Rangers remain linked with Haris Vuckic


As the only success of the infamous
“Newcastle Five”, Haris Vuckic became something of a cult hero, with his glut
of goals and some impressive flicks now and then. He appeared to be a cut above
the rest of the squad in terms of quality, and lavishly appreciated how popular
he was with the fans.
As such, he has not ruled out a
switch to Rangers on a permanent basis, saying:
“I really was quite disappointed [to
leave]. Scots are great people and I have generally been very well received at
the club. I really loved the club. I really wanted to remain part of the

Consequently, while the Slovenian
still has a year left on his deal (he was expected to be released, but that has
not transpired yet) he appears not to be part of Newcastle’s plans under new
manager Steve McClaren, or at best, is uncertain if the new coach is interested
in him.
Any fee for him would be nearly
one million, which is arguably out of Rangers’ budget, but there is no lack of
desire on his part to return.
“We’ll see. At Newcastle, I have one year left on my
contract. If they want to sell, now it is the last option, because in half a
year, I can talk to other clubs. There is a lot of talk, but about what my
future will bring, I know as much as you”
He was a popular and valuable
player, and with quality players at a premium these days, and a complete lack
of them up front at Ibrox right now, Vuckic could well be a price worth paying.


  1. Whilst I enjoy reading the stories on your site….I'm afraid this one is a non story…rose still it's an old non story.

  2. He was a one trick pony in that his only move was to cut inside and shoot. Once defenders knew this as demonstrated by Motherwell he was ineffective.

    • 2 million wouldnt buy and im one of them the guy was found out pretty quickly in a shit league lets face it can you see him playing in the champions league in 3 years time dont think so

  3. He stood out a mile in the sort few months he was with us. Fair enough he didnt perform in the games against motherwell, but the players around him were useless. If we can keep adding some good quality players, then vuckic could really flourish under warburton. I would even try and get him on loan again, then try and tie him down on a pre contract in january.

  4. Everyone is saying he done nothing in play offs but mind he came to us having not been match fit n when he did play he played for the Jersey n tried his heart out we have other players who didn't play well either so u can't expect a player who was probably only 50-75% fit to do It all by himself!!! Personally a think he'd be a great signing as he's still only 22 yrs old and will definitely get better with time and also a steadier defence behind him to let him focus on his attacking n setting up the strikers n a full season under his belt to get better which gives him a sell on value that Warburton n weir said there looking for n he's hungry to come bk up n play for us so if the price is £1million then a don't see that as a gamble as he will be a better player in a couple of yrs but a think he'll be cheaper if Newcastle do let him go n a don't see any problem dealing with Newcastle now Ashley isn't on the board anymore but at the moment it's a rumour because the player says he wants to come bk but a don't think it will be until after Newcastle come back from pre-season that anything wld happen as Newcastle new manager will want a look at all his squad before he decides whos in his plans n who's not

  5. I was impressed with him, right up until the playoffs and particularly the Motherwell matches – they had him sussed.

    I would take him back as he may do better with better teammates around him, but I wouldn't pay £1 million for him. Sorry, for that money we can do better. Anybody remember the name of the Man City loanee who I think is now in Middle East? Slovenian or similar? He was really good, and like Vuckic appreciated the club.

    If we are going to pay, I want someone who will deliver. And I don't think we should be paying £1 million for anyone unless they are sure we will recoup that money and more in 24 months


    • Vladimir Weiss (Slovakian), Currently, playing in Qatar. Last December he tweeted "Rangers is my family.. I don't know if I'll ever come back, but its my dream to wear the famous shirt again".
      Good player, as you have pointed out. Unlike Haris, he's got real pace and is very tricky. If Rangers could get him, it would be really good , I think.
      Same with Haris. I know that the opposition worked him out as the season drew to a close (cutting inside from the right too much) and he's not the quickest. Not 'slow', just not notably quick.
      However, in a better team, he'd be able to play a bit further up the park and, hopefully have more options with players getting up quickly in support. Apparently, one of the blokes Rangers are looking at is a really quick right back (sorry his name slips my mind, Begins with a 'W' I think). That would help improve Haris I think.
      Anyway, we'll find out soon enough. Who knows there might be more talent in the squad than most of us are aware. Warburton might bring them on quickly, with good coaching.
      I'm hoping that Templeton will be vastly improved this season. Granted, that shouldn't be too difficult a task.
      On Weiss? Total agreement, Here's hoping.
      All the best, to you and all 'Bears'.

