Wilson “has chosen Rangers”


A source close to Danny Wilson
claims the former Hearts, Liverpool, Blackpool
and Rangers defender has chosen to return to Rangers over signing up at Celtic.
It is widely understood the two
Old Firm clubs are head-to-head for the player’s signature, but last season’s
captain at Tynecastle (and now a free agent) is understood to have made his
decision and will seemingly become a Rangers player imminently.

The source said:
“Celtic are still interested in him but I
expect him to be a Rangers player tomorrow.”
The battle between the two clubs
for Wilson’s
contract is not the first to have been initiated this summer, with an ongoing Old
Firm war over Hibernian midfielder Scott Allan’s signature also a topic for
much debate.
But in the past two days we may
just have seen the new-look Rangers’ central defence under Warburton take
shape, in the form of Rob Kiernan, and Danny Wilson.


  1. Hope the rumours are true – He would be a great addition to a great new team Warburton is building. This guy clearly knows good players and how to bag them! If you want the fruit to fall, you have to give the tree a shake…!!! Hopefully Scott Allan will be next in line. Party time will follow.

  2. Two in keep the signings coming next there wages are £15.000 to £20.000 per player not bad now bring in another ten and i will be a happy chappie for sure.

    • Are you clean bananas – no way will the wages be in the 15k to 20k bracket – not even Celtic pay those sort of wages apart from a select few players – what is needed is sensible signings on sensible wages and so far the signs are promising.

  3. Come on. Think about it. Knocked back Celtic? Fair dos to him if he thinks a move to RIFC will make him happy but knocked back Celtic? I doubt it.

    • Celtic spoke to the Record today saying they've 'dropped their interest' in Wilson – but what's really happened is Wilson's rejected Celtic. We had similar dirty tricks from Birmingham yesterday when they said they'd 'pulled out' of the Kiernan signing, even implying he'd failed his medical, when all that happened was that Kiernan rejected Birmingham in favour of Rangers. Clubs desperately trying to save face when they've been slapped in the chops by two young footballers who believe Rangers to be the best choice.

    • Its true, its true…Why would you doubt it?
      Danny has seen the chance to take part in the Petrofac Training Services Cup against some big hitters this coming season, rather than the chance of poor fair like the Champion League where teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG compete….Danny maybe prefers the glamour of playing big hitters like Alloa, Livi, Dumbarton, Raith Rovers, all part time, to the full time teams in the SPFL.

    • celtic will never be as big as rangers ever. That's why he chose rangers. And RIFC………hahaha
      What about Celtic Athletic or did you all just forget about that one

    • Why ? .celtic are not the cherry on the top. All he would be is a squad player at best . At Rangers he will be the kingpin throughout the team and go on to be a Rangers great.

    • Why were Scotland playing a Celtic utility man at Centre back instead of this Wilson kid – or is this Wilson kid realistically further down the pecking order for playing Centre Back than a Celtic Utility Player who does not have a first team place at club level – might give more insight to prospects of destinations.

    • @14:33 – To shed light on that decision you need only look at the tube we have for Scotland manager. The pleb Mulgrew is an embarassment very much in the Gary Caldwell mould – another who was regarded as a top quality center back by Strachan.

    • Is this the same 'tube' that looks like he might just lead the national team to its first major tournament in a generation?

    • Just realised as well that at 24 Wilson is not a kid anymore either. Point is that if Celtic are not playing Mulgrew then why would they look to sign someone who is further down the pecking order – makes no sense to sign a guy to be a substitute.

  4. I think it makes the Scott Allan to Rangers move much more likely as well, lads. The more good players come to Ibrox, the more others will want to follow.

  5. C'mon,lets not start this garbage, we are turning ourselves around but lets not start this nonsense that we've beaten celtic to anyone, they have just bought a centr half ,they are no longer interested in wilson , forget the unamed 'source',lets be happy that we're on our next step of the journey back.

  6. Looks like 2 defenders in hopefully Allan,vukic,McLeod and Weiss to cum in for midfield n wud like to c cifti n Cummings cum in up front n possibly grey of hibs at right back. Watp !!

    • Listen guys lets calm down here….really..Allan Weiss Vukic Cifti & Cummings?? Where's the money for these guys coming from?? How we goin to pay wages of 15/20k?? Realism is needed in big doses & we should walk before running….Danny Wilson got absolutely roasted on here months ago when we beat hearts….sayin he was sh*te….now we're doin backflips for his signature, short memories guys.

    • Only Weiss would maybe cost 15/20k the rest of the players mentioned would cost less than the likes of jig n black

    • Has anyone seen Weiss play since his Man City days? He was poor enough in Scotland and from what I can gather his career has continued downward.

