Report: Rangers’ last remaining transfer business


Various media outlets have named
the four signings Rangers manager Mark Warburton is allegedly targeting to
complete his summer business.
Trialist Jason Holt, Hibs midfielder Scott
and Wigan pair James Tavernier and Martyn
appear to be the last pieces of the Rangers jigsaw, as currently
being touted by various agencies.

The recent speculation claiming
Stevie May is in Warburton’s sights and had even been subject to a bid has not
been followed up by any concrete information pertaining to its accuracy, but
last night’s breaking story revealing agreements had been reached with Wigan
Athletic for their forward Waghorn and right back Tavernier has gained momentum
with multiple media sources running with the story.
The combined fee for the two
would be roughly £800,000 and the players themselves are required to agree
personal terms.
And the Scott Allan saga has
reared its head again with claims circulating that Warburton is still ‘monitoring’
the player before deciding whether or not to make a bid, with potential
competition apparently surfacing from his old club Dundee United and some
English Championship outfits.
Lastly, Jason Holt, of course,
needs to impress, and there has not been indication from the manager confirming
this has happened, while the John Eustace soap opera has gone deathly quiet.


  1. Ibrox noise,your comments regarding jason holt are not accurate mate,warburton actually stated in a newspaper interview on friday that he thinks holt is an excellent player and has impressed him greatly at murray park,warbs also said that he knows what the club have to do regarding paying hearts a development fee for holt

  2. I hope big W can see something in Waghorn that isn't obvious to others. Less than a goal in 3 games, albeit at a higher level than we are currently at.

    Still young enough to improve, maybe he has something other coaches haven't found yet. For me, I would rather we went with Hardie and Gallagher, Miller and Clark, unless Stevie May is a possibility.

    Happy to take Holt and Allan, although given his desire to play for Rangers, if Hibs won't do business, let's book a meeting with him and his agent now, for New Year's Day. See if that changes Hib's desire to play ball

    • Waghorn is a younger version of Kenny Miller. I wouldn't read to much into his goal scoring stats. He will create barrel loads and run from 1st till 90.

  3. £800k……..ST money going quickly.

    How will we get through the rest of the season?

    The very strong rumour that Park loaned King the money to enable him to buy his shares rings truer by the minute.

    Level 5 have the media at their beck and call……..why is no one asking the most important question?

    Where is King, where is his investment?

  4. i get a feeling we are gonna miss out on scott allan because i think hibs would take less money from dundee united than they would from us

    • Wait until the transfer window is just about to close. Offer Hibs 300,000. If they take it, good enough. That way Rangers get their main rivals best player, leaving them little time to use the money to bring in any new replacements.
      If they don't take the money, I'm sure Allan would want to hook up at Ibrox, for free, next season when his contract ends. The guy is supposed to be a right Rangers supporter. He'll be well aware of Rangers interest. Now, or at the end of the season if need be, will be fine.
      On the others? Once he's got the Wigan pair, time to pull up the drawbridge, I think. MW will be wanting to leave a good bit of scope for playing the young players we've already got.

  5. The Stevie May story for £1m seems to have cooled as Sheffield Wed want the monies up front, not in instalments, because of our precarious financial situation.

    Perhaps if King jets back in anytime soon he will bring his wallet with him this time……….why is no one asking the one big question?

    He promised investment, tens of millions, where is it?

    Why did Park have to loan him money to buy his shareholding?

    Is there an issue moving money out of SA?

    Are there further issues with SARS if King suddenly pops up with monies from an offshore account?

    King and Murray have still been talking up a share issue!!!!!!

    How will that be possible, we are delisted and no one in the City will touch us with a bargepole due to our Chairman's criminal convictions.

    That leaves ST monies and board investment to keep the lights on.

    Where is the board investment?

    • "why is no one asking the one big question?"

      Because Rangers supporters know that cash injections will be required up until they get back into Europe, at least. They also know that if a pile of cash is put straight onto the club's books, as a direct investment, rather than a loan, that might bring the Spivs back out of the sewer to try and buy enough shares to get their hands on it.
      The Spivs and their flunkies are still out there. Rangers supporters will have to be vigilant until there is a 'guaranteed certainty' there aren't enough shares around for the vermin to buy up and stage a coup.

      "why is no one asking the one big question?"

      The only people that are concerned are the mhankies and the Ashley/Easdale eejits.

      To date the board have done well. MW and DW are happy. That makes me and most other Bears happy.

    • They don't need listing to issue new shares. They will need the support of the shareholders to do that though.
      I think Rangers will need 75% support to do that. So that could be a problem, if there are enough people who are prepared to vote it down.

  6. Really looking forward to this season think it's great the new direction the club is heading in regards to signings……

  7. The Warbler will be found out by Xmas, talk is cheap, even cheaper when dressed up by the media. When results are not going the way of t'Rangers the fans will get restless.. Another season in the championship will be a killer.

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