Rangers hope to add Eustace to Wilson & Kiernan


Rangers today hope to confirm the
third and possibly final signing of the day with former Derby midfielder John
Eustace jetting into Glasgow to begin negotiations with Mark Warburton’s
Rangers Revolution.
Rangers have already confirmed
the signatures of Danny Wilson (as broken to you exclusively to you here on this site last week) and Rob Kiernan this lunchtime, and hopes are high the
deal to snare Eustace can be ratified by the end of play.
Arriving in Glasgow, the midfield enforcer said:

“I’m not hopeful to make a deal, just here
to see the manager and talk about it. (Mark) said it’s an unbelievable place and
a very exciting time over the next few years and it’ll be a good place to be.”
He also denied any issue that he
would be installed as captain.
“Not at all, it’s nothing I’d think about at
the moment, the club’s a fantastic club.”
But on the overall notion of
joining, Eustace was less cagey and admitted he would like to seal the move:
“Yeah, it’s exciting, they’re one of the
biggest clubs in Europe, so it’s something
that would be good fun.”
If the deal goes through, it
would be the third signing of Warburton’s fledgling tenure.

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  1. Wilson, Kiernan, fantastic. But if we sign Eustace, it's short-sighted thinking that shows we haven’t learnt from the past. Even if he’s only here for 2 years, his presence in the team will mean less playing time for a young midfielder (who might get 10-15 games a season instead of the 30+ were the veteran not there) and that young player will simply not be able to display his full potential in so few games. Not playing regularly might be the difference between a young player not making it and him flourishing into the 10 million pound player his coaching staff believed he’d become. So the 35 year old ‘Free Transfer’ of Eustace, in the end, might end up costing the club that 10 million pounds potential worth of young player + the cost of bringing in a replacement for the veteran in 2 years + the cost of bringing in a new young midfielder (to replace the one who left due to a lack of game time). Rino Gattuso wasn’t able to show his true ability at Rangers because he couldn’t get a regular place in the team. He left, and went on to become one of AC Milan’s (and Italy’s) all-time greats with almost 500 appearances and 73 international caps; this was a massive cock-up on our part, which we should have learnt from. If there are only 4 available midfield places in a starting line-up, we should be using them to bond and showcase our young talent, not wasting 25% of that midfield for much of the season on a 35 year old. Whether he can do the job is irrelevant – he's too old for today's Rangers.

    • He could also be the guy who makes the team tick and encourages the youngsters to become better players . I think we need to trust the new boss and big Davy and have faith they know what their doing .

    • But there are many ways to make a team tick and control young players (using coaching and other staff). The strategy Warburton is espousing is not a new one at Rangers and its biggest effect has been to block pathways to the first-team. The question Mark Warburton asked yesterday was along the lines of, “Rangers signed Davie Weir at 35. He did alright, didn’t he?”. But what we should be asking is – which young central defender/s did Rangers blood into first-team regulars while Weir was playing for us? If the answer is 0, then why is the ‘older heads’ theory a good idea for youth development? Come to think of it, we did have one Danny Wilson at the club while Weir was playing with us – but Wilson moved on to Liverpool after getting only 14 league appearances in season 2009/10 at Ibrox; this was the same season that a 39 year old Davie Weir was making 38 league appearances in Wilson’s central-defensive position at Rangers. Fast-forward 5 years, and we’ve just managed to get Wilson back to the club, while our new manager is saying he’s on the lookout for ‘2 or 3 older heads’ as part of his youth development strategy(!). There are many thousands of fans who feel this is just incredible.

    • Anonymous 16:08 Sorry to disagree, but Rangers' priority is to put a winning team on the park, not just make sure we bring through young players. Warburton intends to play mostly youngsters with a few more experienced ones. And I think this would indeed be something new at Rangers as previously it's always been the other way round. I don't understand your concern, as Warburton is a great believer in youth and as long as they're good enough, they will be given every help and encouragement to get into the first team. They will have a much better chance now than they have ever had and the more experienced players will be there to help, not hinder them. I can't see where you get the "thousands of fans" from, as the blogs I've seen are split around 50/50 about Eustace, but only because some think he's a bit too old, not because they don't want experienced players in the team. As long as he's fit, I'll be pleased to have him.

