Does Andy Murdoch have a future at Rangers?


As covered on here in recent
weeks, Andrew Murdoch’s mysterious demotion back the U20s is as puzzling as it
is unexpected.
After a frankly excellent
introduction to senior Rangers team life earlier this year, where the young
Murray Park graduate completely showed up the embarrassing Ibrox failure that
was Ian Black, the defensive midfielder has been rather strangely cast away
from first team affairs while peers Tom Walsh, Ryan Hardie and the now in
favour Barrie McKay have enjoyed a spell at the Club’s top table.
Meanwhile Murdoch finds himself
on Rangers’ youth tours of Northern
Ireland and on the reverse of a thorough
hiding from Annan Athletic where Canadian Luca Gasparotto had a 90 minutes to
forget. As did the rest of the team, suffering as they endured a 5-2 defeat.

It had been a great pre-season
overall but this result was a stinker, and while Hardie and Sinnamon started
the match, they have nevertheless featured with the first team too.
Since Mark Warburton started
earning his bread at Ibrox, young Murdoch has played no role in the first team,
not even earning a place on the bench; defensive midfielder John Eustace
appears to have been on trial forever, while Andy Halliday (who can play that
slot) has been snapped up, and there have been links connecting Rangers with
the gigantic Brentford midfielder Toumani Diagouraga, who also plays in that
Where does all this leave
It is something of a mystery.
Warburton has been adamant about giving youth a chance, about using the entire
squad; therefore Murdoch’s curious demotion to the younger Academy levels after
such an impressive spell in the seniors does fly in the face of that.
Equally, it could be spun that
Warburton watched the Ibrox outfit in the playoffs and felt Murdoch was not
quite ready for action at that level, and indeed as we know Fraser Aird has
also undergone some changes with the new manager, being deployed at RB as he
now is.
In Warburton we trust, and this
is no different. He is giving Barrie McKay a serious chance, which no one did
from about October 2012, and the youngster is showing some small signs of
taking that chance, setting up as he did an assist for Kenny Miller to make it
6 at Easter Road.
Whatever he is up to with Murdoch
is surely for Andy’s benefit. We just need a little time before we will see the
forest beyond the trees.


  1. I am not as convinced by Andy Murdoch as some. Although he had a good debut season last year I find it difficult to see why he would play instead of any of Warburton's midfield against Hibs last week. That does not mean that I do not see room for improvement. I do; I am still not a fan of Law and I have my doubts about McKay, but I do not see young Murdoch right now as the answer. I am sure that given the type of coaching that he will receive from the current management team that he will develop and given time he will hopefully be a fixture in teh team. But he still has a lot to learn. Just a pity that he had the misfortune of having McCoist and McDowall delay his development.

  2. Lets go with W & W's opinions, if they want better than Andy Murdoch playing in midfield, I am all for that. It could be that he was better than what we had, but what we had were playing rubbish at the time. Have FAITH in the management team and Andy is still training with the first team, so if he continues to improve, he will surely get his chance if there are injuries as the season progresses.

  3. Regardless if it's for Andy's benefit or not as long as it's for Rangers benefit I'm happy! WATP!

  4. Maybe it's rest… He did play almost every minute under McCall… He will have a season starting later and should be a first pick when/if eustace gets his one year and leaves next summer.

  5. I'd like to see Murdoch play a full season with another side in either Scots championship, or England. He needs as many senior games as possible. If things go well for him on loan it would feel like a new signing next year when he comes back.

    Id like to see MW affiliate gers with a few clubs around UK and Europe. We have plenty of youth that will benefit from games home and abroad whether it's 3,6 or 9 month loans

  6. I was at Annan on Tuesday and Murdoch was,i for invisible for the entire game ..hes gone backwards and I can't see him getting much chance this season…….as I said previous send him to hibs and take Allen to ibrox….Stubbs would be happy with that

  7. The lad is severely lacking in pace, for a young lad in the modern game, that's not good for him or Rangers.. Looked good in a bad Gers team for me.. Can't see him making the grade.
    Hope I'm wrong though.

  8. I don't think he fancies young Murdoch if he's giving Eustace all this time to prove himself.
    Also I've said all along the boy Gasparotto hasn't got it.McCall never gave him a sniff last season when our defence was stinkin,and he won't get one under Warbs either with Macgregor there.He'll be going out on loan again I reckon then released.

  9. Fellow bears, I've just lost my wages at corals and got a knockback by an overweight lady felt better trust me, might have lost my money and my mojo in one hour way it is, with all the grimness going on at the moment thought I'd try and cheer people up, I'm greeting and no joke, Murdoch must stay, happy days ahead. WATP

  10. Of course he has a future at Ibrox , like every young player he will have dips in form and maybe he has just started the season slowly .He was tremendous last season , a breath of fresh air and as supporters we should be sticking by him , not moaning he has no pace ??? (hes a midfield player not a winger and he has enough pace for this role ) or trying to offload him to Hibs .People scream out for us to give youth a chance and when one does, this is the kind of guff we have to listen to .Some had the same "doubts " about McLeod who was another terrific youngster .Promote them then rip them to shreds seems to be the way some of our "supporters "think.

  11. Hope the manky mob go out 11to10 get 2.5 million on dave king, easy money enough to pay Ashley off and a 250,000 grand in the bank ,easy days

  12. Well said the last man, very good comments, we bum our young players up then shoot them down after one bad performance, even messi has off days

  13. give the guy a chance man next game he plays a bet you him and haliday will kick ass,and in pre season he scored 2 games in a row and 1 of them was a peach

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