Rangers bid for Stevie May?


Unconfirmed reports today have
speculated that Rangers have made a bid to Sheffield
Wednesday for former St Johnstone striker Stevie May.
The bid, rumoured to be £1M, was
circulating earlier today from more than one outlet, albeit no national
agencies have picked the story up.

Rangers have been long-linked
with the forward, albeit the previous incarnations of the link to him had the
interest as a loan with option to buy.
Aberdeen are also being connected
with a move for the Owls’ striker but as far back as mid-June Rangers’ name was
very much the front-runner for his signature.
With manager Mark Warburton having
faced May in his former guise as Brentford manager, he knows first hand the
striker’s quality, and indeed 28 goals for St Johnstone before his move south
confirms that.
£1M would be a stunning bid for
Rangers to make if it is verified, and would be the first sign of the Club
trying to financially dip in the more illustrious sectors of the transfer


  1. If the story is valid and transfer comes to fruition what will the mhob be telling us, possibly he is a dud or not a marquee signing, I await with bated breath!

    • Not so nameless one – hussy maybe – do you know who or what you are or even what foot you kick with? This is one mhanky who has the good Christian grace to admit that Stevie May would be a great investment for Squinty. Come out of the shadows shady lady.

    • Yer no foolin aebody ya fuckin tramp. Just one free ride bike. Your breath is unabatedly ronkin.

  2. I remember May a couple of years back. He's young, and has good talent. He could be perfect for Mark W style and ethos. I personally am exited by this prospect and hope that its true. Is he a rangers fan, or is SJ his boyhood team? Nevertheless I hope we get him. Great news!!!

  3. This is exciting news indeed. I never doubted Mr King and now we^re going to just drive forward at high speed. I have now saved £14,300 and don't like the rumour that the Rangers are not allowed to do a share issue. I don't need the money so if there are any season tickets unsold at the end, I will use all my money to buy season tickets for true Rangers supporters who cannot themselves afford them.The Rangers have always been my whole life and I have been decorted by what we have had to endure these past years.

    • Well keep me in mind as I am skint this year with my new baby daughter haha liamm1989[at]hotmail.co.uk

  4. Come what may we will never pay 1mill for a player we have borrowed the biscuit tin off Celtic and if you looked inside I'd be surprised if you could get a fish supper out of it.

    • You're a wretched soul Stuart son… Sitting in the opposition end spitting shite all over your nice green and grey hoops there. Back from whence you came.

  5. Share your views Martin he did look decent at st johnstone and he's still young but not sure I agree with your thoughts as in is he saints fan etc probably going to get shot down now but mo Johnston was a good rangers player he worked his nuts off for gers he might be a turncoat but at least the man worked for his money not like the 11 we let go

  6. ra'gers "chase Wigan duo"
    ra'gers " swoop for Halliday"
    ra'gers " bid for May"
    time to wise up . no longer ra peepil, no longer a top flight club, time to do what should have been done 3 years ago – rebuild at the level you're at. desperate to get back – best stay in lower leagues until big Dave gets his inheritance cheque sent or go for the old PPI claim

    • Acht shut up. We're coming for you… One more year playing against pish and kidding on you're winning flags… We'll be back and putting your vicious mhob to the sword..

    • Alloa ….. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oops stung
      everything is to do with swords? better hide my knees too then
      you didn't really read my post – it said build from and at the level you are at ! its called being sensible, living within your means – not paying black,jig et al £8,000+ a week to beat part timers !
      i blame the teachers for the lack of reading prowess.

  7. Warburton has even suggested that he worries bringing in a £1million player could disrupt the equilibrium of the dressing room.
    stop it my sides;-)

  8. Bunter, that's a humble and honourable gesture to buyout season tickets if unsold. And yes fan or not, he will be won over in the end by our tremendous fan base, that I am sure of. I will be keeping a watchful eyeout for tomorrow's proceedings.

    I also take the view that King and Co will keep to there word, hard to trust after the other jokers before but they have my backing and have done since they cane in stay positive! WATP


  9. I'm positive too in Warburton and weir I fully trust but everyone on this site who keeps saying in king we trust etc if he was your paymaster and you were relying on being paid wages to pay mortgage etc would you be confident personally I'd be sweating buckets

  10. Sure I know you Bunter, are you still working for the Red cross, UNICEF and Marie Curie? Hope your 100 mile bike ride for Oxfam goes well tomorrow ,you are a gentleman offering to buy tickets for gers fans gonna say you should be in the daily record stating this oh and I've just seen a flying unicorn with 3 heads. P.s nite Billy bulls#it

    • I don't think you do know me Stuart. I don't have a big pay. Its taken me a while to save up the money. All I have left after rent, food, clothes etc is for Rangers. Its how I was brought up and will never change.

    • Then again bunter could have watched Darren McGregor in more than 7 games what do you think Stuart, he may even buy you a season ticket or did you see the 7 games on the tele

    • I thought I read in one of the papers that if Vukic went back to Rangers, he can kiss his chances of playing for Slovenia goodbye. Stand to be corrected, but didn't the Slovenian manager say Scottish Championship football is not good enough for Vukic.

  11. Anon 17 July 23.16

    What a fud!
    Almost every day in the press the great unwashed are trying to sign Swedens greatest prospect or Spains newest young sensation….and guess what…Yup where are they?
    Nowhere to be seen…..LoL

  12. Anon 17 July 23.09

    Very obviously you are the same unwashed vermin that posted at 23.16!
    To be perfectly honest myself and 99% of Rangers supporters could not care a monkeys if
    Stevie May is a tim or not, hello to the real world bhoy!

  13. Re 19:29. I blame you dirty ira loving sectarian scum. Take a look at your own discrimination prick

  14. Get a life you loser crawl back into yer dirty den and don't mention the ira on this site hope you get kicked off gonna report you don't need bigots like you dragging the club down

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