David Weir: “Eustace is fit”


Assistant manager David Weir has
today admitted ‘trialist’ John Eustace is fit and simply not match-sharp.
As this site suggested earlier,
Eustace appears to be ‘using’ Murray Park’s facilities to gain fitness for now, and the
assistant manager confirmed the former Derby
man, 35, is certainly over his knee injuries for sure.

The former Everton and Rangers
defender said:
“I think everything is alright with
John’s knee – there is no doubt about that. He’s been checked out, and it’s
just a case of getting him fit now and getting him to a standard where he can
play games and get training again.”
The terms of this ‘trial’ remain
distinctly odd, with the rarity of the situation being that the player himself seems
to be as much trialing the Club as it is trialing him, with the official press
release confirming that both sides wished to effectively ‘test the water’ and
see if it is a deal mutually agreeable.
But in the meantime, Eustace is
most definitely healthy, and simply requires to get match-fit.
It is not the news that fans want
to hear, but it is a case where the Club is as much on trial as the player is.
And that is a rare phenomenon
indeed in football.


  1. I think Warbs felt a little worried when he joined Rangers that some of the Glesga boys wouldn't buy into his methods (with him being an "ex-banker" and all that). He said it in his last press conference – that if anyone tried to break ranks, it would be snuffed out pretty quickly. It was a fair point, but also a little strange…since the question he was asked had nothing to do with the possibility that anyone would break rank. I think his plan was to make Eustace one of his main policemen in the squad, and I'd guess he's just gauging now whether Eustace is actually needed for that role. I don't believe Eustace is at Murray Park so we can check out his fitness – if the guy's knee is okay, then his lack of fitness is not a reason not to sign him (though I would argue we shouldn't sign him, since Wilson and Kiernan can police the group perfectly well). I'd reckon the real surveillance that's going on with Eustace is actually going on with the rest of the squad, to see if Eustace is really a necessary buy. If Warbs sees any mischief in the squad in the next couple of weeks, and it's not rooted out by guys like Kiernan or Wilson, then he'll sign Eustace. Otherwise, I reckon we won't sign him. Just a guess.

    • Glesga boys not buying in cod he's an ex banker??? Not having that.

      The Bears don't care if he was Fred the fuckin Shred or single handedley brought about the economic collapse of the western world….as long as he knows a player, has a good playing philosophy and wins fitba matches.

      As for Eustice….fuck that chasing shite…if he's fit and wants to play for the mighty then fine….if not then that's his fucking loss. It's Eustice not fuckin Eusabio. Come in or shut up. …..NEXT…..

    • Policeman in the squad. In the name of the wee fuckin man….

      ….your either a polis, Payk..Pshychi…shrink or a dope smoking deep thinking paranoid hide behind the curtains crackpot.

      A guy of Warby's intelligence putting a grassing spy in the camp before a baws kicked?…sussed and outed outed by an anonymous fucker on a blog thingymabob..

      ….drop me in a dooby of that gear your on for Friday night.

  2. Ibrox Noise – either you filter out the foul-mouthed drivel that pours out of cretons like Slinky McVelvet or you start losing readers fast. Most people are on here to encourage debate and give opinions, not berate other commenters – I don't like reading it about either people, never mind having it directed at me. Is this a site for debate about Rangers, or a site for trolling and offensive comments? Disgusted.

  3. Encourage debate….policeman in the squad…jeezo son…

    Get a handle up petal and stop hiding.

    …sorry just read policeman again and fell add my chair. Haha

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