Doubts over Rangers’ interest in Wabara


Recent build up to yesterday’s
friendly with Tottenham Hotspurs’ U-17 side confirmed that trialists Reece
Wabara and Andy Halliday, both training at Murray Park, would feature heavily.
The point of this was to give Rangers’ manager Mark Warburton the first real chance to rule the roost
over the pair, ergo it was with great surprise that Wabara played no part
whatsoever, casting major doubt on whether the deal for him is still going
ahead or indeed dead in the water.

As this site speculated recently,
Warburton’s sudden interest in Spurs’ youth right back Ryan Fredericks does put
major doubt on his desire to secure the former Man City full back, and Wabara’s
complete absence from proceedings in England v Pochettino’s men forces the
conclusion that he was either suddenly and bizarrely injured or Warburton is no
longer interested in him.
Whether that loss of interest is
down to Wabara finding a deal elsewhere or failing to impress during his trial
is up for debate.
The point of this friendly was to
give both trialists a fully-fleshed out chance, and reports are Halliday took
his with aplomb, as did former Man Utd youth player Jordan Thompson, but Wabara’s
conspicuous absence from the match was partially contrary to the point of the
whole exercise.
Time will tell if the
ex-Doncaster man is still part of Warburton’s plans.


  1. There were rumours during the week that Warbara was on the radar of a couple of English Championship sides so maybe he has a better deal there or maybe he has just taken a look at the rubbish he would be playing with and has decided that it is a lost cause! Right now we have a goalkeeper with promise, no right back, a good centre back pairing and a good left back. We have no midfield worth talking about and we don't have a strike force of any merit unless some of the youngsters come in and do a job.
    The players that left in the summer were generally a waste of space but they were not the only ones! Without a good box to box midfield player and a ball playing midfield player that can split defences there will be little supply to teh strikers albeit if Clark and Miller are the best that we can muster it will not matter!
    We need at least five new players; objectively Warburton will secure the services of teh two Arsenal boys on a season long loan but even with them on board we will still be short of a quality midfield player and two strikers. I doubt we will pick up the quality of striker needed without spending money!

    • Hard to take your rant seriously Tom when you can`t even get the club we are trying to loan players from correct , its Spurs not Arsenal.Warburton is having to build a good squad ,that does not mean that he can go out and get 7or 8 players in a couple of weeks .He will know what he needs better than you.As for Wabara missing the friendly , maybe he has an injury.

    • the panic button pressed already, we are having difficulty attracting the kind of player we would like but after the piss that the previous management regime signed this is not entirely bad. Give the new regime time (board and management) the honeymoon will be brief it always is with Rangers but lets get behind the club we are not anywhere near out of the tunnel of gloom surrounding our great club but we can definitely see a glimmer of light approaching WATP

    • aye right paul now fuck off and try on that blazer again your going to wear out that fuckin mirror soon

  2. Looks like it hasn't worked out right enough for whatever reason. We desparetely need a decent right back though. However it would be great use of Warburtons contacts down south to get Ryan Fredericks on loan if Wabaras not right for the job.

    • Donald we have a great right back his name Ryan sinnamon our under 20's captain from last year he is with the first team squad so maybe this is why out interest in wabara has cooled

    • Youth players on loan need to be augmented by a few solid pros. These are teenagers. I suspect that even some of those youth players are going to cost too much unless the parent club is prepared to foot a proportion of their wages or the Chairman delivers on his promise to 'over-invest'. That promise is looking a bit hollow. Whatever happens it needs to happen quickly. The season is nearly upon us and we'll struggle to field a side.

  3. On the plus side, this would suggest that Mark Warburton is rushing to sign just anybody, but rather taking a slower more methodical approach to get the best within budget (however much that might be). Good luck to him!

  4. The silence emanating from from Ibrox is deafening, and the non-appearances of King is worrying, to say the least.
    King came in with much aplomb and an attitude that said he would get things done and put ALL to rights.
    It is unfortunate that no board members are now coming forward to speak up what they were / are going to do with this great club.

    I am now seriously worried!!

    • Jock Stein invited Stenhousemuir to Parkhead for a game in preparation for a huge European game which they won. Stop bleating. The season hasn't even fuckin' started. If Rangers can win three out of their first five games I would expect momentum in every match thereafter. It is and will be a work in progress and some more than others will take time to settle in. To expect otherwise is not being realistic. The support and encouragement from the stand will have a big baring on club moral.

  5. OK were due to play hibs and Peterhead but it's cup games forget going on a run in them the league is far more important not cups as yet watp

  6. Good for the new management team to take their time and get the quality they want. The Petrofac cup means nothing it's all about the league and the further up we finish the better chance we have of attracting good players next season when W&W have settled and King has all his monies freed up to invest.

  7. God help us if we cant beat an U17s side with some of those boys just in the door and the others just made up from the 16s ffs..!!!

  8. Thats the point under 17's, losing 3-2 what was our team? or some sort of match report?, this is not the CIA, we need to know, I’ve got confidence in W&W we are not Partick , Clyde,or Hibernian for that matter we are RFC, I know we have no given right, but for fucks sake, just one major signing at least, people talking about playing in the Championship down England being a detrimental problem up here,playing in front of nominal crowds averaging 7000 in England give me Ibrox every day.

  9. Stop moaning ffs. Give the guy a chance to start doing his job. He is absolutely doing the right thing by ensuring he gets the right players to come in. As for the board coming out and telling us their plans – they already have! What more do u want them to say? And why do we need Dave King to be at Ibrox right now? We have an impressive board in place, full of guys who actially care about the club. Stop the panic.

    • ok paul now ive told you already you just wear the blazer and say what dave tells you to and fuck off now

  10. I seriously doubt people's passion for our club when they come on and start talking mince. For example "the 2 arsenal boys". People just want a rant. Ryan Sinnamon, give him his chance.

  11. Wabara Reece not being signed? Surely not, only last week the papers were full of comparisons with Daniel Alves………ffs.

    This is what happens when Level 5, being paid for by the club, are bigging up everyone we are linked with. It just ends up making us look silly.

    Next will be Eustace, pages of print bigging him up as a midfield supremo, a large Pirlo, and lots of prose on him taking on the captaincy.

    A few weeks later and what? Still recovering from his knee operation and nowhere near full fitness, so another who is going to fall by the wayside by the looks of it.

    King promised over investment and spending whatever it takes.

    It should be obvious to everyone by now that the judge in SA who visited the most astonishing character assassination on King that I've ever read was indeed spot on.

    Over investment and spending whatever it takes have completely different meanings in the land of TGASL.

    How many opportunities have the bought and paid for media had to ask King, or his patsy Murray, where is the money?

    It's the simplest of questions, why is it not being asked?

    And all the while Ashley ' s in the background able to call in the secured assets at any time in lieu of repayment of his loan.

    How can anyone be upbeat about the club's position with this threat hanging over it?

    20,000 ST at say £400 average, including concession is about £6.5m, net of vat.

    Say 50% have paid in full, rest are in instalments then the net take is only about £4m.

    There are no other income streams, no board investment, nothing.

    The ST income will keep the lights on for a couple of months, then what?

    How anyone can believe a word from King is totally deluded.

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