Hibs have reneged on their agreement, (although such is the arrogance of that mob that they will no doubt argue that Rangers are not a 'Bigger Club'). He clearly wants to be at Rangers, at the team he has always supported and where his best friend now plays. If Hibs do not allow Allan to move they will have one very unhappy player and it will inevitably upset the dressing room. In essence I do not believe that they have an option but to let him join us.

    • He might be tempted to do a Marco Negri, this season, and develop a mystery injury. Expecting a miraculous recovery toward the end of the season.
      Not very professional I know, but when a club shafts a player they really can't complain if a player reacts out of anger. Scott Allan doesn't strike me as the sort of guy that would do that, but who could really blame him if his form goes off a bit.
      Even if it's not deliberate, it could happen and he'll be blamed for it anyway. Hibs are acting like idiots. They must see that Allan owes them nowt. They got him for nowt and he has earned his corn last season. Now they have a chance to pick up a reasonable fee for the player.
      If they make him stay I hope the player can bide his time and refuse any other bids.

  5. I think we will get the boy and i hope its soon, the quicker we get him in & bedded down the better.
    However if we dont get him then we will have to look further afield

  6. Could be a good boost for going into spfl next season and get him free in january on pre contract.

  7. Check out current picture from IBROX LOYAL
    face book account photo taken in Glasgow beer
    Hall last night. If true suspect the Scotty situation is about to come to a head big time.
    Photo shows Scott with members of the Rangers first team Halliday his best pal, temps
    Clark etc celebrating Rangers win in Edinburgh ???

  8. Check out photo from last night with Scotty
    Out in Glasgow with members of the Rangers
    First team….facebook IBROX LOYAL. Suspect
    Once this becomes public knowledge the situation may come to a head very quickly. Hopefully with Scott at Rangers and Hibs content with a fair price for the player.

  9. A player is only worth what someone is willing to pay. If someone pays 49 million for Sterling – they think he is worth it. Simple. If someones max bid for Scott Allan is £300,000 – then clearly they feel that is what he is worth, taking into account u can sign him on a pre-contract in January for zero £'s.

  10. Great result on Saturday.

    It certainly reflects badly on what McCoist and his management team achieved in their years in charge.

    However don't let the hoo hah around Scott Allan deflect from the promises made by King.

    We are still financially vulnerable and at the mercy of Ashley if he makes a serious attempt to get his money back.

    The lying King is secure in his SA lair, his wife's house, with no sign of the promised investment.

    When Mr King and how much?

    Has work began on a new scouting system?

    What work is planned on the stadium structure?

    Where is the Nomad?

    When will the much heralded share issue take place?

    When will a new auditor be appointed………….as things stand there can be no European football without a set of accounts that doesn't contain a warning about the ability to trade over the next 12 month accounting period.

    When will a line of credit be established with a bank?

    These are all major hurdles to be overcome, otherwise we will continue to exist on ST monies and pay day loans from the board…if they have any more to give?

    Over to you Mr King

  11. I can understand Stubbs' anger regarding timing of the bid but holding onto a player who will be very unhappy to remain at Easter Road and clearly doesn't want to be there will disrupt dressing room .Think deal will be done this week at around £400,000 which represents a good deaI for Hibees as they got the player for nowt,it will be a Board decision purely based on finances which will create an untenable working relationship with Stubbs who will no doubt feel betrayed by them.I think Stubbs will be under enormous pressure in his position as manager and will be more scrutinised if he starts off the League campaign with a few bad results.PS If Stubbs thinks that wasn't a 6-2 game then he's obviously delusional,but he's right it should have been a 6-1 game as clearly that was a dive to deceive the ref who , surprise, surprise was only too willing give them an undeserved pen.

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