Rangers’ close to fifth major signing of summer


Rangers manager Mark Warburton
has confirmed fully-fledged interest in trialist Andy Halliday, and the
imminent desire to get him signed up permanently.
Speaking after Rangers’
impressive 2-0 win over Ayr United at Murray Park,
in which Halliday got 60 minutes to win over his potential new boss, Warburton
admitted his intention to sign Halliday up as soon as possible:

“He (Halliday) did very well. He has trained
with us from the outset and I was very impressed with him. Hopefully we can
move that forward now.”
Winger Halliday has been at Murray Park
for some considerable time now, giving the manager plenty of time to mull him
over, and tonight’s statement confirms he has succeeded in impressing.
Assuming the offer is to his
liking, and all parties are satisfied, Halliday should become Warburton’s fifth
major first-team summer signing within a short space of time.
Another trialist, Wabara, did not
feature tonight, as he did not v Spurs, and that interest would appear dead in the
water now.


  1. What's the latest with Eustace.

    The Warbler went on about his strengths a few weeks ago, tipped to be Captain Fantastic…..will he be signing this week?

    Has anyone else noted how there is complete silence now in the King and Murray corner.

    Is this a prelude to bad news being around the corner…….Ashley ' s not gone away and he can crush us in a minute if he wanted to.

    No transparency yet on short, medium, or long term investment strategy.

    Is their a strategy?

    The share issue idea has crashed and burned….thanks Dave, still waiting for that Nomad to pop up anytime now.

    What he says and what he does are miles apart.

    Without an auditor we won't have published accounts…….this again was supposed to be a work in progress yet months on from Deloittes resignation…..nothing, nada. It's as if King and Murray have forgotten the promises and pledges they have made almost as soon as they have made them.

    No signed off accounts will cause problems for a Euro licence but more importantly the accounts must be signed off without any going concern note otherwise there will be no European football for the forseeable future.

    Where is King, where is his money?

    Note, not a single question being asked by our esteemed journalist on this subject.

    Level 5 has all of them in their pocket at a huge cost to the club.

    Last audited accounts showed a loss of £8 million plus. What's been done to address it, how will it be funded going forward?

    Transparency………that's the biggest porkie that King and his patsy have come out with.

    we have no idea how the last 2 paydays have been funded…..would anyone be surprised to find out that Ash is providing further loans……..

    • Mediahouse… Come in Mediahouse… Ah mean… do you think we're stupid Jack the Kipper???! Fuck off!!!

    • Your paymasters are not getting value for money. These rants are so transparent.
      Wasting your time parasite.

  2. Just in case any of you haven't seen, the other blogs are rife with Eustace not signing because money and not one penny signing on fee

  3. Graeme Jack reckons Paul Murdery is on nearly 4 grand a week and his expenses are horrific. We will overcome all of this, but we need things aired. WATP

  4. We will weather the storm of all the brickbats and petty insults coming from our sworn enemies. As Winston Churchill himself,said, talking of the eternal preservation of the Union "what kills you makes you stronger"

  5. I hate to say this but our board who we have backed with shares, season ticket renewals is deafening by its silence where are they going what is their vision, strategic plan and when can we expect some quality midfielders and attackers

  6. People should have refused to buy season tickets until they seen the players we were bringing in, what makes it worse king put prices up 5%, he was never going to put money in, he isn't even a fan, I'm afraid to say it but we have all been had again.

  7. Don't know how Glibby has the nerve to look us in the eye. Obviously not a straight shooter, what we in our final year at college called an astigmatic body swerve – and true to form he's sending us all the wrong way because its us who don't get things straight.

  8. Give the board a chance, they are taking their time and doing a proper assessment of everything that is going on. They have to also wait to see how many season tickets get sold, It has been proven over the last 3 seasons throwing money to at players to get them back up never worked. There is still plenty time before the transfer window closes to show us the money. I for one am not worried about what is happening and am more excited about this new season than I have been for a long time.

