Wilson IS too good for Championship, that’s why we want him


When news broke over the past 24
hours of former Rangers goalkeeper Neil Alexander supposedly saying Danny
Wilson was too good for Rangers, the media and headlines had a field day.
The same media which let Lee
Erwin & a deranged Motherwell ‘fan’ off the hook (pun intended) because
Bilel Mohnsi’s indiscretions made for much better headline material has
recently been misleading fans again by taking Alexander’s comments both out of
context, and as an attack on Rangers.

I am not Alexander’s biggest fan,
given he went public in 2013 about private wage negotiations, whining about ‘only’
being offered 65%, plus of course took Rangers to court. None of this endeared
him to me, or indeed most other Rangers fans.
However, this site tries to
reason with fact and logic, and to say Alexander has been misquoted and
manipulated in order to sell newspapers and get hits is nothing short of a
gross understatement.
He was asked about the
speculation linking Wilson to Rangers and the
Championship, and specifically whether Wilson
was too good for the Championship, and his reply was thus:
“Danny showed last year he was a level
above the standard (of the Championship). He played to such a consistent level
and was one of our main players.”
Sorry to tell you folks, but this
is exactly why Rangers are trying to
sign him! Dave King has stated Rangers want 7 or so SPL-quality players right
now, and Alexander has just verified that Wilson
is precisely the quality of player that entails.
Alexander was directly asked if the player was ‘too good’ and
he answered. He did not offer up an insult of his own accord, he was simply
answering a direct question.
He went on:
“All this talk of Celtic and Rangers
being interested in him, we expected that because we know how good he is.”
Where exactly is the derogatory
insult here implying Rangers are a step down? Indeed, the summary of his
comments is that Wilson is exactly what Rangers are trying to sign, and his own
quality has attracted Scotland’s biggest two clubs.
This is just yet another example
of Scottish media twisting quotes and completely misrepresenting what the
player has said, in order to outrage fans.
I am not Alexander’s most ardent
fan, but shall we maybe stick to the facts please?


  1. I hope the rumours of Danny having second thoughts about his Rangers move prove to be false. We simply have to get the lad.

    • It looks dead in the water. First he was disappointed when Celtic walked away, but enraged by the risible performance and offer your representatives put up. He will be joining an upper level championship team, and not Norwich as I hear they wouldn't guarantee anything in their EPL first team.

    • if we cant get wilson when lets face celtic clearly dont rate him and nobody else seems interested we might as well chuck it in right now

  2. The article is right, the tabloid media is constantly trying to stir anger, panic and distrust among fans, which they're very successful at, unfortunately. If they can panic people with scary headlines, they've likely panicked them into buying the newspaper.

    • the media causing anger and panic its guys like paul potless and he who woould be king that scares the shit out of me weve not seen a fuckin penny yet idont know about the three bears and goldilocks but im fed up with this pantomine

  3. Gavin Reilly on verge of joining Hearts from QoS. Very good player, but highly doubt Warburton has ever heard of him…

  4. So King wants out, offering his shares to Ashley to buy him out, then begging Ash not to ringfence the ST monies and then having the brass neck to ask Ash for the 2nd £5m loan tranche.
    The minute it became clear that King couldn't, not wouldn't, pay back the first £5m then we should have known it was game over.
    It's a complete shambles. No one in their right mind is going to invest in Rangers with King running the show……..thats obvious.
    No chance of a share issue….more lies and bluster from King and Murray. They are totally dependent on ST monies.
    The judge in SA could not have been more clear on King's character, glib and shameless then, glib and shameless now.
    How the SFA passed him as FPP is beyond a joke. The media have failed to ask any hard questions whatsoever of the new board…………..just PR pish, bigging up everything from the new management team to the 2 players alledgedly signing this week.
    I understand the Kiernan deal may not go through as we don't have £200k to pay Wigan as they want the money up front.
    What was King thinking when he started down the road to take over?

    • There is absolutely zero evidence that King went to Ashley begging to be bought out. You need to stop reading what one lunatic with a keyboard and time to waste plasters on the web…. I've read the same "story" that you did. Listen, if there were evidence of this happening every news outlet in Scotland would have been all over it. Headlines sell papers, and that would be a pretty juicy headline. No newspaper would ever bury that story.

    • Ha Ha !………..You have been reading the the wee Declan,s page son !. ( Phil McUtter Sh+T ) ………….WISHFULL THINKING .

