Willie Henderson urges McCoist to ‘give something back’


Rangers’ legend Willie Henderson
today condemned former manager Ally McCoist in the first public criticism by
anyone connected to Rangers of the ex-boss’s “Gardening Leave” status.
Henderson, who spent 12 years at
Ibrox in the 60s and 70s, was blunt in chastising McCoist’s refusal to resign
and insistence on taking the remainder of his wage.

He said:
“This Club’s been very good to you, Ally,
you’ve earned a huge amount of money out of it. I think it would be nice for
the fans if they saw Ally give just a wee bit back to the Club. I think it would
augur well for himself.”
McCoist has already rejected
chairman Dave King’s request that he waive his salary, and appears quite
content to wait the remainder out.
Unfortunately for Ally, few
support him in this and now the former legendary striker appears to have
permanently sullied his legacy and will be remembered for greed and not goals.

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  1. Since when did professional football become a charity. McCoist could have been bought out by now. Right Mr.King?

    • To 23:04..At anytime DCK or others could have paid him off and take the salary off the books. But noooooo, Ally is on the payroll for another six months. Why?

  2. Does anyone know for certain that Ally has been asked to forego his salary? Im not sure he has, i dont disagree that Ally should maybe do this himself but to say he has ignored a request is incorrect as i understand it. All Dave King said was Ally was entitled to his salary

    • As I understand it, conversations did take place between King and McCoist but the latter refused to relinquish his salary. Dave King has been very charitable in the media, saying that there is 'no problem with Ally' – but there is a very big problem with Ally, it's just that King and Rangers are showing that bit of class that is completely absent in Ally.

  3. Ally was front and centre when our club and fans went through the most horrendous period in our history for that I for one will be grateful to Ally

    • I relinquish part of my salary to the club on a continuous basis. He got shares worth £500,000 for £10,000. He jas been taking out£18,000 per year for 3 years already not to mention bonus and expense accounts. Hes another spiv in my eyes now. Plain and simply put he doesnt need the money unlike us fans that forego bils etc to help pay his salary.

  4. Ally is a Rangers shareholder. Shareholders know that previous regime overpaid themselves and Ally. Rather that give up his salary why not use the money to buy up shares in next rights issue. Then money would go back into club and Ally would retain dignity.

  5. This is a difficult issue which is clouded by the really poor job that was done by McCoist and his team. Was McCoist overpaid relative to his ability as a football coach? Undoubtedly. But McCoist had a blossoming career on Question of Sport and in the media in general and had he stayed there who knows what he would now be earning but it might well be a damn sight more than his £800k from Rangers, so he gave up a lot to come back and serve Rangers.

    What I don't understand is why he is sitting at home doing nothing when you might imagine there have been media offers which could have kick started his career and reduced the burden he has been placing on Rangers.

    I think there is a tendency to be harsh on McCoist and I understand this but I'm looking forward, I've got my season ticket and Danny Wilson, who I thought could have been the player of his generation, is back. For the first time I really hope that we can say the Rangers are READY because since that night against AC Milan Glorie the supporters well and truly have been.

    • He's got a paid holiday right up until December. He is taking £18,000 a week for doing nothing. What kind of player.could that get us…

    • The minute Ally takes up a media job he loses his Rangers wages. He's on notice remember. He's made a conscious decision to sit and take your clubs money. As you say yourself he could walk into a tv job tomorrow. He's chosen not to and with the greatest respect to you Bears he's fleecing your club to make a point.

  6. Ally will always be a legend as a player but sure as fuck not as a manager. He was never cut out for the job even from the start. He literally only signed one good player in lee Wallace and I'm pretty sure it was smith who wanted him in the first place. The money he's cost us is unbelievable the playing style beyond shite and set us back at least two or three years. To get a good squad together which could have been done three years ago. All he really has to do is give a good wad of it back and he would get a bit of respect back. Coz if he doesn't want to I can't see many ever changing their minds about him. And no matter what anyone thinks I for one don't want him to never be welcome back. Am 30 and I grew up watching him during 9 in a row never thought it would end like this for him. Watp

  7. He will be remembered as a player for his goals and as a manager he will be remembered for standing up for Rangers and leading UsThrough the worst ever period in Rangers history

    • Well said it was Ally that kept us together certainly not all the fragmented supporter associations and for that I will be forever grateful to Ally people have short memories.

