Rangers interested in Danish U21 star

Rangers interested in Danish U21 star

Danish journalist Soren Sorgenfri
has today linked Rangers with Aarhuf GF’s under-21 Danish internationalist Jens
The defensive midfielder, capable
of playing in both defence & midfield, although primarily a CB, is
currently away on duty with his country in the Czech
Republic for this summer’s European Championships, and
has also been courted by Bristol
City and Hearts.

With Rangers desperately trying
to enhance the squad, a 14-time capped Danish U21 international defender with
two goals to his name would not be the worst addition to the squad, although
whether new manager Mark Warburton would be looking at him as a first-team
starter or a quality reserve is less known.
Rangers are currently reportedly
working on deals for John Eustace, Danny Wilson, Scott Allan and Rob Kiernan to
name but four, and Jonsson could be another contract the Club will endeavour to
close out before the end of the week.

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    • I'm pretty much convinced at this point that it's not going matter who gets brought in…. Kiernan? Awww he's had too many clubs…. Eustace? Awww he's too old…. Jonsson? Awww, well he's just not Scottish enough… Beggars don't have the luxury of being choosers. I wish we weren't in that category, but yet here we are.

      News flash…. the big name marquee signings are not coming. The only consensus seems to be on Wilson and Allan…. ok guys, that's 2 players that are at this point big question marks as to whether we will even get them. Where do we get the rest? Any ideas? Let this current board and coaching staff have a few games before writing them off. It's nothing but a constant downer listening to all whiners and crybabies complain about each and every name being linked to our beautiful Rangers…..

    • @Mark – any fan who refers to the club as 'our beautiful Rangers' has clearly been to the Sir Walter Scott school of writing, so if you really are on a constant downer I might suggest it's down to the artiste in you.

    • Not sure if you think that's some kind of hard dig at me, but I'll gladly take any association to Walter Scott you can give me pal. He could express more intelligence in one sentence than you or I ever could in a lifetime. I'll refer to the club that I love any way that I want.

    • Mark I think the only signing I've read people having major issues with is Eustace, a concern I share, however every other one so far I am delighted with, as are the majority of the Bears comments I've read Keirnan in particular is a great signing. I watch this Danish kid and he reminds me of Riise(forgive the spelling) so pretty happy with the continued youth prospects..

    • Stu, I definitely understand the concerns from the fans over Eustace. It certainly is a bit of a gamble at his age and his medical history. I do share the same reservations to be sure, but it seems like no matter who we are rumored to be interested in draws out the nutters to essentially piss all over any positivity that it might inspire…. it just gets old. I love it that we have management in place now that is willing to scour the earth for fresh talent. I'm ready to hand my faith over to the new board and management team. They will soon prove whether or not that faith was deserved.

      Now, of course, I could be falling into the trap of anonymous posters just trying to stir the pot and getting kicks out of poking us bears (it certainly has happened to me before) and it all kind of came out in that wee rant of mine from earlier.

      No matter what happens, it surely looks as if the next week or so is going to be a whirlwind of action. I'm hoping that everything works out and we get some young hungry legs on the pitch to provide us with a thrilling season of football… I'll try to tone it down a bit lol, but I can't make any promises….

  1. do you realise just how good it is for the focus being on transfer roumers etc rather than the shite we bears have put up with.good times ahead i hope.still to scared to hope right enougth

  2. great news four new players eh only problem is weve nae fuckin money only season ticket money when is potless and king going to put there money where there fuckin mouths are

    • Soo true. We were promised this and that and still we are treated the exact same way as the previous board . Any improvements we have to pay up for it as usual. C'mon new board , time to come clean

    • Erm Three Bears have twice already put £1.5m loans interest free and David King has also given £1.5m in a loan. That is what we know publicly. John Gilligan stated in the last GM that new board have put in £8m so far into the club. People are too thick to realise that money goes towards running the club and not towards transfers.

    • its all loans we do have to pay them back so much for being gers men they make me sick looking at the showing off thier blazers

  3. why did we let jig and then go for this guy useless hes fuckin 35 for fucks sake jig was our captain and a leader of men not everybodys favorite but a true legend to me

  4. The coming week will determine how serious King is about investing in the squad. We have been linked with numerous players and we definitely need a minimum of seven including a goalkeeper and a striker!
    No expecting Murray to invest but surely King will support Warburton with the funding needed for 'better' players.

