How Mark Warburton gave us our Rangers back


Listen. Can you hear it? No?
Normally this site, the Internet, Twitter, the stands, the pubs are filled with
digs at Rangers. Non-Rangers fans enjoy nothing more than to attack and laugh
at Rangers’ frailties and travails, while paying very little attention to their
own teams, it has to be said.
But following yesterday’s
stonking victory over Hibs (Celtic have never even scored 6 at Easter Road in their entire history) the digs, attacks,
insults, hatred and general loathing have been conspicuous by their absence and
this site, to name just one, has seen very very few non-Rangers supporters
making an appearance in the comments.

Why? Because for the first time
in three years the rest of Scottish football is actually starting to realise
Rangers have finally started to turn the corner towards a slow-burning return
to our old selves.
And we can solely thank a Mr Mark
Warburton for this incredible new Rangers ethos – a hard working, solid,
team-building machine which does not cater to the needs of any individual, but
insists that the entire squad is capable and not just the first team.
While that first half yesterday
was undeniably poor, the response after Tavernier’s equaliser was absolutely
what Rangers fans expect. Of course the team quality is a long way off Rangers
Standards; no one among our support, not least Warburton himself would attest
But for the current
circumstances, Warburton’s approach and professionalism is the biggest breath
of fresh air seen at Ibrox for some considerable time.
His press conferences have exuded
class, his interviews have been precisely what Rangers fans want and need to
hear. The difference with them compared with recent ‘managers’ is this guy
truly means what he says.
Rangers are a different animal
under Mark Warburton, the machine is starting to finally whirr into life after
an extensively long sleep mode, and it is evident Scottish football knows it.
As this site has said repeatedly,
Rangers have a long way to go. The next match v Peterhead could be a disaster.
But the point is Warburton has put the measures and systems in place for
long-term recovery – and one bad result or bad half is not going to halt that.
In fact, the bad moments will
only see the manager improving what there is, and altering what is there.
Warburton says the best plan B is
to do plan A better – and that was never more evidenced than at Easter Road.
Getting Mark Warburton was a
stunning coup for Rangers, and the result and performance on the pitch on Saturday
showed just how far the Govan men have come since Motherwell trashed them in
Rangers could not be in a safer
pair of hands than Mark Warburton’s.


  1. I loved what Mark Warburton said, "The best plan B is to do plan A better", fantastic stuff. I have been saying all week that the bears must show patience with the W & W team. Thank goodness we have got rid of some of the anonymous bigots & the trouble making other teams supporters trying to stir up trouble for the genuine Rangers fans.

  2. War burton is a breath of fresh air,always very positive bt also knos wen things need a bit more wrk and desire n is very dedicated n focused too make right those wrongs. There no big headed ness or arrogance just a straight talking down man manager. 1st tym in a few years av walked about with a smile on ma face n been proud of every player on the park. Well done! keep it up n we will follow on.Hopefully Allan n may will arrive n we will b a force this year. WATP!!

  3. Could not agree more with this article compared to the McCoist reign Warburton looks like a winner who is putting down the building blocks that should have been done years ago

  4. We will have our down days, like you say. It might be next week or some way down the track. We will not be downhearted. We are on the pathway to a genuine recovery. It is time for all Rangers supporters to get behind the board, the management team, the players and each other.
    Time to stop looking back. The Rangers haters like nothing more than seeing us run our own down. We are Rangers. We are still the greatest football club of them all. It is beyond doubt that no club has ever faced the attacks that our club has in recent years. We will, as always, emerge victorious. They have done their worst. We will do our best.
    What a day it will be when Rangers go amongst those who have disgraced themselves as Scotsmen, football supporters and as human beings. When we win that next top level championship, oh how we will celebrate. For now, though, lets back our club to the hilt and enjoy the journey back. Onward and upward.
    C'mon the Gers!

  5. What a great message to all 'Gers' fans that want to the club to spend millions on 'big signings'.

    Save the cash for the Premiership and continue to buy and loan players wisely, don't give in to tic fans in disguise.

  6. Check out Tim on Ibrox loyal with a green warburtons loaf, being a Tim he had to buy thickest bread! Suitable me thinks ?

  7. Wish Mc call could b involved still as he has a lot to offer whether its head of scouting or coaching the the next group of youngsters coming through.