  9. Too many of the mhanky mhob posting on this site methinks. Maybe a couple of the Ashley and Easdale flunkies hanging around as well, trying to sow discontent.
    Like most supporters I'm well pleased with the new board, the new management team and their approach to the game, as well as the emphasis being put on youth. It's good to see young players being added to the squad and I'm confident that Warburton will get a lot more out of the young guns who were there last season.
    I'm betting too, that Templeton and Nicky Clarke will do really well under the new set up. Kenny Miller looks as fit as ever to me. Last season a leaky defence with no pace, particularly in the centre, meant that they couldn't play a high defensive line, without risking getting torn apart by quick counter attacks. The Motherwell games only highlighted that.
    The midfield had to sit to deep as well to cover for the centre backs. As a result the front players were getting nothing to work with. Miller was having to drop too deep to try and get on the ball. Boyd with no mobility really struggled. With some decent service, he would have got goals. I expect him to start scoring again, with Kilmarnock, next season.
    Rangers will be a complete transformation. Youth, pace, fitness, enthusiasm, touch and, above all, a playing structure laid out by a coaching staff that know what they are doing, will see the a, vastly,improved Rangers outfit. Of that, I'm very confident.
    I'm not going to start throwing a tantrum if it takes a few weeks to get everything up to speed, or if we hit some flat spots during the season either. As Warburton has said, we want to see real long term improvement, not just a quick fix.
    Like all Rangers fans, I'll be disappointed if we don't go up this season. Ideally, by winning the league. If it happens via the playoffs that will be fine by me. However, if it doesn't happen, I won't be slashing my wrists if we miss out. Evidence of, real, long term, improvement will do me. If that brings promotion, as well, so much the better.
    C'mon the Gers!

    • Hear fucking Hear… A lot of stuff on here that makes me sick as a bear…. You are giving these guys no time at all… Unless you all have an agenda????

    • now fuck of paul away and try that blazer on just one more time go on go on go you know you want to ahhh does that feel better now just fuck of back up kings arse ya walloper

  10. I think a lot of you guys need to back off king and Murray, has anything gone wrong since they took over? No. We have signed the right manager. We are signing good players. We are not the Rangers of old. We are a new smarter, better run, economical Rangers. You all want hallmark signings? Why we are a championship club, we have possibly the best youth coach out there in Warburton. We wanted our youth to shine and play in first team. Now it's happening your whinging cod were not signing gazza's or laudraup's feck sake buck up your ideas folks open your eyes to the revolution that is a bigger and better Rangers for the future

    • its guys like you that king and paul potless loves the mushroom posse just keep u in the dark and throw shite on you and the funny thing is when theyve gone and the next con man comes in he will throw more shite on you and you will shout in you we trust

    • Spin, spin, spin. That's all we've got right now. Were all waiting to see if W&W get the investment to challenge hibs. At the moment I dont see it. Frees, trialists and youth none of us know as yet if Warbs can make a team of them.but hibs are already a bloody good team in this league so the next fortnight will be telling.

    • Well said Scott. The Ashley/Easdale flunkies have joined with the mhicks. That would be the mugs that follow 'McMurdo's blog'. They were determined to see Rangers turned into a soulless club. A money making enterprise for the Spivs until it was squeezed dry then put out of business, permanently.
      Thankfully, Dave King and other businessmen, together with the real supporters have been able to prise their filthy hands from the levers of power. For now, at least.
      I have no doubt, though, that they are intent on making a return, to finish their dirty work.
      Vigilance and prudent management will be of paramount importance in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.
      Even with the offloading of high earners during the close season, and the signing of less expensive players, Rangers will still require cash injections, over and above what comes in through the gates, at least until they get back into Europe.
      The club was left in ruins by the Spivs. King and Co. have begun a rebuilding job from the ground up. They have made a good start.
      We don't know, for sure, what money has come into the club as yet. However we do know that the tap has been turned off, on the outflow of cash, that kept the Spivs hanging around.
      If a lot of cash was pushed into the club, at this time, it might see a push by the bastards behind the scenes, who haven't gone away, to try and stage a coup to get their filthy mitts on it.
      It is far from clear if the board have certainty they can depend on enough shareholders rejecting the Spivs and sticking with the rebuilding job that the club needs.
      The Spivs and spoilers do have enough shares to prevent a new shares issue that could secure the club's future, banish the Spivs, forever, and allow real investors to put money, directly, into the club without the fear of the Spivs returning.
      So far, the board have done well, I think. It's now in the hands of the new management team and the players to take the club forward.
      All true Rangers supporters will get behind the club and do all in their power to ensure the filth that ravaged our club never return.
      All the best, to all Bears.

    • Stuart… back to kerrydale son… Sad that you spend your evenings doing this, time to get a life and watch your team living the dream in Iceland… no??!

  11. 'MAJOR' signing??? Really..? Another freebie nobody wants.. King has let us down, all this talk about give the board a chance they have done nothing wrong… Jeez where do you start with that? The have done hee-haw other than beg for SB money and replace a temp manager incentivising the new man to get us up a league. A manager with 18 month's experience who has been asked to cobble a side together free to play against stable quality sides who have improved their squads since last season… Have we? Total footbal, you have to laugh at that statement. Only time will tell but it won't take too long.