  5. I hope this is true {FER CRISSAKES HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GONNA SAY THIS] as we do need Talent Quality Youth, call itr whatever you want, to get us up as I for 1 do not want another year in the championship, And I would REALLY REALLY like to see MR King diving into his cheaquebook c'mon Dave your loaded buy somebody devcent. Were doin our bit bychucking money into angers First,Buying Season Tickets & even SH*te from Sports direct, But we aint as rich as you so come out & show us your commitment , Please

  6. He's blessed with ginger hair as well. Maybe the admin guys at the SFA can track down a Scottish granny?

  7. Wilson deal about to fail due to money issues……wtf is going on.

    Phil 3 names is confidently blogging that King met Ashley on EGM day and asked Ash to buy his shares. A negative reply followed.

    King then explained the financial situation at the club, as if Ash didnt know, and begged him not to ringfence ST monies to repay the £5m loan otherwise the game was up.
    Then he had the brass neck to ask for the 2nd tranche £5m.
    It's clear that either King has no money or has money but will not be investing in the club.
    Him and Murray were talking about a share issue in May……its now nearly the end of June and we are still delisted.

    What is going on?

    The judge in SA who described King as TGASL let him off lightly.

    Look at the players we are being linked with.Does this look like over investment, does this look as if we will be challenging Celtic in 2016/17?

    Not a chance. We have been led up the garden path by King as have the rest of the new board.

    The Level 5 PR blitz, costing a fortune by the way, have kept a lid on events but not for much longer.

    The moment a club refuses to accept a tranfer fee in the normal instalment fashion we are well and truly fecked. I doubt if we have £200k to pay Wigan for Kiernan.

    King out Ashley in.

    • More scaremongering. Putting me to sleep. Let's be realistic here. No player will come from Premier in Scotland or England. It would be very hard to tempt a champs player from south and we don't want many from the north. There's no big names coming so trust that the management team are making savvy moves.

  8. Who gives a fuck what Phil 3 names says. Just coz he says fact doesn't make it so. Don't listen to any of this shite from the likes of them. If there was any truth in it it would be everywhere not just on some pricks blog. Wise up…

  9. Anon @ 18:51 has a point!,,, I still think Whyte, King and Murray were in this together,, they were on the same board., whyte took the hit,,King picked up being a hero,, one day we will get the truth,, as of players,, i agree,, its hardly mind blowing stuff we are signing, how could this be overspend,,sure those players are not getting anywhere near what the previous players were getting paid,,, surely not!!! ,, where is the transparency of the contracts that were supposed to be forensically examined? where are the results? Why are they not being challenged? Why did King wait for Ashley to get a court gagging order before exposing him for the fraud he is?,, or is he?,, We are being conned!,, and most of the Rangers fans are falling for it!!,, a question was posed to Murray, asking how many season tickets had been sold so far,, he said they are selling well??!!!,,, not an answer!!,, Sub standard Manager, Lower league players,, same shit, different day, watch this space!!

    • It's certainly the same shit from you, anyway. Season ticket renewals have only been available for a week or so with the deadline being the end of this month. After that they go on public sale. So, it's a bit early for any announcements, don't you think? By the look of these rants of yours, you won't be among the buyers, so what difference does it make to you?

  10. You know the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." I say go with the youth. How many times did we howl at the old dogs last season. Get the young legs. At least you can teach them how to correct their mistakes.

  11. Ffs let us get out the championship and then judge the board and coaching staff at least big davie weir will have them playing with passion unlike the pussy cats last year

  12. Another one who may or may not make in the Scottish game all sounds good on paper but the Scottish game can find you out fast could be a good buy but let us face it the road back is not going be a easy one,to catch Celtic we are about 5 years away at best 10 years is a more likely goal we need £40/50 million put in now and follow that up over the next 2 years a total of £150 but we all know it will not happen so we are going down the long road to riches and it hurts so young lads we bring in will make the grade others will never and to win anything major with young lads is asking a lot,i will watch and listen and hope we get there in 5 years.

  13. I just want a young decent team that gets the championship to bond as a unit. Then the next year we look at the experience, we do not need old head experience to win the championship, Hearts didn't did they….

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