Rangers’ fans’ poll; how will you remember Ally McCoist?


With Dean Shiels’ latest
interview providing a not-too-subtle attack on ex-manager Ally McCoist, whose
managerial tenure continues to stain his playing legacy long after it expired,
Ibroxnoise.co.uk decided to open this one up to the fans completely.
There are few individuals as
divisive as McCoist, and it is about time a definitive poll answered the
mystery once and for all;

What do Rangers fans now truly
believe about McCoist, and what is your assessment overall of his managerial
period, including in relation to his colossal playing days.
Has he ruined his ‘Super’ Legend
forever by his actions in the hotseat, or do you forgive him or even rate him?
Do you focus on his loyalty in
2012 and the weight he took on his shoulders, or do you focus on the wages he
enjoyed and the Gardening Leave he continues to sit through?
Time to try to put this subject
to bed with this poll today. 

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  1. It is a shame that it has come to this but TBH Ally was out of his depth,
    He should have gone when Walter left & managed a smaller team but he didnt and there it is
    As for the money side of things I did find it hard to swallow that a man so associated witth the club could carry on with the gardening leave scenario, I find that embarrising, People may say different but the man doesnt need the money & he should havejust gone, Anyway hopefully that chapter is over now & we can get on with things, Maybe mr king will open his wallet up a wee bi!!

  2. Ally McCoist has proven to be the worst manager in Rangers history – EVER – in my opinion and thousands of others also! To be paid £825,000 a year and also have the cheek to take a bonus for winning the 3rd & 2nd division is a total DISGRACE. But, I will always remember him fondly as a goalscoring wonder and a F—cking awful manager!

  3. You should also put up a poll for all the players who took huge wages in lower leages and blamed mc coist for them not performing starting with jig then black,etc etc

    • dont forget jig and ally could have walked away at any point,,but did they ????? wake up you fool,,

  4. one of the best rangers ever,,,and nothing will or should change that he should be back at ibrox now, he like a good few others where screwed by the last board,,WATP,,

  5. Good ex-players don't necessarily make good managers, McCoist is a perfect example of that. To be fair we don't know in what way the, then board regime, forced him to act, scouting system being disassembled etc may well have been out of his hands. But, from what players are saying now there was little organisation, certainly little recognition of the young talent, he obviously couldn't read a game and make necessary changes to the tactics and his acquisition of 'old boys' was pathetic. Great player for us? yes no doubt, but was also playing with a very good squad. His managerial qualities and actions may to some degree have been enforced, but many decisions he made were all about him, no excuses son. The Board weren't Rangers men and didn't care how our club performed so they used him to keep supporters happy while they bled it dry and I'm afraid to say, McCoist assisted in the process.

  6. You've got a high opinion of yourself and this site if you think this is a definitive answer and in no way will this put it to bed. When ally gets his side of the story over and we hear everything that was happening behind the scenes with all the shysters he was working under then maybe just maybe some people will begin to understand

    • I wonder if he will explain why he failed to turn up , or contact, an Erskine Homes war Vet. ..a lifelong Rangers fan, on 3 separate occasions
      I doubt it.

      Perhaps it was because there wouldn't be any cameras there

    • Those 'shysters' were not responsible for any of the awful signings, the money spunked, the lack of any kind of coherent footballing plan.

      Stop deflecting.

  7. There is no total c**t option and part of the fraud that put Rangers into liquidation by backing every crook involved ! That would get over 50% of votes.

  8. The poll is going to be tainted by fans from the dark side plus others. So expect a sizable 100% legend total. Just knock 85% off and it should be around the correct figure. I voted anyway, no legend just greedy.

  9. Charlatan,spiv,chancer,sleekit,greedy,selfish,Icould go on all day.NEVER A real Rangers man.Shame on hlm.

  10. Hoe the gers go full season undefeated to show how useless mccoist was.and before THE REal RANGERS men start i would have scored more goals than the useless cunt if i had gazza laudrop ect

  11. The gardening leave thing was not his choice. He was forced into gardening leave and that must have been humiliating for him. He stuck by the club when others fled – and wen the club wanted him to leave – they didnt even have the decency to just pay him off.

  12. The man is a true legend as a player but too nice for man management and his tactics were awful, feel he should have stopped taking a wage saying that he took 50% pay cut, took loads of stick and apparently he gave the tea ladies from inbox who were made redundant a few grand out of his own pocket

  13. Apparently whose to know?, at the end of the day the guy could'nt cut the mustard, he thought his old boys would help him out, a good Tory not many in Scotland these days, on his watch staff were sacrificed for savings , mainly on the minimum wage. Nah fuck McCoist worse manger in our history, Davies was calling nah dont want shite did his apprenticeship in England with mainly no finances and youth, he should have had a chance at last though a guy with vision, still needsw more signings at help from the board the future is Orange

  14. Ally was a legend of the club only as a player. It wasn't easy for Ally to step down back in 2012 when all the shit happened to Rangers but he should have stepped down ether when Rangers won the Third Division or League One.

  15. Decent player who scored a lot of important goals for us, but the worst manager in our clubs history. His signing policy saw vital resources squandered on high earning mediocre staff with no re-sale value. He was clueless as a manager and a coach and by continuing to take a wage while on gardening leave at a time when our club is still vulnerable in a financial context, he has shown himself to be nothing more than greedy and selfish.

  16. A player who only scored the goals he did thanks to Laudrup, Cooper, Hateley and Gascoigne laying most of them on a plate.

    A managerial shambles who has set our club back years.

    Nothing but an ego who put himself and his wages above that of the club. His name should be deleted from the Hall of Fame Board.

  17. Phenomenal player, poor manager.
    But the missing option would have reflected the bit inbetween – that he didn't walk, or run. When the sh*t hit the fan and so many true blues were tried and found wanting, Ally stayed. He was a rallying point and helped hold the club together in its darkest hours and days.