  8. Is it true that Peter Lawell is trying to invoke a charge of sorcery on the magical displays coming from the Ibrox area of Glasgow? Saint Mark Warburton has a very nice Ring to it.

  9. Good God, only last week we had Warburton telling us this was a pre-season friendly, even if not it is the first competitive run out before the league begins and yet for some they think Champions League qualification has been secured. Nothing like getting way ahead of ones self.

    Before last season one would have expected a cruise through the Championship – a bit like what Hearts did – and this season will possibly bring that but I will watch how Hearts get on this season with interest given the apparent gulf between Premiership and Championship having watched what Motherwell did at the end of last season.

    I think this might be the truer measure than a really loose defensive performance by two teams getting geared up for the season.

    • I think this article and your comment shows how far back you lot actually are. I mean you hammer Hibs in the Petrioc Cup or whatever it is called and you all seem to think that the message has been sent out loud and clear that you are ready for the big time.

      Newsflash we are more concerned with beating much higher opposition comfortably in our friendly while preparing for a couple of games that will decide if we play group stage European football this season.

      You long to have a team to support in the upper ends of Scottish Football and any break in the clouds is greeted like a sunny day – I understand this but the warmth you are feeling in your pants is yet again very premature.

    • Newsflash – Nobody cares what your team is doing. A sizeable amount of your fans don't care anymore either. Otherwise your ministry of propaganda wouldn't continually lie about your attendance figure.
      And my comment was aimed at the Celtic fans who comment on here pretending to be bluenoses.

  10. great start and i hope we see ibrox full every week and we can all help get our club back to the top where we should always have been,,IN KING OUR TRUST WATP.

    • No you should not have always been. You actually got parachuted into Div 2 when other clubs possibly had more right but because you'se were picking up the pieces of Rangers with the same ground and same support the powers that be decided they wanted you lot moving through the leagues rather than have you start out at the very bottom where you should have.

      Please for your own sakes take your heads out of the sand and stop this car crash from going the same way as Rangers, Third Lanark and the rest.

    • Get back to your stinkin' rat pit, mhickey.

      Rangers should never have been put out of the SPL. The SPL b——s changed the rules to give the chairmen of all the clubs a vote. They, in turn voted according to the wishes of their mongrel, so-called, football supporters.
      They were condemning Rangers for matters that were still before the courts. Making idiotic claims about new clubs and the like.
      What did the courts say? What did the SFA and even the SPFL finally admit?
      Not guilty! Same Club!
      Not only in spirit, the true measure of what a club is, but LEGALLY.
      Despite all the howling from the internet eejits, etc. How many legal challenges did we see? None! Zero! Zip!
      All we got was a 'complaint' by the unwashed to the ASA. Who duly, slapped the mongrels down. They checked with UEFA, the SFA and noted legal opinions of those who had been involved in Rangers matters. Their conclusion? Same Rangers.
      There is not a single person or body of any legal standing who has not declared that Rangers are legally the same club.
      We, as Rangers fans, did not need anyone to tell us what we already knew. All of these eminent people and authorities, merely, confirmed what all true blue Rangers Supporters already knew.
      All of the mhanky mongrels can eat their own putrid vomit.

    • Don't even bother feeding the bheast trolls. On a Rangers blog? Typically pathetic from Savco.

  11. Talking about motherwell why has nothing been done about the events after the game in may,look at saturday hours after the game bbc scotland again not slow in reporting rangers could now be in trouble because of some trouble with a few fans,why do we sit back and take this.

    • Conspiracy theory anyone?

      Don't sit back. Get the fans sorted. No one can deny that there is more than a fair share of numpties and knuckle draggers following Rangers. Weed them out.

  12. Great second half performance and an excellent result but we were extremely poor in the first half.

    Warburton is doing now what McCoist should have done three years ago. Those years and tens of millions of pounds have been wasted.

    Things are finally on the right path but patience is needed. Saturdays result doesn't signify job done and I just hope all those on here bumming their load remember how they feel if and when we have a couple of bad results.

    I trust Warburton. I think he will sort out my basket case of a club. My fellow fans I'm not so sure about though. They have never been known for their patience.

  13. Still don't understand why a mick or plastic mick would even be on here never mind comment. They really are obsessed it's quite embarrassing

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