    • Anonymous 02:30. Your post is just a load of nonsense from start to finish and I doubt anyone will be taken in by it. You've posted similar rubbish a few times now. You're either an impostor or an idiot, or more likely both.

  5. Agree 100% about press manipulating quotes to get a reaction from fans but please, with the greatest respect, you should practice what you preach. I refer to the "assault" by the Motherwell fan. It was clearly seen on TV that he was trying to push the ball up the touchline. It was idiotic yes but it was an accident pure and simple. Claiming it was an assault opens the Well fan to retribution from Rangers fans of a more volatile persuasion.

    As for Lee Erwin. Well he reacted like a wee boy and got what he deserved. No further action is required.

    Being a Hibby I get your blog thru hibsnewsnow and i enjoy the views of the bears. Looking forward to a new season and Scotlands biggest league games!

    • Who do you think Hibs will go for in order to fill the void left by Allan if he leaves (i.e. for Rangers)? And why is Stubbs looking to loan out Stanton? Shouldn't he have a starting place in the team?

    • Not sure what's happened to Santon to be honest. He signed a four yr contract a yr ago so not idea about Stubbs decision. I think it was Butcher that gave him the new contract just before Alan arrived.
      As for Scott? No idea. He'll be a massive miss for a club our size but we always seem to keep going when our top players move on. Relegation apart that is lol

    • I agree with the post at 02:30 and thought earlier of putting the same thing up but didn’t because I thought it was too controversial. I am genuinely sorry to say – and this is not to wind anybody up – that this could be the start of the endgame because IF IF IF its true, we could looking at the T3Bs, Murray and Gilligan baling out so that the whole bobbin unwinds. I would love to hear a reasoned argument for any other outcome.

    • Show me a more reputable source than one dude's blog and maybe it is. I'll put stock into this BS story when a real journalist drafts the story. Until then, I don't buy what one man with a keyboard has to say. I could just as easily pull a story out of my arse and slap it on the Internet and get people to believe it.

    • if you could get your mum to write your next post we might be able to understand what your trying to say this is a site for gers fans real gers fans not bigots please ask your mum to read this as i dont think you will manage yourself

    • couldent agree more mate this prick thinks listening to high keevins and the rest of those pricks makes him a bear i hope his ma skelps his arse

  6. It is common knowledge that Ashley has been restricted to a ten percent share holding in Rangers by the SFA which he already holds apparently the tim blogger phil magobwithshit is spreading this nonsense about

  7. Mcgobshite is mentally ill that has failed to get one rant right yet ,I don't listen or read Timmy media,do you wonder why its not been picked up by sky sports news? Cause it's utter crap,I email sky sports and they said not heard anything

  8. Just to say, if the moderator permits that the guy "PAC" who's getting abuse on "that" blog being continuously discussed here is NOT ME. That's all, I mean I don't post here that much but PAC is someone else. Sorry. Pearce.

  9. If the blog about King offering to sell his shares to Ashley is true then we are well and truly fecked.

    He's baling out before he gets found out.

    If its not true then the blogger should be brought to book by the clubs solicitors.

    However as there has been no response from Level 5 then I suspect it's true.

    Pretty difficult to put out a denial then 5 minutes later Ashley makes public the tape recording of the meeting confirming the detail.

    As for the earlier poster who said he wouldn't believe a word of it unless it was published by a proper journalist and printed in a national newspaper…….is he kidding?

    Keith Jackson and the Daily Radar, completely under the control of Level 5?

  10. Wilson deal about to break down on terms.

    Better offers from the English Championship plus he's worried that further financial problems are about to be revealed.

    • Seriously? I hope that's a guess, or? We simply have to get Danny. He's our captain for the next 12 years.

  11. anon. 19:10 your talking pish…how could king offer his shares to mr. newcastle when that man has already been banned from holding any more shares in r.f.c. …wake up and smell the coffee,bawbag… stop shitstirring

  12. Had to laugh at Rob Kiernan's piece in my local Birmingham paper.

    Apparently one of Rob's reasons for choosing Rangers over the Blues was the attraction of CL football……………….whit!!!

    Rob, you are confused, it's Gers you are signing for not Celtic.

    Has someone been telling him porkies?

    Only one place in CL qualifiers for Scottish clubs for the forseeable future so Rob could be the same age as John Eustace is now before that is likely to happen.

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