Scott Allan drops major hint


Scott Allan has today dropped the
biggest hint yet that he is no longer a Hibernian player by removing the club’s
name from his official Twitter account.
As is well known he is under
massive interest from Rangers and Celtic, and sources have
confirmed that Hibs tried to offer him a substantial wage increase and two-year

Today’s developments suggest he
has rejected that, and it now comes down to a straight choice between the two
Old Firm clubs.
One source claimed he made a
verbal agreement with Celtic manager Ronny Deila a week or so ago, but has yet
to agree terms or finalise the deal (this information supposedly came from a
current Rangers player), while others have confirmed the asking price has
increased to £1.2M and Rangers may be priced out.
Rangers have reportedly initiated
contact with Hibernian, and with Allan a boyhood fan, he will hope the Ibrox
men can stump up enough cash and offer an incentive to make him choose the
Championship for another year over the SPL and guaranteed European football
with Celtic.

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  1. he is signing for celtic. i have heard we have tried to talk to him and change his mind but he wants to play for them. whether we could have agreed fee is debatable. i was told this from somebody high up in rangers and confirmed by a guy i know who is close to celtic action. danny wilson will not be joining either. being offered 3 times to join a championship club is what i am told. another note is have you notices once loyal rangers men like matthew lydnsey now saying king may not be on the level. not a shock to me but may awaken the more gullible in our support

    • From the war chest……that's sooo funny! Tell me you don't believe that?? surely you don't believe that?? You haven't got a pot to piss in and yet in lala land you will spend millions on players! Stay off the magic mushrooms. Scotty is signing a new contract with Hibs and you guys will need to accept loan players and out of contract dross as that's all you can afford! Karma….

    • kylie minogue got a bigger fuckin chest ya fuckin muppet i bet u beilieve man city wanted scott allan and you beat them to it

  2. 1.2 million thats a fair price and still leaves us with about 18 million to source more players this is the kind of player king told us we would sign it will shut the moaners up at last cant wait for the next big name we are the people and dont let them forget it

    • to true mate just read in the times celtic dont rate him good enough and we are the only ones in for him heard we are in for scott mcdonald lets hope we can get him

    • i heard spurs and man city were interested in him show how far we have come if we can see them off keep up the good work paul and dave made me proud so proud to be a bear

    • How far you's have come ??? ������ seriously are you having a laugh…..a can't take much of this…I'm going to need a rib transplant if you's keep being so gullible

    • 18m? What on earth are you smoking? I am a big fan of the new regime and at NO point did they say 20m was available on players. Any amount quoted in the press is figures to run the club off and on the market. Hoe you got 18m on transfers for players only i will never know. Some of our supporters are so delusional and/or so far off point.

  3. This is another Scott Brown type moment. We need to win this one as if we have intent to compete at the top of the SPFL in 2/3 years then we must have the best Scottish players available as the core of our team and Allan is talented , young plus the bonus he is a Rangers fan. I think Wilson with Weir's coaching is a similar signing. Eustace I totally agree with Warburton on the experience needed to guide younger players he is the ideal type of player and Kiernan is a player we must trust Warburton's reputation as a cultivator of youth talent. He is our manager and I for one am 100% behind his choices based on how he has performed at Brentford and Watford youth set up. Managrment team to deal with team matters, the board for administration and executive matters and the fans to support the team rather than having 50000 differing opinions on the players we need or how to run the club, our job is supporting the team simple.

    • Win what….the mighty glasgow celtic don't want him, he's not in our quality range…he's not good enough for the champions…your champions

    • 16:18 hes better than forrest and mcgregor so what is your quality range when hes better than them plz explain

  4. He may wish to wait a wee bit if he's really thinking of Ibrox. Like I always say when going for a haircut, it'll no be long noo.

  5. I have this eery feeling that I may be the only only one aware of what is really going on. But then I think that is too presumptuous and it must be that everyone else is pretending all this transfer stuff is what we should be talking about instead of reality. Like being herded into railwagons and told that it was all going to be OK.

  6. I would like to see people actually print their sources on here
    if they are that good then all should be fine however……………….
    Well lets just wait & see

  7. You would think being a Rangers supporter that it would be a no-brainer for him to firstly want to join Rangers and secondly not want to sign for Celtic. Celtic have come out said they are not pursuing him so chances are he has already told them that he will not play for them.

    I would not be surprised though if other clubs are sniffing round but would be a matter of whether he would chose them over Rangers. When you think of how badly English teams view the top flight in Scotland you would have to guess that teams buying out of the Scottish Championship would be even further down the order meaning there should be a very real possibility that he is at Ibrox before long.

  8. someone close to the player, fee of approx. £800,000 wit add ons. defo not in talks wit septic

  9. Wilson and Allan are without a doubt NOT coming. This has been confirmed by those in the know but not in public domain yet

  10. The Bears will be back where they belong in less than 12 month's to shit all over Celtpric's picnic and get back to adding to our might World record league championship haul. Nay worries at all.

    • I'm a bear as well mate but we're at least 10 yrs off that lot, given the current state of affairs

  11. Wilson defo no coming?? Confirmed by those in the know??? You must feel like a right mug. U know nothing and neither does your made up guy thats in the know.

    Wilson having medical as we speak u clown.

  12. Given Hibs are interested in John McGinn and will need to pay a development fee, It's obvious that Scotts been heading off for some time now.

  13. they are beginning to show signs of unrest down at the piggery…could it be that they are starting to realize that rangers have taken the first big steps of real recovery on the playing field…scott allan would never live in a sty!!!…WATP.

    • You have to remember what Celtic have done to the Hearts defence last couple of seasons though if you want to put some perspective on things – anyone who cannot remember:

      24/09/2014: Celtic 3 0 Hearts (Wilson played 90 mins – O'Connell, Tonev, Scepovic, McGregor all featured for Celtic)

      01/12/2013: Hearts 0 7 Celtic (Wilson Played 90 mins)

      19/01/2013: Celtic 4 1 Hearts (Wilson Played 90 mins)

      Of course it will not be lost on those who follow Scottish football that Wilson played Centre Back in the Hearts team that got relegated from the top flight though granted he did lead them back from the Championship last season.

      Realistically we should probably all reserve judgement until he plays in the top flight by which time he will be of a good age and good experience so should get a good idea at that point if he is capable of being a regular in a team with ambitions of getting into the European spots.

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