Scott Allan’s agent drops hint


Scott Allan’s agent has tonight
dropped a hint that ‘a’ transfer is due to be completed by tomorrow afternoon.
John Viola, of ViolaFC, also
formerly agent of recently-retired Barry Ferguson and many, many others, posted
a cryptic message tonight indicating:

“The second transfer of the window is due to
be completed tomorrow lunchtime.”
Naturally he did not elaborate on
who this involves or what club, but with one of his clients being the highly in
demand Allan, and Rangers’ heavily linked to capturing his signature,
speculation has naturally increased that the transfer involves him.
Viola was also Charlie Miller’s
agent, and is very, very close to Ibrox affairs, not more evidenced than by
with recent gushing praise for the appointment of Mark Warburton, which does
suggest he has business to attend to with the new manager.
Of course, it could be nothing.
Many more stories like this will circulate over the coming weeks, and this site
will bring them to you. Some will happen. Some will not.
Que sera sera. Or “welcome to the
crazy transfer window”.

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  1. Would be a great signing and exactly the type of player that would get me rushing to renew my season ticket. Fingers crossed.

  2. A soon to be 36 year old coming on board as Captain on a free transfer still recovering from a knee op……is this the new, young, vibrant Rangers?

    Big problem with Allan will be the transfer fee. Gers don't have £800k to hand over.

    Hibs will want all the monies up front, given the club's previous for stiffing creditors and the new Chairman being a convicted felon.

    This will be the case for everyone who costs money.

    I suppose if Ash makes the 2nd £5m avaiable then a deal could be done…….note, not King's money but big bad Mike.

    • Crawl back under your stone at Castle Liewell and don't come on here polluting a Gers site with your cheap mince!

    • Another dickhead troll , the obsessed are getting worried.Won`t waste my time with all the inaccuracies in here but one that does need clearing up for you Timmy is ….all football debts were paid by the oldco.

    • You post reads like a supporter of a 'different' club and not Rangers so not really too concerned with posts trying to incite reactions from loyal bears on this site.

  3. Aye ! but WTF are we doing chasing a 36yr old CAPTAIN ? ………..if ( a big if ) thats correct its a disgrace .We have guys of our own w/o bringing in some injury prone pensioner .

    • In what way is it a disgrace? Presumably, we won't sign him unless he's fit. If Warburton was building a team full of 30+ year olds, then people could rightly complain. Apparently, he likes his teams to be made up of youngsters with a few older heads. People said Davie Weir was too old when he came, but he was a great player for us for four years. The guy's age should be the last thing anyone's concerned about.

  4. this is not an official statement from Rangers that this guy is being chased to become not only a player but captain it is just another wind up from some of the bams who enjoy mischief making ignore it

  5. Eustace could be another Weir, remember how good that turned out. Spoke to a few Derby fans who love Eustace and blame his injury for their season falling apart at the end. If he is the only "old" player we sign then I'd give manager benefit of the doubt. After all, we need to use experience to support younger guys…

  6. Allen would be a great signing,all we're asking for in a midfielder,Kings said if Warburton wants "whoever", he'll make funds available so don't see £800,000 being a problem,could even get him for a bit less,onwards&upwards 🌿

    • King's just tried to get Ashley to buy his shares, get up to speed ffs.

      He's for the off back to SA before the fans find out he has no money…..well certainly no money to over invest in Rangers.

      We have been lied to yet again this time by supposedly one of our own and his yes men on the boarc.

  7. rangers need as meny players as thay can get scot alan would be a good signing and i dont care who is captain as long as it help us to get back to the prem who nose might be a cup win along the way this time

  8. Forget 35/36 year olds. Thats just bullsh*t. The experienced heads Warburton spoke of should be guys in mid to late 20's. How many 36 year olds did hearts have in their team last season… How many 36 year olds did hibs have……zero.

  9. King and co need to double the money we bring in on Season Tickets that would do me short term then he King must add the rest of the money he said he would put in £30 million at first transfer window or are we just being conned again by people we trusted this time around.put up or shut up he asked us to buy Season Tickets at top price and he has put in what?.

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