Warburton denies any contact with Fulham


Rangers managerial target Mark
Warburton has today confirmed he has not spoken to Fulham about the position at
Craven Cottage, dismissing the speculation that he has as ‘disrespectful’.
The 52-year old is expected to be
announced Rangers manager in the next seven days, but the delay has muddied the
waters considerably as have these recent reports linking him with a move across
London to the
Championship outfit.

But Fulham do not have a
managerial vacancy, with Kit Symons the current incumbent, even if the
Londoners are struggling under his leadership.
Warburton said:
“I find these reports disrespectful. There’s
no truth in them whatsoever. Kit Symons has done a fantastic job at Fulham and
I’m disappointed to see these allegations. I have not spoken to Fulham at all.”
He remains the red-hot favourite
for the massive job at Ibrox, but the likes of Derek McInnes continue to stay
in the picture.


  1. I wonder who made Warburton the red-hot favourite? Don't think it was anyone at Rangers. The only person to link him to the job so far is himself. The guy says a few kindly words about what a great club Rangers is (words carefully given to him by Davie Weir, no doubt) and suddenly the fans are all mad for the guy. As if we didn't have enough derision thrown at us, we're now asking to have our football team run by an ex-banker. I saw one of his friends say yesterday that if a club wants everything re-structured from top to bottom, Warburton is the man – well, I'm sorry, but that's exactly what I'd expect his FRIEND to say. Wake up Bears.

    • He's been interviewed by the board so, obviously, that's why he's been linked to the job. What he did with Brentford was impressive and there have been nothing but good reports about him from many different sources and not just from his "friends." Maybe you should read some of them. And why would we have "derision thrown" at us? Who cares how he made his living before? (or about any derision) Although, by all accounts he was a success at that too. Why should Rangers fans not hope for a modern manager who has ability, enthusiasm and new ideas? It's people like you who need to wake up. Why should we settle for the usual, (mostly) uninspiring "safer" choices?

    • "..by all accounts he was a success at that too." – his success in banking has zilch to do with football. An absolutely nonsensical comment. Uwe Rosler was the brain behind all that's good in Brentford's infrastructure today, not Warburton. Warburton has absolutely no track record of building a team up from scratch, and trying to paint him as some kind of Rinus Michels is frankly laughable. I'd be willing to bet that you had no clue who Warburton was 6 weeks ago. So easily led.

    • The point I was making is that he is ambitious and an achiever, so the comment is perfectly relevant. It's the not so "easily led" (apparently) people like you who will be happy to see us with another decent manager playing reasonable football. Not much ambition, no progressive, modern ideas for you, just more of the same old stuff, only hopefully, a bit better next season. Well, many people are ready for Rangers to move on now. We want to take this chance to get someone with new, forward thinking ideas who'll build us an exciting and successful team. And what difference does it make whether I heard about Warburton 6 weeks or 6 days ago? It's totally irrelevant. All that matters is that he's the best man for the job. And many people seem to think he is. Hopefully, the board do too.

  2. as i have said before mccall for manager is a done deal. it is being held back to keep season books selling and the spin to fans will be need for continuity at tough time

  3. The denial of the Fulham link is a pure PR tactic on the part of Warburton. His PR team will have had a word with a journo to link him with the job, then a memo is released denying that he's interested – which is basically a nudge at Rangers to hurry up and sign him in case a club like Fulham snaps him up.

  4. Bit worried at the time in getting new management team in place, end of the week now possibly next week , come on rangers. … im not for mccall either a fresh approach is needed

  5. McCall will get the job, nobody else. This is the easiest and cheapest option and all this other stuff regarding Warburton and McInnes is just talk.

  6. The interesting thing about the Warburton-Fulham link is to see which newspaper released the story. If someone at Fulham had been leaking information on this subject, it would be to any one of the dozens of London newspapers. But no, not one newspaper in England released it. The Daily Record did…which tells me that the info did not come from anywhere near London, but was deliberately fed to the Daily Record in order to have an effect on the decision-making process at Rangers.

  7. Warburton now singing like a canary to The Herald. I've never before seen a potential managerial candidate sell himself so much via the media. Carrying out job interviews via the press is not what we want at Rangers. He walked into the perfect job at Brentford, where Uwe Rosler had set the structural foundations in place, and is an inexperienced manager – the last thing Rangers needs.

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