  6. Am I the only one who is feeling confident about the coming season, forgot about the cup games they should be used as training exercises,winning the league is all that matters

  7. Given the standard of player we had last season, anyone who could fire the ball at the goal and it be pretty much on target found a special place in our hearts. Brings up the question – was Vuckic good because he really is good or was he good because the rest of the squad were shit? I'd rather see him arrive on a free later on if at all.

  8. Out of the proposed 30 million investment over the next few years, I'd like to see at least 10 million of it spent on expanding the academy, to double the number of kids on the books and to bring in some of the best coaches in Europe to teach them. Out of the hundreds of posts I've read on this and many other Gers websites, I haven't heard anyone call for it. The talk is only of the players we need to sign now and next season. Surely we can see the danger sign this time? If we care about the long-term health and survival of the club, we should be demanding this kind of investment in the academy now. It's already a good facility, and we have a chance to make it one of the very best if we invest properly, but if we're not careful, in a few years we could fall well behind on this side of things. At Southampton, their existing academy is already one of the best facilities out there, and they're now in the process of building a small village to house some of the academy players and staff. Southampton will soon be (if it's not already) the club that parents of promising kids call first. In other words – Southampton's long-term future is secure. Is ours? If the fans' mindset doesn't change, the answer would have to be no.

  9. Proposed 30 million quid investment……dream on mate, just more bluster from TGASL.

    It should already be apparent to Bears that their club is operating in the free transfer market. £1m for any player is not in the budget otherwise Scott Allan would already be at Ibrox.
    Warburton is quickly finding out that the guff spouted by King and Murray is just that and will not be pleased that King's promises of over investment and spending whatever it takes is more smoke and mirrors from the SA magnate.
    Here's a guy trying to sell ST's to the fans based on tradition blah, blah yet has hardly been at a match in the last 5 years and freely admits to not having satellite access to his team's games when in SA!

  10. 10 million on the academy…..are you kidding?

    There's absolutely no money in the kitty to bring in the type of player that we need immediately, nor do we have a scouting system in place yet despite 3 years of hot air on the subject.

    There's lots of chat about Ashley taking legal action in the next week or so to recover his £5m……..King offering him ownership of Murray Park in lieu apparently was quickly rebuffed by the SD boss.

    If he's not paid he can call in the security he holds over MP, Albion car park and Edmiston house, leaving us with no training centre and no access to the Club Stand on match days.

    All this bigging up of the players by the media and Level 5 signed/ on trial is deflecting attention from the fact that we are living hand to mouth. If Ash makes a grab for the ST monies we are well and truly gubbed yet reading the mainstream media everything would appear to be tickety boo……it's not!

    Where the feck is King?

    Where is his investment?

    I've had it with people saying give him time….ffs it's months since he took over the reins.

    Yes, a new management team….a no brainer.

    Some journeymen players signed up to join the failures left over from last year. How anyone can be confident for the season ahead I have no idea.

    Stuck with the SD merchandising deal, thanks for that Charles, hope you are enjoying the castle jn France that we are paying for.

    Other onerous contracts that no one wants to talk about, specifically the £280k per month for what appears to be lease/ rental for the stadium………..let's kill this one here and now, where are the deeds?

    I remember the former FD, name?, telling a press conference that he had them in his desk drawer….no one asked to see them.

    Shades of Green and the Dallas Cowboys deal…..yes I have that email in my desk drawer blah blah, blah

  11. Apparently the Tims are about to sign the Norwegian wonder kid from Real Madrid on a year's loan.

    Ffs contrast with the trialist shenanigans going on at Murray Park, especially with 36 year old Eustace……..

  12. I'd have him but only at a low cost deal. He needs us as much, if not more than we need him.

    £250k and £5k a week with promotion bonus. Deal or no deal…..or jog on.

    • Oh dear…another handleless fearty hiding under the couch..? 🙂

      Or is it the same weirdo 3 times running who was greeting that I'm a troll…mmmmm.

      I'm sensitive, don't have me in tears. Heehee.

  13. Hey guys, reading the comments about investment and such, maybe you should invest in scouting further up south. While Vuckic is decent, Copenhagen signed Benjamin Verbic for £840k who in my opinion is already twice a player. Strong, fast, good trickery, very dangerous infront of goal.

    So yeah, here in Slovenia you can get talents for peanuts. Does Josip Ilicic ring a bell? He went to Palermo for £1.5m back in 2010…peanuts. And I bet anyone will come to Scotland to play for 5k a week instead 5k or less a month in Slovenian league….that is if no one else is interested…

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