Scott Allan: “I’m a Rangers supporter”


Ever since Scott Allan confirmed
he was a Rangers fan last summer, the creative midfielder has been linked with
a permanent move to Ibrox.
With Ally McCoist at the helm,
Allan issued a mild begging plea which ached for McCoist to make a bid for
the-then West Brom star, who was effectively surplus at the Hawthorns and had
spent his entire time in England
on loan.

“I’m a Rangers supporter and it’s something
I’ve always wanted to do,”
Allan said last summer, “They were interested before I left United and meetings took place with
my representatives. I was worried they wouldn’t have the money to buy me and
that’s what happened. I went to West Brom but
even then I still felt that one day I’d like to play for Rangers. I grew up two
miles from Ibrox and always hoped I’d get a chance to play there. The first
game I went to was against Aberdeen
at Ibrox when Gazza scored a hat-trick to win eight in a row. I was only five
so can’t remember too much about it. But Gazza was my hero growing up then I
loved watching Gio van Bronckhorst in the Dick Advocaat era. It wouldn’t faze
me if I played in the Championship with Rangers because they’re only one year
away from the top flight. As long as there’s an opportunity for me to develop
and get regular football I’d take it.”
Allan would set Rangers back
around £500,000 but certainly ticks the box of being SPL quality, and is on
record as confirming that playing in the Championship is no issue for him.
The question is with Celtic
similarly circling him, would boyhood Bear Allan move with his head to the SPL
and a team he surely hates, or move with his heart to the lesser Championship
and a team he loves?


  1. Play where you heart is ,never mind the o pig farm money is not every thing if you are not happy Rangers would be glad to have you .

  2. he hates celtic oh lets sign him another duffer trying to make a fortune out of us this guy is pish ive seen him play and hes no gazza more like a young jig enough said

  3. forget who he supports. rangers can not afford him .we will not be spending £500000 on any player this summer

  4. An absolute must buy, best player by far in the championship. He's young & got years left in him, he's rangers at heart and will increase in value as he gets better , still to hit his prime. No brainer.

  5. King has stated a significant level of player investment is required and these players should possess the ability to kick on in the Premier league.

    Add that to the fact Allan has years on his side and the ability to increase in future value…..

    Ticks all the boxes for moi.

  6. if celtic want him, they will have him, end of story, rangers cannot compete in any way shape or form with the champions, concentrate on keeping the lights on and paying the wages, that is more important at this stage

    • Aaahahaha. Can't compete at what…signing big cheques for dross?

      I'd say both are on a par where that's concerned.

      Dream on Tim lad.

    • That's funny coming from a "champions" fan,when they have been downsizing since 2012-13.Simply because no Rangers means no £10 million in revenue.Or was that another lie from Mr …….ahem,Liewell.
      One more thing,"if Celtic want him,they will have him,end of story".So the player has no say on his future now,is that what your saying ? Remember Nacho ? Or is your arrogance causing amnesia ?

    • slinky, when was the last time your club signed a big cheque?? to the tax man? no, to the emergency services, no to the facepainter, no, to the super sally mc moist ,, yes I forgot about that one you are right when you say dross, he is not even as good as that
      david, celtic downsizing?? really 34th top football brand in the world and rising, , only club in Scotland who have the platinium award , just announced, , yes the player has a say but lets be honest who would you pick??

    • So your club haven't moved on any big wage earners,and replaced them with cheap imports then ?
      Your seriously mentioning a made up award from Peter's puppets on Peter's orders !!

  7. we the rangers fans must get behind the club to take us back to the top where we should be, that needs to start from today,,in king our trust,,watp.

  8. In king we green we trust…in whyte we trust…in MURRAY we trust…in potless paul we trust…yous are the stupidest, dumbest,thickest,ugliest gullible supporters of a tribute act …and yours hold the world record for not paying your debts…..honestly geez a break your club is deceased and yours now follow Norman Bates FC

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