    • I can put up with the negativity of the idiots and tims but there are way too many clueless pricks like you on this board who barely possess a brain-cell between the lot of them!
      In case you hadn't noticed Hearts won the Championship at a canter last season with revamped youthful squad and a coach with even less experience than Warburton who was shortlisted for Manager of the Season and who had won manager of the month several times!

    • Too much sense in that post, pal. The Ashley/Easdale eejits won't understand it, and the tims (same thing really) won't care.
      Won't happen, I know, but it would be good if the mhickies stayed off Rangers threads and the Ashley/Easdale eejits stayed away from Ibrox.

  12. So now I am a Celtic fan (polite version) if I speak out against what I think is total garbage so far, not so much the manager or perhaps the new signings given what we are paying and who we will be playing (for most of the season) but definetly the King we trust brigade, he is fleecing us, he will fleece us and he has not delivered on one promise, watch this space, WATP J

  13. People on this site keep calling me a Tim and calling me negative, because I'm not happy with signings , is any fan over the moon with the players we have brought in ? Appreciate we aren't rich but surely Adam Rooney Allan could be had for less than 2 mill, where is king. and his money? They were talking to 10 papers every day before king got in and now silence, where's the contact with fans and the transparency now? Like buying in to a dodgy timeshare

  14. Please reflect on what the fans have accomplished over the past few years. The current custodians can be removed as quickly as the others were. The supporters will ultimately determine Rangers future. Time will be their judge. I think you will agree that the fans at Ibrox are very astute at spotting 'bullshiters'. Let's see what the season brings.

  15. No mention of the retail deal with Ashley shares issue it was a massive deal few weeks back not heard a thing since seriously worrying now that Ashley and King are doing a secret deal behind fans back.

  16. We are the people and always will be hopefully before I die fans will have a majority shareholding in club In king I can never trust if we ever get in the black king will get profits wired home to south Africa, he said he hasn't seen gers game in years ,my cousin has lived there since 1981 and gets all gers games on satellite might only be a small lie by Dave king but if you are going to lie about minor things like that mmm?? No nomads no warchest no money and corresponding with fans in king I don't trust p.s Warburton and weir I believe in hope they stay but they may walk if they show the same lack of respect they've shown to fans p.s sack the board.

  17. God help us if we draw Septic in a cup. In fact Aberdeen would gub us. The players we are signing wouldn't get a game for Aberdeen which is embarrassing.

  18. Think Warburton and weir are a gers dreamteam but even they must be wondering where the money is, these two are honorable men and wish one of them could be on the board too, don't trust king or Murray.

  19. I think all gers fans should stick together, some of us unemployed, some of us have money for season tickets, shirts etc and some haven't and would you buy a shirt anyway if you could 78% to Ashley, I've been slammed on this site by so called gers fans by giving my opinion omg thought that this was a forum just don't think we can win championship with players we have, might be wrong but in Warburton I fully trust, we should be asking more of king, if he's gonna spend big in January say this, what's his plans what's going on and where is the money??? Before king got in I had headaches/nightmares because this man was so much in the press, where is his visions, transparency????? P.s no point in asking where money is, was never coming but at least tell fans this MR KING

  20. If I was a shrewd manager of Rangers and I needed a lot of players for the new season then I would get the loans,free transfers,small transfer fee players dealt with first then other clubs don't get the impression you have money to burn(which we don't).Use your brains,the better signings will come in last and that is the shrewdest way to do it imo.

  21. Too many big mouths on this site most are cool seems the motor mouths are the ones that are anonymous the ones that call me a Tim fenian taig etc these people have no balls and hide behind screens rangers should kick bigots out.

  22. Stuart, what age are you? You seem to have the patience and demeanour of a 2 year old. I can picture you jumping up and down, stamping your feet, and screaming 'want it, and I want it now, now, NOW!!! If you don't stop it you will stay in your room and there will be no sweeties for a month.

    The current board have all made valid contributions to date. They have many problems to address. Operational costs are high and the club must be returned to a sound financial footing. Evaluate the board's performance after a few seasons. A team of honest young players showing endeavour and commitment will need our patience and backing. A positive atmosphere at Ibrox will be vital and we can play our part. We are well on the road to recovery but it takes time. Be careful of the professional snipers and parasites that infest these sites with their constant attempts to undermine us. They are easy to spot. Same old, same old.


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