    • Ally is a joke he stuck by the club no he didn't he stayed for the money mccoist has taken more out of us than any spiv thats been there since 2012 and then there's the money HE wasted on the the shite players he brought in so by my reckoning he has fucked us for at least 30m in the last 3 seasons we could also add the money he lost us from getting dumped out the champions league and the europa league in his first season so in my eyes unless he gives back then ge ain't no fuckin legend

    • Genuine Rangers fans, who recall the glorious days of Super Ally and 9 in a row will always regard him a a playing legend – nobody can take away his 2 Golden Addidas boots for Europe's top scorer.
      As for Management, even The Greatest Ranger struggled at this level, so lay off Ally, he was treated like shit by the recent Board, but never aired the dirty laundry for sake of damaging the Club further.
      Ally owes the club and fans nothing……far from it, the goals the goals, the goals.

    • aye right ally we know its you this has to stop fat boy saw your picture in paper you need to stop the pies get out and get that fuckin garden done and stay out of greggs

  8. Willie Henderson's spot on. And McCoist shouldn't need to be asked to forego his "salary" or be "bought out." Rangers have already made him a multi-millionaire. It doesn't matter what it says in his contract, he neither needs nor deserves the money he's taking from us. If he's going to keep taking these "wages," then the imminent share issue could be his last chance to make it up to the Rangers supporters, but he's going to have to part with a decent sum of money.

  9. Well done Willie Henderson,,, we need more like him to come out and shame McCoist because he is getting a right easy ride with the media,, McCoist is an embarrassment to the club. If he came out in the first place and said he was only doing it for the money,,then i would say, fair enough, at least hes being honest and upfront,,but to hide behind the Rangers banner and con the fans by saying "we dont walk away" and not disclose his earnings is a disgrace. He is on the same boat as Craig Whyte and Charles Green,, simple as that.

  10. Dave King probably wants Ally to give up his salary because he doesn't have the money to pay him. This is classic loving people when the times are good and hanging them out to dry in times of hardship. Ally always done the best he could under harsh circumstances. I recall seeing the man on tv in interviews looking like he hadn't slept for weeks. He will always be SUPER ALLY. Now lets drop this utter shite and leave the man alone for fuck sake.

  11. Ally didn't ask to be put on 'gardening leave', he was quite willing to work to the end of his contract.

  12. As I have said before the board should have brought him back into Ibrox and made him work in some capacity ie painter cleaner or general dogs body He as much as anybody is responsible for the state of the absolutely disgraceful standard of football and abysmal quality of players that he brought to the club that we have had to suffer watching for the past three years

  13. Willie Henderson is a REAL legend. What a player the wee man was. Absolutely, electric he was. Celtic supporters will, rightly, bask in the memories of wee Jimmy Johnstone another, truly 'world class' player. For me, though, Wee Willie was the best winger I ever saw. Aye, even better than Willie Johnston, another of my favourite players.
    Henderson could beat a host of defenders, like Jinky, but he had the speed, like Bud. No Rangers fan, who saw this guy play, will ever forget him.
    Willie is saying what needs to be said here. If he can't, then no-one can. I don't know what Ally is thinking here. Unless there is something else going on, behind the scenes, that the supporters don't know about, then some of the other ex players need to get him, in private, and put him straight on this matter.
    The Club needs this money now. It has to stop. It is, utterly, stupid to behave like this.

  14. Lmao, listen to you all. Ally should take every penny that the club promised him. He got shafted for years. That job has put 10 years on the guy. Rangers should do the respectable thing and pay up his contract, as is the norm when you sack someone in football.

  15. Ally McCoist is entitles to his salary.

    He WAS asked by DK to waive the remainder of it, but has decided not to do so.

    Since Ally didn't want to come to any agreement, if DK had "paid Ally off" it would STILL have been the SAME amount as the wages owing to him, but paid up front. So — no saving there.

    It's disappointing from anyone who prefesses to be "a Rangers man".
    So far as I'm concerned he can have his money.

    But I don't want to see him anywhere near this club again.

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