    • @David, thanks, but evidently other coaches in the world don’t believe you need 35 year olds in your team to have a winning one. I think most Rangers fans are fed up of seeing guys in their mid-30s take up slots over our younger players. In the last few seasons, our youngsters outshone our older players (former internationals like Miller, Boyd and McCulloch) by some distance. So to add another 35 year old (one who has no international caps or trophies to his name) is a concern. If Warburton insists on having 30+ years old players in the team, it’d be more understandable to introduce a goalkeeper of that age, since they're supposed to peak later. But out of all the positions in the Rangers team today, the strongest for young talent is the midfield. With Murdoch, Walsh, McKay and Aird coming through (and, if he signs for us, Allan), I can't see where there is space for Eustace. Or, to put it more accurately, if Eustace is to be playing most weeks (if he's captain, make that every week), I can't see where there will be space for each of these young guys to have enough game time. But the proof of the pudding will be in a year or 2's time. If we haven't lost any good talent due to 'lack of playing team', then that will be fine. But my concern (which you said you didn't understand) is that we lost Gattuso, McCormack and Adam (among others) because they struggled to get enough playing time. So the historical evidence is there at Rangers, and I think it's the job of every Rangers fan to be mindful of it.

    • p.s. David, nowhere have I said that I "don't want experienced players in the team". I just define 'experienced' a bit differently to what you do. and I partly base that on where Rangers is as a club at the moment. I see guys like Danny Wilson and Scott Allan (if he arrives) as experienced; they're not youngsters any more, and can be a good example for the younger ones. But here's the crucial point – they can also be the bedrock of the team for the next 10 years, but they also (if we should ever need it) have a resale value…and one that will only increase in the coming years. So the benefits of having 'experienced' players like these outweigh the 35 year old types by some margin – given where Rangers is today.

  2. In an ideal world he will sign today on a two or three year deal subject to a medical, (which will be the main issue I would imagine given the injuries he has had). We really then need at least four more signings, ideally a goalkeeper, a ball playing midfield player, a good old fashioned winger and a striker. If he could add another defender for the squad then that would be a bonus!

  3. danny wilson celtic put seven past hearts without reply with him as captain john eustace 35 never won athing in his life bob kierman ? give me a fuckin break eh wheres the 20 million war chest king promised us if these three are the top targets go help us

    • Did Danny Wilson play Celtic himself that night no he didn't, Davie weir 36 when he signed for us he had won fuck all when he signed for us, sasa papac read gersnet blog today lowdown if you don't want to what can happen when you come to a club where no one has heard of you, so you gees a fuckin break, one last thing I actually agree with you where is the 20 million war chest Mr king but tell me this why the fuck would you want us to spend 20 million to win the Scottish championship then again you might just be a rattler of the beads

  4. We don't need Eustace. We need players who will be around for a few years. Who can remember anything about Eustace without the media jogging their memories. Look for youngsters with a future.

  5. Some gers fans are really thick, King NEVER promised us a war chest for players – if u remember, what he actually said was up to £30 million investment for stadium repairs, day to day running of the club etc etc! Let us have trust in the new management team to bring the young hungry players to our club – hearts had young hungry players last season and they ran away with the league whereas the experience we supposedly had let us down badly! Let's all see what happens, get our season tickets and have a season to be optimistic about!

  6. Calm down fuck wit who posted at 14.58 you might get lucky and get cribari back eh. You're probably one of those shouting for young Scottish players but just not good enough. Give me a break just complaining for fuck all best bit of business we've done in about 4 years. It's fans like you no can be bothered with listening to taking utter shite.tom Anderson at least he talks sense someone being positive about time and all

  7. See all the clowns that are even questioning Danny Wilsons ambition they are seriously want to have a word with themselves. He has just joined the countries biggest and most successful club and people question his ambition as he quits Hearts too join us? I wouldn't question the boys ambition if he left Hearts for Auchinleck Talbot.

  8. I think we give Eustace a chance we signed David w late on in life Liverpool signed Gary Mac late on to help Stevie g and look what happened there the management New a chance

  9. So far,, the signings, I feel, are evenly matched with any other player in the Championship,,therefore, we could still lose it again next season,, Wilson, Kieran and Eustace are not superior players,, I watch all of Rangers games last season, therefore, I also watched the opposition,,and I think Warbuton just might be under estimating the calibre of player in the Championship that he will be up against,, We most def need a bit of class and better players if we are to get through this,,not to mention superior management tactics,, I'm on the fence with this one guys, could go either way,,but i will still be at ibrox every second week as usual,,

  10. Im hoping this eustace guy has something in him, theres been a lot of talk about im holding the team together so lets wait & see, We knwo about Wilson [mind u i seen him play at liverpool & he was poor] & kiernan [ ive only seen him the once & he was allright] So fingers crossed we can get a blend this season of young/old etc & see where that gets us [ hopefully promoted] The story on the Danish?norwegian kid seems to have dissapeared & Scott Allan has gone a bit quiet as well. so i think its site & wait time

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