  7. Whoever it was awarded the 32Red contract should at least make some contributions to Shelter

  8. Dont want wilson. Celtic man. Not got heart for our club. When going gets tough he will hide.

  9. Yeah would be a very useful addition especially given he proved himself in this division by leading Hearts out of it at a canter last season but let keep the thing real also -it is unlikely that he turned down Celtic and more likely that they ended their interest in him after signing the Man City guy.

  10. Are celtic fans lives so empty that they feel the need to come on rangers sites and make childish comments? Get a life. Get a job. Put ur buckie bottle down that u bought with a crisis loan. But most of all go to ur own websites as u r really halfwits.

  11. I personally don't mind the green and white shite looking in on our website.It makes me realise that paying attention at school wasn't such a bad thing when I read their inane comments. Also if we are a newco, how did they learn to hate us so quick. WATP.

  12. I think we will be calling ourselves Brentford Rangers soon,,,, all Warbuton and Weir is bringing the same players they have been dealing with,,,,, not the most ambitious or forward thinking I was hoping for,,,again, giving money away for sub standard players that will hold no value to the club,, I do not want Wilson in the team,, i watched him with Hearts and I think he is very weak,, I've been saying for years,,we need 2 big fecking no nonsense, hardmen in the middle of that defence,, not namby pamby with the likes of mcgregor and wilson,, just not good enough,,,and we will fail,, Warburton and Weir will take us backwards,,i give them 10 games,,, and dont start coming out with the claptrap,,give them time, cause you all will be on his back when he fails,,,, Hearts didnt need time,, they just won!!,, Warbuton has no imagination,, and will sink us,,watch this space,,,but you are all sheep,, follow the king,,,yup,,,king who worked with craig whyte to get where he is just now,, in the chair with no debt,,,!

    • Why do you continue to use a comma instead of a full-stop? It's a mistake only a Celtoid could do.

    • "Hearts didn't need time, they just won". Well they 'just won' with the namby pamby weak Danny Wilson as their centre back captain. Are you sure its not Jockey Wilson you watched? At a time when most of us are excited for the first time in god knows how long about possible signings and the new management team. You are on here pissing on peoples chips with your negativity. Take your head out your arse and get behind the Rangers and will us on too something better.

    • We have not actually signed anyone yet and you are complaining that W & W are bringing in the same players they have been dealing with !!! We look like signing Kiernan … that`s ONE ! Wilson is a good player who can defend and play from the back , won the league last year and is available on a free , signing him is no brainer .Time guys like you took a chill pill and trust the new managers to do their job.

  13. Seems like the fellowship of the ring are looking over their shoulder only it's not Jimmy Saville creeping up on them

    • Celtic fans are obsessed ………thats why Celtic fans comment .If they weren`t trolling through Rangers sites they would not see anything that upset them.

  14. My guess for what it's worth is Wilson will come back I just hope am right. And as for the idiots not wanting him back sort you're head out just think of the pish we had Last season. The boy is a massive step up in class mw is doing it proper starting from the back going up to midfield to striker hopefully. But who gives a fuck how they get them just get them in sooner rather than later. Get a decent pre season and kick on

  15. There's only one Danny Wilson..o'
    He said no to the provos
    He said no thanks your a bunch of wanks….
    Dag day dah day dah day dah day dah….

    Welcome on board Danny boy, don't care if ye were once a jungle jim..just like Nacho and MoJo……and look how they stuck it up the great unwashed.


  16. All very well but has Dave signed on the deals yet?

    He's back from his meeting with Ash in London last week and he's not sure if Ash is going ahead with ringfencing the first £5m of ST monies as that would leave them potless.

    Perhaps he's even asked for the 2nd tranche £5m to be released?

    It's starting to look like King is Ashley's man and Mike granted the interview just to remind him.

    • Jeezo, for the love of God can we no' drop this off field shite. Let the suits, and there's plenty of good guys in there with money and business acumen. £5M poxy pound. Them guys have spent more at the ice cream van…..trust in their ability, let them do their job…and you enjoy the product and stability of our club from the management.

      ……he's got hair like spaghetti
      ……he's Portuguese
      …….and he's wan o these….

      ….shit wrong song…

    • How can you ring fence a loan , when all your henchmen are no longer involved . Remember it was a loan which Ashley put no timescale for repayment on ….his mistake.
      Away back to your own sites you halfwit and take your fairy tales with you.

  17. Don't care what Danny Wilson's wage demands get him back he is brill he never wanted to go to Liverpool at 18 anyway welcome back Danny

  18. Danny Wilson has lost it shite should not be wearing a Rangers jersey see tonights game vs Inverness Caley.A mass clear out required ,Disgusted we are a laughing stock of Scottish football gd

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