Hibs reject bid from Rangers for Scott Allan


News has broken tonight that
Hibernian have rejected an initial first bid from Rangers for star midfielder
Scott Allan.
The bid, undisclosed as yet, has
not been enough to persuade Alan Stubbs to part with his marquee player, but
Rangers are certain to return with a second bid to further up the ante on the
Allan is on record as being a Rangers
supporter, whose idol is Paul Gascoigne, and is widely regarded as wanting a
move to Rangers, but as yet Rangers have not made any known attempt at
snatching his signature.

His monetary value to Hibs is
unclear, and Rangers’ coffers are finite, but manager Mark Warburton would be
willing to push the boat out on securing such a coveted player.
The news broke on Sky Sports’
Twitter account this evening:
“SKY SOURCES: Hibernian reject a bid from
Rangers for midfielder Scott Allan.”
This would be a signing Rangers
fans desperately need to see.


  1. Very good player who may florish even more under the Warburton/Weir regime.
    Not only a good addition but also weakens who most people think will be our main contenders for promotion.That is maybe how the board should look at the investment.

  2. Who cares he could be Messi but watching last night We are going to struggle with the important part of football ie scoring goals one striker and two wingers is not going to hack it no matter who is in midfield.Don't get me wrong I want us to succeed but with non existent strike options mid field is not a priority.

  3. Dave King said club are not as big as Celtic and only chance to be is if fans invest more than Celtic – thoughts?

  4. this offer was only made to take the spotlight away from king after his horror show on sky lets face it we were never getting allan for 100;000 this board make me cringe

  5. £100m offer??

    Are we kidding….Dundee Unt have been knocked back with a £300k offer.

    Hibs will want top dollar for their most valuable asset, not £100 thousand, especially if selling to a rival club in their league.

    King's interview yesterday should finally convince those still claiming In King We Trust that he's led us up the garden path.

    No Nomad
    No listing
    No share issue
    No auditor
    No investment

    Losing £10m per year at least with no apparent plan in place to t turn the business around.

    This crap about the merchandising deal is a complete red herring. A better deal would only net around another £2m per year, doesn't even put a dent in the current losses.
    King couldn't have been clearer…….either the fans dig deep or we are forever condemned to be 2nd best…..if that.
    Why didn't Jimbo ask him where the boards £20/50m investment plan had gone.

    GASL as called out by the SA judge………why should we expect anything different.

    If King has a meeting arranged with SD,I doubt very much if it will be with Ash in person, he better have his cheque book with him in case they ask for the £5m loan back before any discussions begin.

    Oh and I look forward to SD confirming that there is a meeting scheduled….because I don't believe a word that comes from King's mouth given his previous.

    • Another professional sniper rant. Another editorial act of collusion. Why the emphasis on some South African judge's opinion who was part of the very establishment pursuing King for tax avoidance. South African establishment, world renowned for its principals, ethics and honesty.

  6. At least we're getting transparency from king now, he's made it clear he won't be putting any of his money in for players, as usual we have been lied to again, so much for everyone has their bit to do, fans alone expected to bail club out, we will never compete with Celtic without some financial support from board, if I'd seen sky interview week's ago I wouldn't have bought sb, so much for warchest over investment, feel cheated now, can't trust king anymore too many lies now

  7. Short memories. The gentlemen on the board are the people who purchased shares and enabled the club to rid ourselves (in conjunction with the fans) of the greedmongers who were taking the club into oblivion. For the moment the company must adhere to more stringent financial operation. Patience and good governance will eventually pay dividends. The future of the club ultimately lies with fan power. Evaluate the current board's performance by all means, but at least give them some breathing space. The supporters are the power base and the longevity of any board will be based on their goodwill and financial backing. Recent history has shown that custodians are not permanent fixtures.

  8. Does anyone want my sb? After that sky interview yesterday I've decided I'm not going till either king leaves or spends money. PS would rather give it to someone who was unemployed and can't afford to go to matches

    • Why not contact the Supporters Associations who encouraged fans to invest in the club. They are in a position to make representations to the current board, and individuals, to ask for clarification on certain statements that were issued prior to regime change.

  9. Fair comment but to be fair the majority of supporters associations if not indeed them all will feel fairly hoodwinked by the statements by Dave king but I'm only speaking as one and everyone will have opinions on the matter, will send a letter but haven't got high hopes of them getting any true answers if any answers at all, but worth a try and thanks for advice WATP

  10. Got to say king promises of in investment that swept him to power now seem to be showing up as propaganda and hoodwinking of those who supported his push for power,,,I hope I'm wrong but apart from his managerial appointment and that would have been required anyway no matter who was in charge all else under him has been negative

  11. I think we as Fans have to just keep diging into our pockets & investing Rangers First etc etc is the only way i see it
    TBH I am really F*cked of with these Lying B&stards once again comin & in talkin Sh*te i just hope we can start winnin games, Hopefully that will cheer me up

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