    The fact that he was found to be a poor manager should not detract from this. We seem to have forgotten very quickly just how bad things were. He could have walked and nobody would have blamed him. He could have gone back to his media where he is adored, and made more money than he has at Rangers. He didn't.

    To repeat, a footballing legend and a very poor manager. But a legend for the bit in between.

    • Of course he didn't walk or run. He had 800,000 good reasons not to.

      Mccoist is loyal to his own wallet. Nothing else. He has now proven that with his refusal to renegotiate his severance for the good of the club.

      As parasites go, he's right up there with the worst of them.

  18. If my place of work stuck me on gardening leave id sit and take the money. Il remember coisty for banging in 355 goals for rangers and not a poor managerial reign which he did have to be fair. But always a rangers legend to me

  19. A great player, but sadly his greed as a manager has over-shadowed his playing days.

    Its quite obvious Green bought his loyalty with £850k inglated wages, bonuses & free shares.

    Bought 35 hugely expensive players & left Rangers with no youth policy, no scouting network & a bunch of over-aged players with no sell on value.

    All this & he still has the temerity to draw £2000 per day.

    In summary; a clueless manager who's ruined his reputation with shameful greed.

  20. Maybe he could give all his ill gotten wages away…now has anyone on here any idea what his favourite charity might be?

    • ally is not the only one using rangers football club to line his own pocket,new transport contract awarded to yes you've guest one of the 3 bears, I for one will ot be returning to ibrox until I am convinced of total transparency on how my club is run,at present I wish to offload my shares but cant.

  21. Out of his depth as a manager more interested in his bank balance
    Tactics non existant
    Signings laughable
    Easy swayed(charles green free shares)
    Anyone who claims he,s Rangers profile should checkout his profile in the Shoot magazine years ago, he is the same as Gattuso, Albertz, Amorouso etc he only became a Rangers fan after he signed for us.
    St Johnstone fan was Alastair it,s there in black and white.
    Warburtons team played more football in 45 mins last Saturday than Alastairs team did in over 3 years!

    • A St Johnstone fan who grew up in East kilbride. Get a grip ya halfwit. Walter supports partick thistle, bill struth supported buckie thistle, moses mcneil supported blantyre vics

  22. Scotswaehave has got some valid points which nobody can deny, feel like leaving this forum because if you disagree with the majority, you are a Celtic fan or called worse, I'm thick skinned but sometimes it gets too much . I'm man enough to eat humble pie and say I was impressed with the New team Warburton has assembled but will still stick by what I've said, don't trust king one little bit and eventually we will need to spend but even I got carried away with 2nd half PS humble pie ate, watf

  23. I had no gripes with Ally taking the money rather than handing it back to the cretins on the old board to spirit it out of the club's coffers. I mean, does anyone seriously, believe they would have done otherwise?
    That said, as soon as the new board and the rest of the supporters had blasted the cretins out, Ally should have ceased to take a payment. In fact he should have given back every penny he took from the moment he went on 'leave'. Some would argue he should have went further than that.
    If Ally wanted to redeem himself, it isn't too late. Get the accountant to work and give it back. Or at the very least pump it back in if there is a new share issue and gift the shares to the fans groups. He must have thought about it. So perhaps if he made a statement, giving his point of view, that might clear things up a bit.
    As time goes by this will damage his standing, sadly. If he cares then he'll speak out. If he doesn't, then Rangers supporters will make their own judgements on Ally, the man. Rather than Ally, the player.

  24. McCoist a legend? Don't make me laugh.

    Whilst we move on as a club and W&W fix the chaos McCoist left behind, has Ally moved on? Nope, instead of looking out for work with another club (no laughing at the back please) or as a pundit with his chums at BBC Scotland, he's quite happy to take his £2k a day and attend golf events with his wee ginger bigot of a pal.

    I was here before he became a Rangers fan, endured the carnage he created and will be here long after he's left.

    For anyone still considering his so-called legendary status, think of it this way. Approximately 900 supporters need to pony up their Season Ticket money now JUST to be this parasite what he's owed from this day until we're finally shot of him.

    What a guy.

  25. I will remember Ally McCoist as a legend,if it was not for him 3 years ago where would we be,hey you can only work with the tools you have at hand and that was all ally did he did not get a free run with the money,put ally in place now and i bet you all he would still win more games than he lost why for ally was a winner through and through and was brought up in that frame of mind win at all cost for the club you love,we may be watching a new team but can they keep wining when the going gets tough and the weather is cold.never talk about ally as a bad person he wore the badge and fought for it with the pride of a lion,a legend he will always be.

  26. Don' t make coisty the scapegoat ! The reality is it took a different green & whyte to bring us down after 140 years as the other mob
    could' not.maybe in time we' ll get the truth
    from ally himself as to what was going on behind closed doors.I don't think even Walter
    could have or would have worked under the previous regimes as was proved when he refused and left Ibrox.who else would hand back money in the circumstances despite having to watch all the other cunts rip the heart out the club and be rewarder for the privilege (we know who they all are).
    Sadly if this had happened to the Tims do you think they would treat Larsson or Lennon the same way.


  27. I' m a coisty fan but maybe he could date us a turn and buy wee Scotty 4 us as a present!
    And I'm no being sarcastic either.
    He will always be a legend in my eyes, it' s no his job tae bail us lot that 's the current boards job after awe the promises made when wanting control.

  28. anyone remember the gazza intervlew where gazza talks about'coisty'chomping at the bit to come off the subs bench for like the last 5 minutes of an already won game?yeah supet Ally wanted his bonus…very telling,good riddance,we've got a REAL manager now,who isn't taking money under false pretences.

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