Rangers linked to a second right back


Mark Warburton is today
reportedly negotiating to bringing Tottenham Hotspur’s promising young
right-back Ryan Fredericks on loan to Ibrox along with the White Hart Lane club’s fellow youth
product Harry Winks.
22, also experienced a loan deal at Warburton’s previous club Brentford, and
the moves to bring him north do cast doubt on the success of trialist Reece
Wabara’s spell at Murray

Wabara is due to play v Spurs in
the upcoming friendly tomorrow, but Warbs’ talks with Tottenham over another
right back rather than Wabara suggest the former Man City full back may not
have impressed enough during his time north of the border.
Fredericks has plenty of Championship
experience, including at Middlesbrough last season during their excellent drive
towards the Premiership which only failed at the final hurdle, and England U19
caps to his credit, along with European appearances.
If Wabara remains in the picture,
and Fredericks
is for competition, then it certainly spells the end of Darren McGregor playing
at his auxiliary right back slot, and firmly paints the player of the year last
year as squad material or competition at central defence.


  1. Once again no no no no – Ryan played for Middlesborough last season in a team that almost qualified for the Premier League – going to Scotland would be enough of a step back (with the exception of maybe Celtic if playing in Europe) let alone the Scottish second division. What journalists come up with this nonsense. Come back asking for some of our kids when you'se are playing in Europe.

    • Why don't you worry about your own mid level Tottenham trying to make into Europe before slagging anyone . You think your youth are good enough to play Champions league but not good enough to play for Tottenham? Jog on you delusional twat..

    • must agree do we think this guy is wanting to play against some off the worst teams in britain its not going to look great on his cv playing in ramsden cup we couldnt beat the worst well team ive seen if this guy saw that game he will run a mile

    • re: 'Why don't you worry about your own mid level Tottenham trying to make into Europe before slagging anyone .'

      Ah newsflash – we play in Europe every season and often play our kids. Sorry if my dose of reality bothers you – coffee?

  2. forget these loan moves we have 20 to 25 million in the bank whats up with wobo is he scared to spend if so ask weiro he knows a player when he sees one i just dont understand we;ve been given this chance by big dave and we are holding back come wobo watp

    • Light years ahead of you lot I am afraid and sure why let facts get in the way – fyi top 5 mainly in recent times!

  3. anther loan player i think we should call ourselves amigo for the amount of dodgy loans this guy wants in spend the wabo u know it makes sense we are the only club in scotland with money so dig deep

  4. It makes perfect sense to loan premier league youth! They are desperate to express their talent and impress their parent club. Rangers made the mistake before paying huge wages for the Kyle's, Sandaza's, Boyd's etc… I fully expect at least 3 loanees to bolster the squad however I'd also like to see the Murray Park talent given a chance. Tottenham FC are a great club and they could benefit Rangers FC in future so let's build bridges

  5. I expect that the 12 departed players are likely to be replaced with 3-5 new players, 6 tops. Then there will be 2-3 loanees and 2-3 promoted from the youth team.
    Hard to get good quality players to come to the Championship. Rather than settle for second rate and pay over the odds, better to use loanees. We will no doubt lose 4-5 players next summer, but be in a stronger position to bring in 4-5 replacements if we are in the Premier League.
    I agree about making a couple of strategic friendships for future loanees, eg Spurs, Arsenal and Man City all have lots of good young players, most of whom will not make it into their first teams.

    • why do we need to take loan players when dave king has promised us 20 to 30 million i just dont understand u guys trust in king the big signings will be here sooner than later then you will see the bears cheering now stop worrying have faith in king watp

    • Finally some one talking sense! To lure a quality player into Scottish championship will take over paying on wages but a few good loans to get us into prem will then help make us more attractive to better players

  6. Quite frankly im getting fed up with Dave King NOT coming out & spending money, So far we have seen very little of it, Im sure he said he would but in X amount of million but so far he hasnt, I really hope im wrong & he will spend accordingly.
    Its getting bored of the same old same old now, Theres only so much money i can pump into rangerst first & Season tickets before my patience runs out & I go and watch Rugby

  7. King frequently talked about signing players not only to win the Championship but then to immediately compete in the SPFL.

    If he thinks a couple of journeymen pros at no or little cost is the answer then he's taking the p*ss.

    Look at the Celtic squad. They have a dozen plus current international players in their squad…..we have none.

    Their wage bill last season was £25m, ours was £7m.

    If they make �� proper it's a £20m bonus, including gate money!

    We are being led up the garden path by the new board. No proper investment, no war chest and Ashley floating around in the background still owed £5m and with all the IP and merchandising

    For those who say that the monthly pay day loans are investment then think again. It's all money down the drain on working capital. Would be no surprise to find out that Ashley 's 2nd tranche £5m loan is currently keeping the lights on.

    Where's the promised transparency, where's King, where's the money?

    No scouting system, still, no refurb of Ibrox or Murray Park

  8. Part of King's plea bargain with SARS was to repatriate his offshore monies/holdings to SA.

    Don't doubt that he will have a few bob stashed away somewhere but he can't access it for investing in Rangers without SARS being all over him.

    SA exchange laws also make it very difficult to move large sums of cash from SA.

    I'm not privy to what King's been telling the rest of the board but it's no secret that a split has developed and that 2 of the 3 bears will not be contributing to any future pay day loans hence the story that Ashley has loaned further monies.

  9. I am a Rangers supporter [my da made me] but i live in england so go to watch Spurs.

    I think it will be benificial for the 2 chaps to go to Scotland & [hopefully] do well. They will be getting valuable experience very good training facilities "murray park"
    and will hopefully come back better players
    And with a championship medal as well
    so fingers crossed & good luck to them.

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