Warburton: “We’ll sign 10 players”


Newly-appointed Rangers manager
Mark Warburton has strongly implied he intends to sign around ten players.
Speaking at his official
unveiling at Ibrox, the former Brentford boss stated that the existing squad is
‘quite lean’ and that his ideal target for an overall group is around 24 (there
are currently 14) and that it is utterly critical the squad all have a crack at
the first team and get a chance to prove their worth rather than never having a
hope of featuring.
He said:

“We had, last year, (Brentford) used the
smallest number of players throughout the whole season, we used 24 in total. I
prefer tight and lean squads because players have to have a pathway, they need
the first team; there’s nothing worse than players training hard every day and
not getting any sniff of the first team.”
He also espoused an end to
mercenary signings by stating he and his new Rangers assistant David Weir will
be looking for players who represent value for money, and will focus on all
players available, not necessarily only loans or bosmans.
He refused, however, to be drawn
on Lewis Macleod, only stating a general interest in any and all players he
feels would help progress the club.


  1. spoke very well and sounds exactly what we require in a manager. Very best wishes and its now up to fans to support financially.

    • I think 4-5 new signings 3-4 youngsters and 2-3 loans to see us through till Christmas then maybe a couple more players if required. I hope the manager can get the best out of some of the existing players. Don't want us paying more money out to players who have no chance of playing.

    • i right dave its your turn to get ur hand in ur pocket we punters are fed up with ur fuckin lies put up or shut up and fuck of back to south africa

    • Anon, 20:10 – you're clearly a Celtic fan. No Gers fan would speak like that about Dave King.

  2. The presser went well, apart from the entrance. Jesus, could he no have worked out what room he was supposed to go into..

  3. Well done for pointing out that massive mistake 51 not 45,000 am sure he'll sleep better tonight. Now how about this then a summer to look forward to working on getting hopefully much much better players in. Let the fun begin watp

  4. You cant sell the whole stadium as season tickets smart arse. Think we might actually have a manager who will play ball to feet passing attacking football. Need to follow hearts and go with young guys, especially in defence. Need a pacey forward aswell and clever passing midfielders. Could see wee clarky netting a few with decent service. Im excited
    All the fuds that come on here with negative comments are not real rangers fans. I was at the ibrox leg vs motherwell and the abuse towards the players was pathetic although they were bad. But it doesnt help confidence. Felt like the only fan trying to spur them on. I bleed blue through good and bad times and i would go and watch them if they were playing amateur football. We need to get the whole stadium singing again thats where the tims make us look bad. Watp. Not them. Can we please all just show what this club means to us. Im sick of hearing booing that doesnt count as an atmosphere

    • another partimer trying to tell us bears whit its all about if this guy is only good at fifa and you will hear uz bears booo you go back to ur playstation and let uz real bears get on with it

    • I think other teams know if they get at us then the fans get frustrated and boo our own team and then the players crumble. Hopefully with a new manager and players playing exiting attacking football the fans will get right behind the team. To often we boo youngster's for making mistakes when there trying to do their best, then their confidence drops and they go missing in games. New start for everyone, now let's back the manager and team. WATP

  5. Hear hear well said. So does anyone actually think Wilson will come back love it if he did just can't see it myself but you never know. Allan. McLeod. Jennings. Searching for a decent striker a must but who? .any suggestions

  6. Sign 10 new players on 5/6/7 thousand a week and we will be where we are for the next 3 years,we need money around 40 million for 10 new players and there wages for 18 months,or we could find the dream the new manager has will take longer than 3 years and he will not be there to see it through.have we got this type of money? or is it only the 12 million of fans ticket money going in the pot,Mr King and co need to dig deep and prove they can top the 12 million up to the tune of 40 million now.or are they doing a white green etc on us again.

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